8 (Ninja) Reasons NOT To Use The Empower Network [INFOGRAPHIC]


reasons not to use the empower network

There has been much hype over the so-called Empower Network and how this is the dream for everyone who wants to make easy money online. Well – its not. It is essentially a pyramid scheme and it offers nothing. Yep – nothing, nadda, diddly squat. You see, they expect you to pay a minimum $25 a month just to join their blogging platform (which is just a WordPress theme that you have very little control over) It does not stop there – you have to pay for an eWallet, training and loads more BS, really its around $145 a month. And then you can write your own content.

Except you will never own it. Ever…

So, what exactly are you paying for again? Ah – the ability to make thousands of dollars in residual cash. Ok – so how? Well, by recruiting others. That horrible phrase “recruiting others”.

Anyway – once you get into the nitty gritty of it all you will see that this program is nothing but “how to market thin air”. And, if you want in on the “good stuff” be expected to cough up thousands of dollars of yet more disappointment.

It is sad that this program has recruited reportedly over 100,000 people now and that so many people are able to be scammed in such a way. Yes, that many people can be fooled and this is living proof that people will buy into the pipe dreams on the Internet.

What is even more sad though is the people recruiting others. How can they promote nothing to others? It is just another shameful part of the Internet Marketing world that a few people try to beam a good light on.

Anyway – I made an Infographic on why I think people should avoid it or get out whilst they still can. It is titled ‘8 Reasons Not To Use The Empower Network’. I probably could have listed more but I stuck with 8. I had some little Ninjas in my graphics box that have been dying to get out so I used them for this……

Thanks to these posts for the inspiration:

reasons not to use the empower network

So there we have it – please drop a comment in the comments box below if you have any thoughts on this. I would love to hear from you. Oh yeah – and get this pinned and out to the world. Between us good guys (or wussies as they would say) we can add some steps to rid the online world of these unethical sleazy scams.

On a side note: If you want a sure fire way to get your online business running and making money then I highly recommend Rob Cornish’s course. The same price as you will pay for EN but way more value, and done the right way. You can check it out here.

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    • Hey Norma – great to have you stop by!

      Its only from experienced marketers like yourself that my eyes were opened to this garbage. I watched the video and nearly opted-in once. Its sad to admit but that was where I was 16 months or so ago.

      Take it easy – John

    • Very thought-provoking Post John, but sadly 99% of this is wildly inaccurate! If you’re going to write about something – it would be great to see that a thorough ‘due diligence process’ has been completed. I won’t comment too much because I am IN Empower Network and therefore can say little against it – simply because I am more than happy with what I’m getting for my money.

      I’ve been working online for over 8 years and this one of the best Opportunities I’ve come across for ‘Joe Bloggs’ to earn genuine income online and for Small Business Owners to get there brand SEEN without spending a load on unnecessary SEO Gurus. Rant over.

      • I would not say that 99% of the post is wildly inaccurate – however I would say that 99% of people will fail to make any significant earnings from the program.

        Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks Andi for your thoughts and shares.

      And thanks for your post on this earlier in the year – it helped make this!


    • You are right! Paying for $145 a month is not worth it. Having your own site is much wiser.

      These guys in EN is going to face a total whip from Google soon. EN along with their blog network will be useless in the future.

      Awesome, awesome, awesome for the EN facts, Infographics, and Ninjas!


      • Hi Gary,

        Interested in your comment about the Google whip! That would be great to see…!

        Thanks for dropping by the blog, glad you liked the Infographic!


  1. great infographic, i try to keep warning people not to be a victim of these scammers and spammers, just check out the linkedin groups, almost any group will have empower spammers there…. fyi: many empower scammers where also banned from youtube, and all the empower network did was tell its scammers to open new accounts, and sometimes they are told to open more than one, just in case they get banned again…. regardless of what they tell you, just like this infographic shows… the empower network is a scam! #scam #spam #empower #empowernetwork

  2. Hi John –

    Never heard of EN until this morning – Went to comment on a blog from a retweet, I like what the guy said so I went to sign up for his updates and it took me straight to the EN sign up site. With no way to exit the page (Everyone has upsells, that really didn’t bother me)

    That was turn off #1- Not being able to exit the page. So the affiliate lost a subscriber. Me

    Turn off #2 – The most predominate question “where can we bill you” Didn’t like that either.

