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Free Traffic MethodsIt’s great when you finally get the go ahead to launch your new blog. But then something happens. No one visits it….

So the question is, are there any quick free traffic methods to get the visitors in? This is a question that is asked over and over again by many website/blog owners. The urban myth of “If you build it, they will come” is most definitely not the case in the online world.

You need to be active in promoting your blog in order to get new visitors as well as repeated visitors.

I will explain 5 quick and easy free traffic methods that will bring visitors to your site literally within minutes of “going live”.

1. Blog Commenting

This is a slightly underrated free traffic method that is often misused by many bloggers/website owners. Chances are you will not be the only authority site in your niche market – so this is where you should interact and use the other sites to your advantage. Go over and spend some time on other people’s sites and blogs. By leaving intelligent and thoughtful comments below their posts will allow you to leave a link back to your site. Though, this should not be the only reason – this is where you get to meet possible and form relationships with other bloggers. I see a lot of familiar faces around the blogs I visit and we have helped each other out with promotion and shares etc on the back of it.

2. Article Marketing

Many people say that since the Google updates article marketing is dead – I don’t think this is entirely the case, I still use article marketing on several of my sites and it should still be considered a reasonable free traffic method in my opinion. For years, article marketing is proven to be a highly effective online marketing strategy. It is a powerful online marketing tool that has the ability to drive massive traffic to your website for free. If you really want to maximize the potential of your website to get as much traffic as it can, consider implementing article marketing in your online traffic generation strategies.

Here are the article directories I use to submit my articles from time to time.

All these still work and will not only bring you traffic but can also help with backlinks. Everyone will probably argue the fact that I included EzineArticles in there but it depends on your niche. I have a micro niche site that ranks high on Google and the only articles I have every submitted for it are here. One tip if you are going to do this – make sure the article is unique. If you do this – they do have some goodness.

3. Video Marketing

Video MarketingVideo marketing is easier than a lot of people may think. Video marketing does not necessarily mean standing in front of some camera trying to remember a script. There is a whole host of ways you can use the likes of YouTube etc for some effective video marketing campaigns. For example, you could get some free software and film a how-to video. Like ‘How to Install WordPress’ for example, you can use Microsoft’s Expression Encoder for free and it allows 10 min recordings. Camtasia is the more professional choice – and again you can get this for free for 30 days. You could also post reviews of products, or you could even upload PowerPoint presentations as videos. Each video you upload will have a link back to your site or even a chosen page from your site bringing in traffic.

If one of your videos is good enough to get several shares you can get hoards of traffic in a very short space of time. It can be one of the best free traffic methods!

Just for the record it’s not just YouTube you can use for this, here are some alternatives:

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4. Social Media Marketing

There is a whole host of content that I could write here. The amount of social media platforms there are out there now is incredible and maybe slightly overwhelming for some. I use regularly around ten or so. There are tools out there that can aid you in all your social media sharing – like Social Adr for example.It’s simply a must in today’s every growing social media rich world – your content needs to be shared, so I advise you to actively participate in the many platforms there are out there. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a FaceBook page or a Twitter account. I was very late in getting the FaceBook page setup here at JohnBanksBlog but it’s now live – check it out. I got around 400 likes in the first few weeks, so it’s well worth it. You can get a Twitter account setup in a few minutes and this can be used on the go – pretty much all mobile platforms support this and it’s a great way to get shares and people to your content.

Image based platforms like Pinterest and Flickr also have value – it depends on your niche. If your niche has a lot of attractive pictures that the visitors get information or value from then this can also be a great way to drive traffic to your site.

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5. SEO

You cannot have a traffic list post without the dreaded phrase SEO – but listen, it does not have to be scary. Something is better than nothing with this. When you write your posts try to include some good keywords. Now a good keyword in my opinion is something that you have a realistic chance of ranking with. The focus keyword ‘make money online’ is about as much use as a pogo stick in a swamp. You will not rank anywhere near the top for this. Be creative and try to think what people are searching for. As I have mentioned before the use of Keyword Winner is a great help and gives you the heads up on the competition before you decide what your keyword should be.

At the very least do the following:

  • Add Alt Tags for all pictures included in the post
  • Try to include your keyword in your title
  • Try to include your keyword in your permalink
  • Include your keyword in your post’s beginning, middle and end
  • Get some good quality backlinks (re-read steps 1,2,3 and 4!)
  • Utilize your keyword in your header tags

If you follow these 5 free traffic methods you will get visitors to your site, this is 100% guaranteed.

Below is a picture of a note that I have hanging above my laptop – this is what I do with every post as soon as I have finished the article.

My Traffic List

The amount of traffic that your website can get will depend on your ability to drive online traffic to your site. And this will greatly depend on the marketing strategies that you are using to drive traffic to your website.

My strategy is by no means perfect but it suits me and it brings in some good traffic – I tend to tweak things from time to time. I would love to hear of any other free traffic methods you use.

I hope the five I have listed here will help get you started. The best thing about these – they are all free…..

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    • Hi Joe,

      Glad you liked the post – in my opinion they do still serve a purpose. I still have some reasonable success with them.

      Thanks for dropping by


    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, the YouTube thing is amazing if you can get it right. I am still in an experimental phase with mine. But, I do plan to use it stronger in the future likewise – when I get the time!

      Cheers for popping along…


  1. Hi John,
    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog..injoyed your post.Thanks for your list in Article Marketing. You have listed some that I have never heard of, will have to check them out.
    As for Social Networking, it is a must when it comes to online marketing. Looks like I’m on 6 Social sites as you, according to your list. It does take a lot of time, but is well worth the time you put into it.

    Janice recently posted..How Do Search Engines WorkMy Profile

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