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Alternative promotion for your blog can be a fun way to drive more traffic in to your site. You may not get the results you get from the traditional methods but sometimes its good to have a bit of fun with it. I have experimented with many over the last few months, and I have seen countless others. Promotion of your site will lead to exposure and ultimately more traffic – and any way you get traffic to your site is a good thing.

So, throughout this post the intention is the raise the profile of a few slightly alternative ways to promote your site.

1. Give Your Stuff Away For Free!

I know what you’re thinking, whaaaaaat! But hear me out. You may have a few old articles or reports that you wrote a while back. Or, you may have some PLR stuff lying around not really doing much. Well, it’s time to dig those out and spruce them up. Once you think they have some value again let’s give them away – but, and here is the important bit, make sure they have your link on them. If it’s an article you are giving away place your link at the bottom, this is your call to action. If it’s a fully blown eBook you are giving away, make sure you have your link in the header and footer. People love free stuff, and if your stuff holds some value to them they will be back for more. There are many different arenas to give your stuff away – but arguably the best is in the Warrior Forum.

2. Use eBay to Expose Your Site

The internet auction giant can also be a great way to promote your site. Again, if you have a load of old articles, reports and eBooks that you have wrote – then bundle them all up, put them on a CD and sell them. I have been doing this for years, as long as all the content is yours its fine. You are not going to make a fortune by the sales, maybe $5 per disk but that is not the main point. Make sure every CD has your URL on the front and again like the previous tip make sure everything that is on there has your link somewhere. Also, the About Me page on eBay will allow you to enter your URL. Note: Do not try and sell other people’s work if you do not have permission to do so, it’s illegal and eBay will shut your account down quickly.

3. Get Some Business Cards Made

There are some awesome companies out there that do some fantastic designs on business cards. It goes without saying that your URL should be the main focus of this – especially for a blogger or a small to medium website. Once you have some, take them everywhere with you. You never know when you may enter a conversation with someone and the opportunity comes up to pass one on.

4. Use Fiverr to do Some Weird and Whacky Promotions

Fiverr like eBay will have its fair share of bad press, but if you think about what it is and do not take it seriously you can have some great fun with it and get some good results. I would not use it to buy backlinks or get ‘likes’ on Facebook or 5000 Twitter followers, these are all bad ideas. But – there are some great designers and they can knock up a fantastic video promotion for you for just $5. I have just had one made with a Rubik’s cube promoting the blog. It’s a bit cheesy and a little fast but for $5 I am not complaining – if it brings in a few 100 hundred clicks from YouTube over the next few years then its ok in my book. Below is a more recent video I had made – I plan to use this as an introduction for video work.

5. Put Your URL Everywhere!

If you have the type of business that allows it, and that warrants it then get your URL on stuff! Have some pens made up with your URL on it. Make some t-shirts and hats with it on, you could then flog these on eBay again. Try to make a funny image with your URL – people will buy it if they find the image funny. If you can afford it, advertise on your car. If your business involves a lot of driving then this is a great way of getting some exposure.

So, there you go – some alternative ways to gain exposure and bring in some traffic.

Have you done any strange or slightly alternative promotions for your site? If you have, I would love to hear them – drop a comment in below.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Hello John,

    Very interesting, innovative and beneficial ways to promote blogs. As long as there is nothing that is negative or misleading, any self created method to promote one’s blog is perfectly correct. In fact, we all learn from the experiences shared by fellow bloggers. Your idea of giving away free stuff is brilliant. This is in my view will be a great hit and shall result in expected gains.

    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Pictarine Android Application To Surf And Share All Your Social Network PhotosMy Profile

    • Hi Rajkumar,

      Glad you liked the post! And, yes – when I give stuff away it ultimately results in returning traffic. This is a good technique.

      Thanks for dropping by…..


  2. These are some great promotion methods. Personally I would put more focus on promoting a site using Fiverr. Besides getting a nice promoting video or video intro, Fiverr has a lot more to offer. There are many people that offer complex SEO, or website promotion for close to nothing. A word of caution though. Some of these might be harmful but if you know some basic SEO yourself you can stay away from blackhat and just get normal promotion gigs.
    RoundNews recently posted..Wikileaks founder Julian Assange Threatens Britain After Its Denial To Co-operateMy Profile

    • Hi, Great to have you here!

      Yes, I agree – the video was just a little gig I got as a bit of fun really. Fiverr does have some great gigs, although I would edge on the side of caution with some of the SEO & backlinks gigs. But, I am sure there are some worthwhile ones….

      Thanks fo dropping by…


  3. Hi John,
    After reading your last tip about putting your URL everywhere, I remember an article I came across about some crazy ideas of promoting your blog offline.

    It involves, believe it or not, writing your URL on benches, on the walls of toilets, on stickers and sticking it on cars and anywhere you can, holding a placard with your URL on it, etc.

    I like your ideas of getting your URL on stuff. People like pretty and funny things and it’s a great way of getting more exposure for your blog.
    CreditDonkey recently posted..Credit Cards for TeenagersMy Profile

    • Hi,

      Im not sure I entirely approve of sticking it on the walls of toilets! But hey, I have seen it – so it wouldnt be the first time.

      As for pretty and funny things, then yes – these sort of things can go viral……

      Thanks for dropping by.


    • Yes its a good idea – if you sell CD’s with your own material on then don’t forget to add your own affiliate links etc…..

      Thanks for dropping by….


    • Hi Ehsan – great to have you hear over at the blog!

      Giving stuff away for free can be a great way to connect with people and get some traffic…..

      Thanks for dropping by….


    • Hi Dave,

      Yes The signature in forums link does actually work rather well. It depends on the forum and type of visitor of course. As for classifieds I have not tried, well maybe for an old TV but not for the blog?!!

      Thanks for your comments on the blog – great to have you along.


  4. Great ideas – Good caution on fiverr. I just recently bought a ton of blog comments to give juice to one of my 2.0 properties. Supposed to be “clean” but in review of URLs I found some XXX sites that now have my link on them.

    • Hi,

      Yes – I don’t recommend buying tons of links from Fiverr – but like I say the site does have its uses.

      Thanks for dropping by the blog.


  5. Thanks for providing such a valuable information. I like your ideas of getting your URL on stuff. I hope many people are also like this information. Thank again to share this information.

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