A Couple Of Things Your New Online Business Needs


TicklistA new online business will require a set program of vital features so as to hit the ground running as quickly as possible. Until such time as these implementations are activated, it’s unlikely the online business will get going and suit your online business needs. Your online business requires several different ways in which to capture leads from potential customers.

A new online business must always make its site easy to find too. Make sure you choose a domain name that is both easy to be found and you will need to create back links to your site too. Place your website URL in as many places as possible; open a Facebook page and use social media and get your message across as many platforms as you can.

It’s all very well getting traffic to come and pay a visit to your website but if they browse and then leave it doesn’t offer you as a business much more than just another notch on your website visitor count. Somehow your online business needs to capture the potential customer by getting them to be a sales lead.  There are a number of different methods you could run to entice them to give you their telephone number, email address and name. You could offer a competition; everyone is enticed by a competition where by they can win something for free.

This is one method of generating details for capturing customers’ details that may one day turn that sales lead into a new customer. UK based websites will need a 0845 number for your clients and those taking a passing interest in your service to call. 0845 numbers mean your customer will not be charged a very high tariff to make a call, providing they do so from a UK landline. The cost to the customer depends on who their service provider is but the off peak cost is usually around 5p per minute.

Usually when you see an online business using 0845 numbers to offer its customers a viable person to person contact method, it will have only paid a very small set up fee. Fees for 0845 numbers to be set up on an account are around £7.50 and then a monthly cost of £6.25 to rent the line. It is completely free for you as the proprietor of the new online business website to receive calls from customers dialing you using 0845 numbers. Rental costs do vary from provider to provider but are largely quite competitive.

These are just a few things to get in place when you start your online business, but better to get them in place sooner rather than later.


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