    And my content……belongs to me. I guess the best thing that can be said for going there is that I learned how NOT to do something. So I appreciate that. That’s about it though.

    No free trials? At least offer a dollar for the first 30 days. 3 day refund? Twaddle! I’ll sit on a product that I have purchased for 2 weeks before I do anything with it. Sometimes 3. And I genuinely hate no support.

    I don’t mind paying for information that you can get online by doing research, thats what ebooks are for. But $3500. Really? Hmmmmm

    Hey thanks John for the re – enforcement.
    Donald Thomas recently posted..The Internet Marketing Plan For Newbies: A Money Making Solution (Internet Marketing)My Profile

    • Hey Don,

      Thanks for your comment and adding some great thoughts to the post. I agree with you on your statements.

      Surprised you have not come across it before – but glad this post has put you off…

      Thanks for stopping by…


    • Sorry, but gotta add to this that EN has one of the best Support Structures online. In my personal experience, only ‘bettered’ by GoDaddy. It’s important to also mention that it’s WHO you join, not just WHAT you join. I’m proud to say that I’m based in the UK and our Community within EN is one of the most highly respected in the Business. You’re going to get crap Sponsors in EVERY online Business – that’s simply down to poor judgement. The Company cannot be help 100% responsible for how each individual Affiliate behaves.

      Yes, I have CERTAINLY seen some very unfair & disrespectful behavior during my time in EN – I don’t condone the whole ‘Get All In’ thing (too American for me) and I just encourage people to use their own common sense when looking for someone to join.

  3. Hi John. I left a comment which I think has disappeared into cyberspace or else there is a ponzi out there deleting any post that says uncomplimentary things about them. 🙂

    I’m going with the consensus. The infographic was brilliantly excellent! Also going to share!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..Do you dare to cherish Everyone?My Profile

    • Don’t worry Vatsala – your comment was ok and not spammed!

      Unlike most of the Empower links! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by…


  4. I had a problem with the hour long sales video about how hard david woods life was in a campervan. Do we know if this is BS or not? I was listening to it and none of it spoke of feature benefits (sorry I am a trained marketer) or what the heck empower network was.
    I was so skeptical …that I felt ill. It didn’t make sense.

    The person who introduced me it couldn’t answer me what the product was other than a blog….just the opportunity to onsell it. I asked what the ongoing charges were for and there was just the link back to the same dodgy video lol.

    I can understand how all the people get sucked in when they see such numbers turning over..but the thing is just not sustainable..
    mike recently posted..What is Retargeting And How Does It Work?My Profile

    • Hey Mike –

      Spot on mate – and yes, its seems that unless you are a former drunk or used to live in a caravan you cannot make it in this business! I heard that the system was not even developed by them anyway and they just purchased it. So they could not have been that skint!

      It is a sad state of affairs that people get sucked into this as you say, the likelihood is too that the majority just end up out of pocket with nothing much to show other than a spam filled blog. I have yet to find a blog that has any credibility and stands high with great value that is run on this network.

      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciated comment.


  5. I’m still laughing…especially at point/graphic number 4. PRICELESS! Yeah, I figured out that this was a bad deal. I remember the first time I heard about them from someone who turned out to be a nightmare, wack-job writing client. I remember telling that person, “What exactly IS ‘The Empowerment Network’? The name itself sounds janky and shifty!”. Then some of my my (Former) freelance writing colleagues tried recommending it. I figuratively popped open the hood and I got a bad gut feeling. I ran away and I’m glad that I did.

