Adwords: I Mastered It – Then Got Suspended!


adwords trafficSo, a few weeks ago I decided to try an Adwords experiment. Over the many years of my hot and cold relationship with this method of marketing I have spent a lot of money and not really had any successful results. Now – I am not an Adwords genius but what I will reveal to you today you can probably pay for so now you don’t need too.

Some of you may know about this already, its not new or difficult but its something that I had not done before and I thought I would share the results.

The trouble with Adwords is in my opinion they change the rules all the time. One minute Clickbank stuff is ok, then it is not, the next minute squeeze pages are ok, the next they are not. And so on. Their latest no-no is auto start up videos on squeeze pages so be careful, I found out the hard way.

My main traffic focus is usually with other traditional methods. Mostly free ones, because I am a tight arse and don’t like spending money if I don’t have to.  But – every other blog I visit or every forum I visit people still talk about Google Adwords and the success they have with it. This “success” usually leads to an eBook to buy or a one-time offer presenting the ultimate Adwords machine! I do not usually fall for these as I have had some wasteful experience with it in the past as I said.

But I thought I would have a go again. This time with rather surprising results.

I managed to get 3456 clicks at a total cost of £35.45 – that works out at around £0.01 per click. Which I can work with – well, could work with……as you will find out later.


My usual focus has always been in the search network. But this time I decided to focus my attention on the display network. So, here is exactly what I did. I think people can learn from this method and get some good results, if you tweak it a little to suit your niche market.

  • Decide what site to advertise. I decided to go with this blog – the squeeze page for my marketing guide actually. Fairly harmless – Google should like it, no videos or any “get rich quick” rubbish.
  • Make some banners. As my focus was entirely in the display network I had to make some banners. I decided that I would make a banner for every size that Google uses in the display network. The sizes that I made were:

–          320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard
–          300 x 250 Inline Rectangle
–          120 x 600 Skyscraper
–          728 x 90 Leaderboard
–          468 x 60 Banner
–          160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
–          250 x 250 Square
–          336 x 280 Large Rectangle
–          200 x 200 Small Square

I used Photoshop, but really you could use something as simple as Paint. The ones I put together all followed the same theme and took about an hour to do the whole lot.


The above 468 x 60 banner is an example. All the others were the same. All I did was grab a public domain image of some money, do a red fade across and add some text. After all the sizes were finished I uploaded them to the Google Adwords dashboard in my campaign.

  • Add some keywords. Now, in order for this to work I needed a lot of keywords. So I went down the traditional route of using the Google keyword tool but this was not giving me enough. I wanted thousands – as I did not want to pay through the nose for each one. My theory was if I could get occasional clicks on each one then I would get enough across the whole lot. I found a gig on Fiverr offering 10,000 keywords for your chosen keyword(s).

So, I purchased this with the following keywords:

–          Internet Marketing Course
–          Build a list
–          Marketing ebooks

Then a few days later my list was ready. I didn’t even look at it thoroughly, a quick scan and then I uploaded these keywords to the campaign and then set my daily budget to £5.00.

  • Settings. I set the location to all ‘countries and territories’ and the language to English speaking. Devices was also set to ‘all’.

That is basically it, the Ads were all subject to approval so I had to wait a few days but after that they were off and running. The first few days not a lot happened I started getting some clicks here and there but then it went crazy after about 3 days. As the image above shows I was getting way over 1000 clicks per day.

This was great I was getting new leads to my list every day. I thought I could use this for a long time, the CPC was way better than any solo-ad I had ever done. So, this was how I was going to promote all my pages from now on.

Then everything stopped…..

So, I checked the dashboard and discovered that 99.75% of my ads were being shown on the mobile device network.


So, I paused this ad and carried on – but as I did this I got greedy and decided to run another ad promoting another page I have. The page is basically a turnkey promo squeeze page with a VIDEO on it. No big deal right? Wrong……

The next time I logged in I was faced with this – no warnings, no emails, nothing – just this.


I was mad! I finally had something that produced some good results, but they hit me in the end, probably because I put a stupid squeeze page on. But, I did feel a little hard done by as there was no warning – just an out-right suspension. I have sent two emails to which I got an automated generic response. Maybe a phone call may work, although I have my doubts.

Anyway – the lessons out of this:

Number 1 – You can get some good, cheap results with Adwords using the display network.

Number 2 – The mobile display Ads are huge! I will be focusing some attention on this in the future.

Number 3 – Don’t mess with Google’s policies, if you know them.

I genuinely believe that if you follow 90% of what I did you can get some great results; I hope to be running more campaigns using this method in the near future.

Please Mr. G – let me back I will be good this time……

Have you had any worthwhile results using Adwords in the past?

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  1. You are not alone. I hired an AdWord certified company few months back to run my campaign and guess what, they got my suspended my AdWords account. It really does not matter if you are extremely experienced or not, Google Adwords policies are complicated and they may change it often. But usually, they send you at least one notice before they suspend the account.
    Annetta Powell recently posted..Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve AllegationsMy Profile

    • Oh no Annetta!

      Sorry you had to feel the wrath of the Big G too. Did you have much luck in getting your account back and running?


    • Hi Chris

      Yes you are correct – they seem to have all the power! I hope the work with their products again though. The Adwords campaign was very good for me….


  2. I have only been able to achieve mediocre results with adwords doing it myself and the cpc in my niche can get pretty pricey. I tried a company and had the same thing happen to me as Annetta. It’s frustrating to say the least.

    • Hey Josh,

      Great to see you here. Yeah, getting burned by the big G sucks – I am hoping to re-kindle my relationship with them at some point. But, I am going to leave it for a while. Was wondering, have you or anyone else for that matter tried any of the other networks such as bing etc?

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