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video tools for blogging

As a blogger I am always on the lookout for any tools that will help me along  the way.  This post will outline four great video tools for blogging.  The four below I have personally used and can therefore recommend.  I do not use them all on this blog, but I do use them for some of my other online video projects.

Video marketing is huge and with YouTube stamping its authority as the second largest search engine it’s no wonder why bloggers have been taking to video for some time now. If these video tools for blogging are not yet in your arsenal then maybe this post may make you change your mind somewhat. Whether it is animations or screen capture you are looking for, these tools should point you in the right direction.

#1 Video Tools For Blogging  – Microsoft Expression Encoder

video tools for blogging

Microsoft Expression Encoder is a free and easy to use tool for screen capturing. The interface has all the usual buttons and tools you would expect with screen capture software. Audio settings, web-cam controls and also some more techy stuff like frame rate setting etc. Overall though I find this a nice piece of software and I have used this to make several screen capture videos in the past with no problems at all. The free version limits you to film or rather capture for a maximum of ten minutes. But this is fine, as people tend to focus better with short videos. Just break your video down into smaller bite-size chunks if you require longer than ten minutes.

#2 Video Tools For Blogging  – VideoScribe By Sparkol

video tools for blogging

Ever wondered how those awesome doodle animations are made? Well, look no further than VideoScribe. Out of all the video tools for blogging there is out there this one has to stand high on the ladder in my opinion. It does take some work but once you get to grips with it you can knock up some great little doodle videos in no time at all. This type of video marketing is huge at the moment and if you have the creative edge then you could make this into a sideline business of its own. People are killing it with these types of video on Fiver and other freelance sites at the moment.  You should definitely take advantage of the free trial and have a go yourself.

#3 Video Tools For Blogging  – Screencast-O-Matic

 video tools for blogging

Screencast-o-matic another screen capture tool that offers a free trial as well as a premium version for $15 per year, remarkable value. This video tool for blogging is very easy to use and comes with much the same features as Expression Encoder only I think it is even easier to use. Once you have finished your masterpiece you can upload it straight to your YouTube account, the premium version (which I highly recommend) allows you to publish to Google Drive, Vimeo and many more sources. One other plus point of this software is the “Draw and Zoom” feature whilst filming. This feature comes in very handy when doing how-to videos.

#4 Video Tools For Blogging  – ConvertR

video tools for blogging

ConvertR is a very simple piece of software that can turn any of your articles into video. And it does the whole thing in under a minute. Whilst text-to-video may not be the prettiest thing out there in video marketing land but it can serve a purpose. I have done this with several of my articles that I have lying around or decided not to use. Even if it gets only a few hits on YouTube you will at least be credited with a link from a high domain. I use this purely for this nowadays and it’s so simple, you literally drag your text file into the interface it will then convert it into a video, add some background music and upload it to YouTube all in around one minute. So – I ask you this, how many of these videos could you upload if you had a spare half an hour or so…?

Update 30/04/13: Since this post went live there has been some negative reports over the ConvertR customer support. So, I have removed all ConvertR links from this blog. 

So there you have it – four simple video tools for blogging and marketing in general really. Like I say, I use these and have seen some positive results with them. Please let me know of any other great video tools in the comments section below.

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  1. This is great John!

    Think ‘Sparkol’ and ‘ConvertR’ could be excellent tools for bloggers to use. I had no idea that those animated drawing videos were made this way. I just assumed they were commissioned and got an artist to do them. Will definitely need to have a play around with these.

    Cheers 🙂
    Matt Smith recently posted..Exploring Global eCommerce OpportunitiesMy Profile

    • Hi Matt, yes both those you mention have their uses. Videoscribe really is awesome, once you master it there is the potential to even make some extra cash on the side with this for sure….

      Thanks for dropping by….

  2. Great article! Thanks for sharing these tools. I want to get deeper into video marketing. So far, I’ve only written marketing video script copy for other businesses. But now, I’ve gotten my website pretty much prepped and ready for different types of content. Video seems like the best choice naturally, because they’ll show up at the top of search engine results pages if optimized correctly.

    Oh yea… Jing is a nice, free tool for recording your computer’s screen. Great for tutorials and informative videos. That’s just my little two cents 🙂
    Nikki recently posted..Building a PowerPoint Presentation: Outline for SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Nikki – thank you for your excellent comment. Especially about the search engine results, people tend to overlook this.

      I am in a similar position to you in where I want to get more involved with video over the next few months.

      I have not heard of Jing – I will check it out. Thanks!

  3. Hi John, another great post, as you know I love Screencast-o-matic, I think it is an excellent tool and for free! Well unless you upgrade but $15 a year is nothing is it?

    I am seriously thinking of looking into Sparkol, I believe that is a tool we could really benefit from. These doodle type of videos do great in conversions. They are engaging and a bit better than just a simple slide based video. Bit costly but I do think used right it could easily pay for itself in no time.
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Use Like Gate To Get More Facebook TrafficMy Profile

    • Cheers Andi – yes I was introduced to Screencast by you and it my preferred choice for screen capture software – and $15 is nothing as you say. You need to pro version even if its just for the zoom features.

      Thanks for dropping by…..

    • Hi Kapil – Thanks for coming over.

      Glad the resources helped – and with Sparkol that’s just it, you don’t need to be a good animator. It does all the hard work for you, if you want doodle animations done then you should check this out.


  4. Hey John,

    Thank you for posting this very informative and helpful post. After seeing the video you posted and reading the post as well, I am just thrilled to use these 4 video tools that you are talking about. One thing though, you said that you personally used these 4 video tools. So my question now is which one of these 4 video tools you like the most? And which one do you prefer for me to use first? I’ll be waiting for your answer john and thanks again.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

    • Thanks Farrele,

      It really depends what you want to use them for. As I have mentioned, the tools are very mixed. For screen capture though I would go with Screencast-o-matic as this is very simple to setup and use.

      And for superb animations that again are very easy – then you could do a lot worse than VideoScribe…..
      John recently posted..4 Video Tools For BloggingMy Profile

  5. Karen Luttrell on

    Thanks for the product reviews. Unfortunately, I tried the CovertR software and I couldn’t get it to install at all. There were multiple errors. Also, I’ve tried repeatedly to get support or a refund. No response at all over a period of a couple weeks now. I’m now trying to dispute the payment through PayPal but the seller has not responded to that either. Based on my experience, DON’T count on that money back guarantee they promise on the sales page. So far it has definitely not been honoured for me.

    • Hi Karen, I am really sorry to hear this. For the record – I did not receive any commissions for this. So, you are right to dispute this with them.

      I had no problems with this, I will remove this from this list shortly. Thank you for letting me know – and I hope you can get it resolved soon.

  6. My Screen Recorder Pro is a better screencast software tool. Records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone – or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your PC or uploaded to YouTube. It will record directly to AVI, WMV, MP4, or FLV. Just perfect for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations. Plus, java is not required and there are no limits on recording length. Also, the recordings play back on any device.

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