    I SO want to share this post with others that have discussed this at length on the forum I was participating in but they’ve been beyatchy towards me. So, they can learn their lesson the hard way (MWAHAAAAHAAAAAA!!!!). But the infograph is BRILLIANT! I can’t stop laughing.

    • Really Terr, what forum do you use if you do not mind me asking?

      Seems like you have your head screwed on at least. I just don’t feel anything they offer gives them reason to charge the prices they do…

      Thanks for your comment – glad you liked the Infographic…


      • Hi John,

        Trust me, you don’t want to post anything on that forum. It’s just a bunch of moms who at this point are fighting each other online. I don’t even participate on that forum anymore. I’ve turned my attention to nice bloggers like you ( 🙂 and to a batch of online “mentors” who are accomplished and aspirational. That doesn’t describe the people on the site I used to hang out on!

  6. Hi John,

    I would very much appreciate it if you would permit me to use your post on empower in full on my website http://www.howtoavoidinternetfraud.com. If you wanted to amend it in any way to fit our format, you would be most welcome. And of course you would be fully-credited with an “about the author” section at the end of the article.

    I have to admit that my site badly needs updating. It is purely altruistic I have not made any money out of it to date; although I would not mind if some day I did! My excuse for not tending it as well as I should is that after breaking my leg in three place, I have been diagnosed with the dreaded prostate cancer and so am currently (and for the next three months or so) in and out of hospital virtually daily.
    Incidentally I would love it if you could do an equally excellent hatchet job on STIFORP, which I regard as one of the worst scams in the current batch of disgraceful pyramid schemes. I am happy (and brave enough) to name names in any other scams you uncover.

    There is no need to publish this comment which you might regard as more of a personal letter. Also I would not wish that you should think I was trying to get free publicity for our site.

    But I would very much like to hear your reactions. It’s OK if you say “NO” but I think these scams should be exposed everywhere possible. So I hope to hear from you. I live in Newbury, so we are practically neighbours 🙂

    With best wishes,
    Neil ffrench-Blake

    • Hi Neil,

      Sorry for your current situation, also your site link did not work?

      Anyway mate, I cannot let you copy the post. Google does not tend to like duplicate content I am afraid – for the best though.

      You can link to the post though, no problem. Also – if you want the message to be shared, then share it via the many social media platforms etc…

      Thanks for stopping by..
      Take care.


  7. I would like to refute your statement concerning content ownership. As laid out in the Empower Network terms, the individual licenses their content to the Empower Network for use on the EN domain. The last time I checked at the legal definition for licensing something, it meant the creator of the intellectual property in question still retained ownership of said property while granting use to another party.

    As for the commission pass-up structure, you are correct that you pass the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th thereafter to your sponsor. However, this is quite common in a lot of traditional network marketing companies with proven success track records.

    Now, let’s talk about the domain name… if you’re aware of anything related to SEO and how search engines rank pages, then you would become instantly aware of the benefits of hosting a blog with a site that has the authority that Empower Network has. You can’t have an online business and expect to do very well at it if search engines like Google are ranking your page at 350,000,000 out of 1 billion results. Can you? Let’s be real here. The only way I found this site was from a LinkedIn post. The last time I looked into Empower’s Alexa score, it was ranked 465 in the world and 261 in the US as the most visited website. Let’s compare that with your domain. Shall we? johnbanksblog.com is currently (as of 1:05 PM CDT on July 5, 2013) ranking 197,810 in the world. So, yeah… if you were Google, who would you rank higher?

    As far as Facebook goes, yes… you are partially correct. Partially in that the domain has been blocked as being spammy. This is because of marketing efforts of a small majority that weren’t appreciated by those being marketed towards. As such, they reported it as spam. If you owned a social network and your users were reporting this to you, wouldn’t you take some sort of action? My guess is that you would. This doesn’t mean that we can’t still post our content on Facebook. In fact, I do it on a regular basis with a domain masker. The Facebook ban has done nothing but made us become more creative.

