About Me

Hi, my name is John and I live in the UK with my wife and two wonderful daughters. I work as an engineer for a highly respected laser company. My real passion is with the Internet though, I have a passion for running experiments with making money online – you will see that on the blog here.

my girls

I am also the co-owner of CoolsMedia. A company that works in the online media business. We build websites that generate income from various advertising networks, affiliate sales and content advertising.

In April 2015 we recorded the highest revenue to date for any given month since the company was formed, which was $14,500.

Most of my online work is done through this company.

I also have a keen interest in graphics and promotion. So much so that I have launched two products of my own into the marketplace. My first product was called 30 Minute Infographics (now closed) and was a product about creating free infographics. It sold over $1000 worth in its first few days online. The next product I launched was again something that I am interested in and that is video promotion. The product is called Video Promo Cash (now closed) and again has a proven model that works. In fact during this time and for sometime after the launch I was still making promo videos for companies up and down the country and abroad. My biggest success was a job I done for a restaurant chain here in the UK and they still have the promo video running in their restaurants in the evenings on the big screens!

Unfortunately about 10 years ago I got a condition called Menieres disease – a balance disorder that affects the inner ear. Its can be a debilitating condition. One other symptom of this is tinnitus which I have 24/7. I have also been told there is no cure…..yet. This greatly effected me at the time of diagnosis but it wasn’t until my children were born that I started to try and build a better future for them. This is when JohnBanksBlog was born – around February 2012.

Two years after this (because of contacts in the blogging industry) CoolsMedia was formed with my business partner.

I am always testing things here on the blog, and this is sort of my scrapbook to my life online. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks for stopping by.

To Our Success…