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A quick post here – but it is in response to a couple of emails I received the other week. I was asked the question is there any good text to video software out there? Well, I can say yes. You may find yourself as your site grows that you become inundated with articles, eBooks and well, basically tons of content that you don’t know what to do with. So, using some good text to video software can be a great idea to use some of your existing content and perhaps share it in a way you hadn’t thought of.

Not only will it provide valuable back-links to your site but will also give your readers some content in a different format.

I have been recently experimenting with a piece of software called ConvertR. If you want to start producing text to video pieces then this could be a great start for you. It is so simple to use and will convert any text file into video, put a background on it and add a background audio loop. All the backgrounds and audio files are chosen at random and added to the video for you – no technical skills or coding is required at all.

How fast is this Text To Video Software?

The key selling point of this text to video software is the speed. It will easily convert any text file, break it into “slides”, add some background colours, add some audio music on loop and even upload the video to your YouTube account in less than five minutes…… (in just a few clicks!)

How many text to video conversions could you do in a spare hour? That’s just it – loads. And it also allows you to add the description and your back-link so it really couldn’t be simpler. Now – obviously I  would not recommend you upload all your videos just to YouTube, you should mix it up a little. You could try some of the sites below for some alternatives:

You can check out really how simple it is from Michael Silvester’s video below. You will see – even my 2 year old daughter could use this software. It’s a nice little tool to have in the toolbox.

You can get this handy little piece of software for an absolute steel – and start to turn some of those washed up old articles into a new platform and make some good back-links at the same time. To see ConvertR working and some further details – check it out here.

So – lets recap. Using this software will allow you to:

  • Convert old articles into fresh new videos
  • Get additional back-links to your site
  • Get additional traffic to your site
Good stuff hey? So – get over to to ConvertR and start making some text to video!


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      • Our service is for businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to create videos for promotional reasons. The prices are quite cheap if compared to other video production companies. But, yes, it is not a service I would recommend for people who want to turn articles into videos, since we charge per word. ConvertR sounds like a better option in those cases.

        Keep on writing great articles!

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