    Now, let’s cover the cost. Sure, you could go to college and get the same training in marketing. Guess what… it would cost you over $40,000 on average. What’s EN’s investment? $5,125… a SAVINGS of just over $34,000. The $3,500 you mention is just for the Masters Course. I don’t own that product, yet, so I can’t say what’s taught in it.

    However, for the rest of the products, so much of success, regardless of what business you’re in, depends upon mindset. Without a solid mindset foundation, the business person is less likely to succeed. Think about it… why do you have so many well-known and respected authors, such as, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, etc. all giving perspective on how to create wealth that are based upon success philosophies? Because mindset is the key to success. So, it’s only natural, when you stop and think about it, that the first couple of upgrades deals with this subject. As little children, we hear the word ‘no’ about 40,000 times between birth and age 5. We only hear the word ‘yes’ perhaps about only 5,000 times. Wouldn’t you say this has a negative impact upon our mental conditioning?

    As for pyramid schemes and EN, everything in America is structured that way… from our government to corporations. How, you might ask? Well, in Corporate America, who do you have running the show? The CEO. That’s ONE person at the top. He (or she) gets paid BIG money. What’s below the CEO on corporate layouts? Vice Presidents… and there’s not just one. There’s usually many. The list just goes on and on. Our 3 branches of government are structured in the same way and everyone below gets crapped upon from above.

    So, John, with all that said, I welcome honest, fruitful discussion. No hype, no attempts to recruit, no name calling. Just open dialog between adults. However, I think I’ve made a good case why a blogger should at least give Empower good consideration. I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Hi Ray – Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your comment.

      Ok – quite a lot to cover….

      About content ownership… I would challenge your statement by saying what happens when all the new recruits stop signing up and the money in the post runs out? Then empower network is forced to shut down, do they happily give all the content back to you? Or can you move it to another host or another domain? I am guessing no.

      The commission statement – thank you for re-firming that your platform lies to its affiliates by saying 100% when you are agreeing that they do not pay that.

      The domain name statement – no I am not an SEO expert, but I do know some basic stuff. I also know that Alexa rank has absolutely no bearing on me whatsoever, and neither should it you. I think its completely irrelevant to compare my blog’s Alexa rank to that of EN? My blog is probably about 1/5th of what I do online and as you can see I only write about 2/3 posts a month maximum so I know that my blog will rank low. But – that said, it does rank well for some long tail keywords and my traffic comes from people who want to engage and interact. I do not have to spam Facebook groups filled with false MLM promises to get my traffic. Sure it has a high Alexa rank – but that is because there are so many links and so many pages of content on David(s) blog, that you all are contributing too. I guess if I had 100,000 writers my blog would rank higher…? Do you agree?

      The Facebook comment – yes, the socialmediabar or something? – All I know now is that if I see that link or anything to do with badass or some garbage I usually just report it as spam. The whole thing stinks of dishonesty, I mean even the link is a lie! If I could not even post my “own” material to my Facebook followers then I would be a little alarmed. Besides, the only links I usually see is when someone tries to spam the group I am an Administrator for, and usually they don’t seem to have many followers….obviously they and their link are instantly removed.

      Costs – I am actually on your side (a little) with this. Whilst I would not recommend the EN to anyone, I do understand your thinking. Spending a fortune on education does not guarantee wealth – sure. But neither does the EN. And more importantly with education you get so much more than a ticket at the end. Having an education opens peoples minds, makes people better, more disciplined, have more respect, understand ethnics, manners, society, the list goes on…. The thing is, I can tell by your writing that you are an educated man. Which is why I am a little surprised you are a member? Choose your own path, sure you may have to work a bit more but the rewards will be so much more fulfilling. I don’t know what “level” within EN you are on, but I just don’t know how you and others can sleep at night knowing that some random stranger may have just signed up through your affiliate link and that was their last $45 for the month….but because they are lead down the tunnel of false hope they think they will be ok….

      The mindset comment – I cant comment on the books – however the children statement is interesting. I am no child psychologist but I tell mine that they can do “whatever” they want in life, and more importantly teach the value of honestly, trust and respect. Do any of these words exist in the EN dictionary? (Couldn’t help through a little dig in…..)

