A Thin Line between Self-Promotion and Bragging



A huge problem for business owners is the fact that they do not know the difference between self-promotion for personal branding purposes and bragging. It is totally acceptable to promote yourself and what you did but when you brag, people automatically dislike it. As a result you will end up with a really bad personal brand that is filled with uncertainty. You will have problems with advancing in your career as you will be seen as someone that is unreliable.

A Problem With Mentality

Most people today have a problem with self-confidence. They do not understand the fact that they are unique and will not take advantage of it. When you are faced with such a situation, you most likely think that nobody cares. The belief will lead to poor mentality. This is manifested in many parts of your life. As a very simple example, when a person receives a compliment, there are problems with saying “Thank You”. The compliment is usually put down and this leads towards low self-confidence.

The reason why we are mentioning this is the fact that having a poor mentality will usually lead to not being able to self-promote. There is a huge chance that whenever a success is achieved, the person would come up as bragging. It is very important to have a proper mentality and to have confidence in you and your abilities.

Walking A Thin Line

There is a very thin line between boasting, bragging and self-promotion. In the event that you boast or brag too much, people will be turned off. The competition becomes jealous and will use different methods available to make sure that you do not succeed again. A huge problem of bragging is the fact that it brings in enemies. People respect those that are humble and that properly use personal bragging. The exact opposite appears when referring to those that simply seem like bragging all the time.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

Why Is All This Important?

The perception that a person has over another person is highly important in any business. If someone sees you like an individual that brags too much, the immediate belief is that there is not enough substance behind your actions. Those that constantly brag usually have to rely on boasts to compensate for something. It is a belief that might be wrong because a person does not distinguish between self-promotion and bragging but how others see you is vital.

Self-Promotion Versus Bragging – How To Self-Promote

Personal brand management is directly linked to self-promotion. You need to take advantage of your uniqueness and you need to communicate that properly to a target audience. In most situations everything is linked to how you express your success. Being humble is something that is always important. It is vital that you pay the most attention in how you talk and everything that you write is relevant.

Our recommendation is to first stay focused on how you write. Read the articles that you write from the point of view of the reader. Does your writing come out as bragging? There are various ways in which you can differentiate between self-promotion and bragging. For instance:

  • A person that brags will stay focused on the results and will not talk a lot about the process.
  • Self-promotion will utilize words that do not come up as brags.
  • The person that self-promotes will do so in order to help others and not without a reason.
  • Bragging uses really strong words and most of the speech or the written article will highlight end-facts.

Always Self-Promote! Never Brag!

Bragging is the worst thing that you can do. It will automatically hurt your personal branding. Many businessmen will tell you that the worst thing that you can do is to simply come out and brag. It is quite common that people make the mistake of taking responsibility for absolutely everything that went well while blaming others for something that went wrong.

There are many situations in which people that brag do not say anything about those that helped him. You can easily understand why such bragging will make other people hate you. This includes the team that helped you to reach the results that you brag about.

Bragging appears when you do not care about aiding other people. In this case you just want to obtain praise and you want to be a lot better than other people. If your personal branding strategy is really good and you always self-promote, there is a guarantee that your main intent is to try to help others.

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  1. Hi John! Hope you are feeling well! I like this post, very philosophical! Right up my alley. How you see your self is just as important as how others see you. I like the quote by Einstein, and if I may take the liberty of adding if you are a man of value then you are a success. No matter whats your station in life.


    P.S. I absolutely love the link you sent yesterday! Thank You!!! It should be fun! It also gave me an excuse to stop by and say thanks, so thanks!
    Donald Thomas recently posted..So Now What? Moving Forward To Making Money Online!My Profile

    • ~Hey Donald – thanks for dropping by. You are always welcome here, and you make some excellent comments.

      Its true – people judge success in different ways. Albeit through their career, how much money they have, even how many twitter followers lol!

      But – as you say, adding value and helping others gives you true success. In any walk of life I think. Plus it is the need to continue….

      Bill Cosby once said: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”

  2. Hey John,

    You have another informative post going. It is important to know the boundaries between promoting and bragging so that change can be done quickly. No one wants to be a bragger right? and most of all, no company likes a bragger either. So its what like you said John, the mentality and awareness to never cross the line between bragging and self-promotion should be there. Buy the way John, I like the quote from Einstein.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

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