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easy ways to make money onlineAre there really any easy ways to make money online? No doubt every Internet Marketing blog or make money online website will tell you that the best way to make money online is to build a list. I agree – but building a list can take some time so often people (like me) need to bankroll this project in itself.

Well, I actually have several lists and several Adsense sites  and they all cost money to promote. I always like to keep my online cash balance nice and healthy because there are always things that I consider that I need in order to improve my overall profits and take my business to the next level.

Solo Ads, PPC campaigns, Fiverr Gigs, WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) all cost money – and although 90% of the time they will help my overall goals they do require an initial outlay.

So – for this reason I like to run a few simple campaigns to boost my income. I will show you three that I use – and you can use too. None of these are going to make you mega rich and I am not going to bulls**t you with unrealistic figures. But they all work, they are all fairly simple and they will top up your cash flow nicely. Read them all – you may find one you like, and may even consider an “easy way to make money online“….

Should probably be named feeBay nowadays but if you play the game right you can still earn some very good money from the mega-auction giant. My biggest eBay scoop was a $50 outlay for a profit of around $3000 – it paid for a nice cruise for me and my family, more on this in a minute. What every blogger, online marketer, internet entrepreneur or whatever you like to call yourself has is most likely tons of content. I think I have an entire hard-drive full of eBooks and courses etc. And the great thing is a lot of them are PLR or stuff I own the resell rights too.

So, it’s a no-brainer. Providing the license of the product allows you too, start packaging these together on CD’s and sell them on eBay. Each one you can knock out for $5 or so – but remember to contain other affiliate links and URL’s back to your site. I have done this for years, it works great as long as you keep the content fresh. It’s kind of become a nice little hobby of ours actually…..

The $3000 scoop was actually a very lucky find. I was at a trade market just as a one off and spotted a box of Pokémon cards. I know absolutely nothing about them but just bought them anyway. They cost me around £30 ($50) and they sold in bundles, individually and in sets for over $3000! Being in the internet game I quickly hashed together a website and sold them on there and on eBay.

I still love Adsense sites – but I have by no means perfected it to how I want it. Sure, I can still cash my payments in each month from Google (hundreds not thousands by any means). The thing is people are saying the Adsense site is doomed. I disagree, I still get clicks and it’s by far the most ‘passive’ in terms of continuity out of the three. I love the idea that you can create something and once its finished it will continue to earn you revenue over time. One of my first ever online projects was a website about the solar industry, I developed the site on some flash based online software. It’s really bad but even this site still pulls in Adsense revenue each month.

So, I have made several sites now that are far simpler and all use WordPress with CTR theme and between them all they all generate some income each month, which all helps.


It’s great when you can get organic traffic to these sites, but various Google slaps have made this harder. No longer does the exact match domain, a few good back links and keywords in the articles count as the be all and end all. You need to be a bit more creative these days, but it’s worth it I think to add to the portfolios. One great traffic source that I am finding working at the moment is Yahoo! answers, as I have a whole host of websites across various different niches so I can usually find someone with question related to some of my content. Simply answer it as best you can and in the source box, drop in your website. Bingo!

Some of you may be thinking this is an odd choice, but it can pull in some additional revenue. Thanks to Stephen Gilbert’s super simple videos WSO it has become a very straight forward exercise. I like to use a combination of his methods plus some of my own mixed in. You need to find a good affiliate product to work with and set yourself up accordingly. The key step is not to try to do a video about something that has too much competition. You want to rank high in the YouTube search. Have a look around the various affiliate options such as Clickbank or Amazon, you can make a video about virtually ANY product these days and make some money from it as you will have your affiliate link in the description.

Think of your video as sort of the final push for a potential customer of the product. Once you have chosen your product it’s time to make a review video about it. It really helps here if you actually own the product because then the video review will be genuine and honest. But, you do not have to – you can outsource the work and then add the description and keywords yourself. Good old Fiverr has some half decent gigs that will do the job for a short review video of a product. Remember to target long-tail keywords that have at least 100 local monthly exact searches and are of low competition. This can be achieved – you just need to practice knowing what you are looking for. You don’t need any fancy software for this – Google Keyword Tool is very good for this.

So – once you have a video, a good description, some excellent long-tail keywords and some video tags you are ready to upload. Once uploaded you need to build a few back links. Normally I would not endorse buying any kind of back links at all, as Google is very wary of this and usually punishes sites that do so. But here is the good thing – YouTube is owned by Google so they are not going to punish themselves…..

So, get some good back links to the video – Fiverr again can be a good option for this. Once your video has been around for while and had some views you will see a nice little bonus in your accounts from time to time.

That is it – very loosely broken down. If you want to know exactly how to do it and get the whole course then you may want to check it out here – Super Simple Videos.

Thanks for reading. As always…..

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  1. Hi John,

    Nice list there. I’m tempted to try the YouTube approach. I’m off to buy that WSO even though I said I’d stop buying any more WSOs!

    My Adsense and now my affiliate product sites are all dead in the water after the recent Google updates. Not sure what to try next to make money online. Any ideas?

    PS what are you using for the ‘Notify me of new posts by email.’ bit under the comments? I am using Premium List Magnet and Aweber but it doesn’t seem to be working on my blog.


    Joe recently posted..Get Free Views for your YouTube VideosMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,

      Great to see you here – the WSO is useful I think. I have had some success using the techniques he mentions. Real shame about your Adsense sites – do they get any traffic at all anymore? Do you still use Adsense sites? I am looking to get more into them…….

      As for the comments – its just a standard 2011 theme. I have not added or changed anything there? I had a guy do a revamp of the blog a while ago – maybe he added it…..


    • Hi Shandi – great to see you here!

      Yes – I agree Adsense sites have become very difficult these days – unfortunately its become more quantity than quality.


    • I agree – the competition is getting much harder these days. My eBay quick wins are getting shorter and shorter now before somebody undercuts me…..!

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