      The American Pyramid structure – yes I have heard this before – I am guessing that is ok then? I will refer to the comment I made above above making your own choices… lets face it, and I am not starting a political or racial debate here but the US finances could be governed better…. would you agree? Just because America has a pyramid schemes all over the place does not make it ok.

      I still struggle to understand what I get for my money with this program…..

      Thanks for your in depth comment.

      • I’ll answer your comments in the order you made them.

        In terms of content, you never transfer ownership to Empower Network. The content I publish remains on my Empower Network hosted blog (not David Wood/Sharpe’s blog) will always remain my content even if I should decide not to be an EN affiliate.
        This is from the Terms of Conditions for Empower Network:

        6. USER CONTENT.
        You grant Company a license to use the materials you post to the Site or Service. By posting, downloading, displaying, performing, transmitting, or otherwise distributing information or other content (“User Content”) to the Site or Service, you are granting Company, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, and representatives a transferrable and sub-licensable license to use User Content, including without limitation, a right to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate, and reformat User Content. You will not be compensated for any User Content. You agree that Company may publish or otherwise disclose your name in connection with your User Content. By posting User Content on the Site or Service, you warrant and represent that you own the rights to the User Content or are otherwise authorized to post, distribute, display, perform, transmit, or otherwise distribute User Content.

        Commission: the commissions are actually 100% because affiliates get 100% (minus processing fees (all online businesses have these and EN is actually cheaper at $19.95/mo (for the amount of transactions that occur per account) where most merchant processor accounts charge at least $30-$35 plus a small percentage of each transaction). On the pass-up… I’ll concede that mainstay MLM companies like Avon, Amway, and Mary Kay don’t have this type of comp plan. However, this is not to say that there have not been other programs that have not employed a pass-up structure. Empower Network without this aspect of the comp plan would be just another affiliate structure. The pass-up portion enables affiliates to have residual income. Without it, affiliates would not have made the kind of money they have with EN. We, as EN affiliates, tell people we talk to (or, at least we should (I know I do)) that there are no income guarantees simply because we have no way of knowing how much time/effort someone will put into their business. EN publishes the average daily earnings at empowernetwork.com/income.php. So, to answer your dig… yes, honesty and integrity are alive in EN (at least in my business)

        Now, we’re at the point where celebrities are taking notice and signing up to use our platform.

        Now, let me counter some other comments about EN just being a WP account with a theme. By and large, this is true. Where the value comes in is that our theme is already SEO optimized and comes with the SEO plug-in. Yes, I agree that the lack of plug-in control is a bit frustrating (I’ve wanted to add a translator plug-in). However, there’s a reason for this. People were adding plug-ins to their blogs and it was slowing down the servers.

        As for my being able to sleep at night, I sleep very well. I have no control over anyone’s finances. People need to make their own decisions and should be fully informed regardless if their signing up with EN, Amway, or Avon. By the way, EN allows members to promote anything on their blogs, even other MLM businesses.

        Thank you for recognizing that I am educated. I currently own the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive (the $500 product) and will own the 15k Formula very soon.

        Mindset – I mentioned authors, not books. However, these are authors that should be in every business library.

        US finances – I totally agree.

        • Hi Ray,

          Some points fair in my opinion – others maybe not so.

          Amway and Avon I am aware of in the UK. At least they actually offer products though don’t they? Although, from what I see of the Amway program, anyone who chooses to pay way over the odds for toothpaste for example – or go on stage to collect a pin or some shite like this probably fits right in to this. Don’t forget the $20 tapes or CD’s whatever they are so these people can continue to be brainwashed in their cars whilst driving to their day jobs…. I recommend they buy a tape at least once per week. What is that all about…?

          As for Avon, we have this here in the UK and people like to do this. I see it as a hobby for the people who do it. People come into my work with these and people buy stuff. Good luck to them.

          That daily earnings report you mention. Seriously? Come on, you don’t believe that do you? Those numbers are clearly plucked out of thin air. How exactly to they measure how many hours people work?

          The amount of variables between individuals is huge when working on even the same project – whether you randomly spam stuff, call call, set up mastermind groups, webinars, write blog posts, use social media (where you can), use video marketing, guest posting (actually, I doubt any respected blog owner would allow a guest post promoting EN) – the results will always be different so this table is a joke.

          You sleep well at night probably because you have told yourself that it is ok to do this. But, when you sell your package to your downlines what exactly do you “sell” them? Nothing…this is what I don’t understand. “A unique blogging platform that can earn you passive income within days!” or “This is essentially a bad WordPress blog on someone else’s domain, but if you pay me $25 a month I will show you how to do it and maybe earn some money from it, but whatever you do – don’t check blogs like ThinkTraffic or SmartPassiveIncome because they will show you how to do it for free, far more ethnically.”

          Yeah, maybe my sales pitch doesn’t have the same ring to it. More truth though….

          Anyway – I can see you are hooked into your MLM business. So, good luck. But – I think it is not the right way to go. And, it also would not surprise me if the EN gets a nasty surprise from the Big G soon.

          And, one more closing thought. I expect the $500 Costa Rica course is not worth the money, and the 15K formula sounds equally trashy too. Do they call it the “Costa Rica Mastermind” because its based in Costa Rica and they cannot get accounts with Paypal or a normal Merchant accounts because these companies classify Empower as ILLEGAL or too high risk?


          • John,

            It’s okay. I can take the little jabs. After all, if you’re going to swim in a shark tank, you’d better wear the steel mesh suit. Right?

            Before I answer the Costa Rica question, I want to be clear about one thing here… Empower Network’s headquarters are located within the US borders – St. Petersburg, Florida, to be precise.

            If you think that affiliate marketing is a scam then you’d better learn about business. I can name plenty of Fortune 500 companies who have affiliate programs… WalMart, Amazon, GoDaddy, Sony… and the list keeps going. Here’s the key, though… try getting those guys to give you 100% of the proceeds from every sale you generate. That’s what EN does and we’re the first in the affiliate realm to do this.

            Now, the Costa Rica Mastermind was a 3-day training session for a bunch of people that happened at David Wood’s home in Costa Rica. I can personally attest that I have had several teachable moments while watching the videos. For example: in video 8, I learned why most MLM’s don’t make it (both in terms of the company and an individual’s team).

            As for the jab about not having an actual product, our products are informational in nature. Tony Rush has quite eloquently stated that EN is leadership training disguised as a business opportunity. Yes, you can go hunting around the internet searching for different marketing modalities. However, they’re not going to teach you the psychology behind the method. I feel the personal development I get from following the 8 core commitments is packed with more value than what I’ve put in to EN.

            Listen, I was against EN at first, too. I didn’t see the value of having a blog. Now, I do and I’m a better person for partnering with EN. I actually have a vision of where I’m taking my family and what life will be like for us. So, while you’re sitting in front of your computer, typing away in your cozy 1 bedroom flat, I’ll be jet setting off to the beaches of the world – perhaps flying the jet myself (not to save on the cost of having a pilot, but because I do truly love to fly).

            Negativity never moved the world forward. Heck, Noah was even laughed at. Look who had the last laugh.

          • Ray,

            If I thought affiliate marketing was a scam would I happily make, sell and promote my own products? And sell other peoples products on this blog and several other of my websites? Or, even better still would I have a ton of affiliates that I give 60% commissions to sell my products?

            I do not need an affiliate marketing lesson. And, I thought we established that with the charges for eWallets or fees whatever they say, and the fact that commissions are not every sale its not 100%??

            And, do not make judgments on me and my living. For the record, its two bedroom – and its all mine. And I didn’t have to rip anyone off to get it.


    • I’m calling B.S. on the comment that “Any successful network marketing scheme bumps up money to their upline”

      I’m currently an Avon rep here in the U.S. I can state that the company is one of the longest-running network marketing/direct sales schemes on the planet-started in the late 1800s. I NEVER have to pass up my earnings to my upline. While yes, the uplines earn money based on the performance of their downlines, my commissions are 100% mine. When I develop a downline team, they’ll keep their earnings and they’ll NEVER be required to give me money.

      Oh and BTW, Avon costs a whopping….$10USD to join! And we’re talking a free 1st class website, free email list, free back office, free “starter kit”, free online learning center, free learning and networking forum. Oh yeah, we get CRAZY discounts from retail partners to help build the business, as well as a choice between a health benefits plan or a health discount plan. That’s not even talking leadership bonuses, trips, etc.

      Now folks (John) I’m not recruiting…I’m just stating that I know this company and MANY OTHERS will NEVER require downlines to bump up money to uplines. I’ve sold Avon in the past and I keep coming back to them because of their LEGITIMACY! And there are many companies that operate the same way.

      You know what companies are called that kinda-sorta sell a product while requiring a bump-up of money? A PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!! Or at the very least, they’re a shade or two from being a pyramid scheme (wink).

        • Avon is legitimate and can understand that so is amway, shacklee, herbalife, and lots of others. They have physical products. It’s really all about marketing and that is the bottom line. Ask yourself..does it have a purpose(niche), it there substance, and how many sales!!! the thing is the creator of this network is the real winner and as well they should be. EN is really lacking as far as I’m concerned. this really doesn’t have anything to do with what else is mentioned..Oh don’t forget mary kay. All great programs for anyone who wants to do that.
          Gary recently posted..ok i’m really seeing things in a new light.My Profile

  8. Love this infographic..I did buy you infographic product as a wso and slow to get to it due to issues, but it’s on my list. Yes I joined empower network and wasn’t there long. You explain pretty much here and I don’t like to downgrade things but it is absent of water to go with air. I can’t believe the big marketers that are promoting it to me. FOR GET IT!!

      • Is this issue getting heated up….ouch. i agree with you all the way. I can’t believe a couple well known marketers are pushing EN too. Like I said I tried it, but it only makes someone else rich and i didn’t really know what it was all about. I’ve seen it time and time again. Do you have a comment you could make about Pure Leverage. It’s another system out there from the same creator of GVO. I’m not saying nay or yay. I like my own control and seems if you join some kind of network it always is more of a benefit to the originator..I’ve been in a few. I’m honest and real, so I believe every mlm, network and have been scammed by people calling me..That is a totally different subject I could go into, but did learn something. I’ll be my own boss, with my own products or affiliate products I believe are very useful. The crap has to stop somewhere. Got scammed a few days ago for $5.00 lousy bucks from something called celebrity income…I really thought it was a great thing. I got my money back thru paypal and called them back, which they were well aware by then it was just a scam. But how many people that get scammed would get their 5 bucks back? hummm. Sorry this is a long comment. I make a good content writer lol

  9. I love this infographic John and hope your post can help protect some newbies from entering this scam. I looked at the Empower Network and it made no sense to me at all!

    • Hey Ana – let me just pick myself up off the floor. Yep – it is you that has commented on my blog..

      Thanks for stopping by – lets hope that this infographic as well as the great content from you and the others I mentioned can steer some people away from the EN.


    • You are right Frithjof – it is true, and especially in this case.

      The fact that there is actually no product makes it even more fishy…
      You were right to stay away…


  10. Hi John,

    I found your post very refreshing. I’m so used to seeing the usual EN bombardment of hype that it’s nice change to see someone look at the other side of the coin.

    I find it very interesting that some of the top and most respected marketers have sign up to and are promoting EN. When I became aware of this it made me rethink my previous skepticism because I was now faced with a whole load of social proof. However, upon once again looking into it further I still failed to see what EN is actually selling beyond the the opportunity itself and this disturbed me.

    I don’t doubt that many people are making a success out of EN and the model itself is not necessarily a bad one. But there are too many red flags for me. Aside from the issue of the business itself and what you may/may not get out of it, I personally find the whole approach offensive. I don’t appreciate being accused of being a “wussie” because I’m not prepared to invest a whole load of money that I don’t have into something that isn’t disclosed in its entirety. That’s called being sensible.

    I also don’t like the almost brainwashed cult-like marketing style of the program and its members. Each and every pitch I see is over-the-top, forced and doesn’t appear genuine at all to me.

    At the end of the day, as a potential customer, I ask the vital question: “WIIFOM?”, ie “What’s in it for me?” Beyond the promise of big riches (yawn, I’ve seen enough of these types of claims to last a lifetime. I need more that that) I don’t see what it is that I would be getting. What is the actual product that I would be buying? Where is the value? What makes EN unique? I have yet to find a satisfactory answer to any of these questions.

    Nope, for me when I come across anything to do with EN it just makes me sigh and switch off. I don’t believe it is a scam, but neither do I believe that it’s anything more than a glorified pyramid scheme put together in a clever way. So, Mr Wood and co., if you want to accuse me of being a wussie for not joining EN then I’m happy to be labelled as such. I’ll make my success through other means, thank you and then we shall see how much of a wussie I am!

    Great info, John, thanks for the awesome post. Keep up the great work keeping it real!

    All the best,

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for your lengthy and great comment!

      You make some great points and I do think that the majority of respected marketers know the difference between right and wrong don’t they?

      You hit the nail on the head there too – what exactly is in it for you? Not a lot except a lot of emails trying to get you to go “all in!!” Jesus Wept….

      Anyway – good luck in your journey. Welcome back anytime…


  11. Really interesting topic you have given John! Awesome.
    Well, I’ve seen a lot about EN on the net. All in all I have to admit they have succeed the business, because they have gone through the hardest part of marketing : selling no stuff for high prices.
    It give me lesson though, still many … many people want to skip “hard work” and prefer “get rich quick scheme”. Thanks for this post John, it has all the value
    Okto recently posted..Why are People Buying More and More Online?My Profile

    • Hey Okto – thanks for dropping by.

      I do not really consider them a success, more of the blind leading the blind. The amount of people they have on board is staggeringly high but they are all following nothing. Only a very few will make any decent (but unfair and dodgy) money, the rest will lose out.


  12. Good work with the infographics there. I really don’t believe in giving any part of my business plan in the hands of other people and also pay them a great deal of money for it.

    Although some amount of outsourcing can work wonders to save our time but the things which you have told about empower network is not good for anyone planning to own a business online. I think we have to give utmost importance to the learning and let that be the foundation of our success. So, if in the future something changes we can quickly adjust, adapt and forge ahead of others who have placed their trust on others for earning them money.

    Great post.
    Neeraj Kulkarni recently posted..10 Must-Haves For Affiliate MarketersMy Profile

    • Hi Neeraj,

      Great to have you along – and thanks for adding such value with your comment.

      Glad we are on the same page with the Empower Network! Avoid…..

      Respect to you.


  13. This post is bang on…and I wish EN would drop dead from it. I loved the thin air analogy, there simply is no product…and that is what I was looking for a year ago when I was a member. And the name calling – how professional is it to call your members “wussies”? Terrible company and I’m glad I got out. Unfortunately, they are keeping “my” website live and have changed it and added info to it that I never put there. Shameful.

    • Hi Rick!

      Great to see you on the blog! And glad you got out, I am always wary of anything that sells the “money making opportunity” first rather than the actual product.


  14. After reading this complete article, I would must say that you rocked this article. 😀

    You had covered all the major things in this article and made it helpful.

    From last few days, I had reading some of your articles and I found that you are putting more efforts in your articles and trying your best to serve better content.

    That’s really good for your blog. 😀

    I would also suggest you to focus on building genuine email subscribers on your blog. Try to add links to subcribe to your newsletter in the middle of your post.

    This will boost your email list.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work with your blog.

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