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best product creators onlineAs this is now a product creation blog I thought I would write a post on just that topic. Well, in fact I am going to give in my opinion 5 of the best product creators out there online right now. These are my views and I have drawn a lot of inspiration from each and every one of these guys and have personally purchased products from.

We will get to my list in a minute, first let’s discuss product creation.

Product creation is something I am very keen on now and something I plan to continue with in the near and distant future. The trouble is how do you stand out from the crowd nowadays? Or, do you even have to?

If you are just starting out in this business then you arguably do have to stand out a bit. It is a shame but I can bet there is a ‘Product Graveyard’ where there are worthy products that have not even sold one copy!

How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Well, in my view after buying a lot of products online the best way to stand out is to do things bloody well. I mean really well. Try to be a bit of a perfectionist, especially to begin with. I know this may go against the grain of many who say “Just launch it and see what happens” – I do not believe in this theory if you are just starting out.

The next point is try and always over-deliver. Again, you may think this is under-selling your product and I guess it is in some way but you really want the customers to be amazed with what you offer. This way they will come back when you launch again.

stand out from crowd

Unfortunately both of the above points do not happen now with many of the ‘gurus’ – I hate that word especially as a fair few of them have lost all the basic morals of product creation now and will just hash any old garbage together and they know because of their huge subscriber lists they can get away with it and will still make thousands of dollars in revenue.

I have no shame in asking for refunds of products that do not come up to scratch. If the product does not offer what it promises on the sales page, then it’s quite simple for me. I will give you a clue, the headline of the email usually starts with “Refund Please” and the last time I interact with them is when I click the unsubscribe button.

I have personally seen products from so-called ‘gurus’ that still have the i-stockphoto watermark on the pictures they use in the presentations. The funny thing about this is the image probably only cost a buck to buy, and these are millionaires! I have seen products with awful grammar and spelling on the reports, now I am not a profound English writer but I know when I should get stuff proof read etc. I have purchased products where the videos are grainy or the voice recording is muffled, the list goes on.

My point here is don’t fall into this trap.

Now, just quickly before we get to the list I must confess I did not do this on my first product release. I could and probably should have done this a little bit better. But, I was just starting out, if I could go back I would have spent a bit more time on the video production. The key point here is I will not let my standards slip – no matter what level I get to.

So, here is my list of some of the top 5 product creators online right now. In no particular order. Remember – my opinion.

The criteria for my top product creators list was simple:

  • I must have purchased a product from them
  • They must have sold more than 100 copies of a product

Rob Cornish @

rob cornishRob Cornish is a successful product creator and marketer from the UK. Considering his successful product launches and grossing over $500,000 in sales up to now he has only been “working” online for about 4 years. This is amazing considering when he started online he on was on the same playing field as most people start out including me – which was in the ‘newbie zone’.

I have had the privilege of his help and have also purchased some of his products including arguably his flagship product which is registration to his product creation and marketing membership site.

Rob always over delivers in my opinion and his presentation and communication skills are top notch. I never find myself getting lost in his video training and can follow through with the over the shoulder stuff easily.

Rob has an extensive product catalogue ranging from WP Plugins, Software, Video Training Courses, eBooks and full-on membership sites. The thing to remember here is that he may not have made all of these himself – the software I know he outsources. But its finding the right gap in the market and the delivery that is above the usual standard.

Products I have purchased from Rob:

  • Spybar – A fantastic web browser extension for spying on people’s WordPress sites, giving details of theme, plugins, rank, newsletter etc – all at the click of one button.
  • Gain Higher Ground Membership – His membership site with all the product creation/marketing training you will ever need.

Joshua Zamora @

joshua zamoraJoshua Zamora is a young guy from the US and I first came across him in the dreaded Warrior Forum. I can’t remember exactly how but it was on a thread regarding video marketing. Those of you who know me will know I have dabbled in Video Marketing before, mainly targeting the offline business world. The reason I was drawn to Joshua was because he was selling a product called TubeTakeover Formula where he was showing how to rank videos on YouTube.

This could be interesting I thought – so I purchased it. What I saw blew me away, he showed some content in the form of video that I had not seen before. An exact blueprint on how to rank videos on Google and all of this for under ten bucks. This is what I mean about over delivery.

I followed his strategy to the book and ranked a video on ‘Bicycle Maintenance’ on page one for a selected keyword and made several clickbank sales with it. So made my money back and was in profit. Things have changed now with the Google algorithms so it’s not so easy but the product at the time was very good indeed. There are still some essential skills to take from it though.

Joshua also provides a great support group in the form of a secret Facebook group, now I know being in and around the marketing world this is a good strategy as this can also act at a ‘list’ for him but I do not get the impression it’s all a pitch fest.

I know Joshua has just released some new software and is very big on keyword research tools.

Products I purchased from Joshua:

  • Tube Takeover Formula – The proven formula for ranking simple YouTube videos at the top of Google. (Even I did not believe it at the time)

Glen Allsop @

glen allsoppWhat can I say about Glen that hasn’t been said already? If you do not know who this young SEO and entrepreneurial genius is then you really must head over to his blog at ViperChill. He is still only in his twenties but has so much experience that he could probably quit now and he would have more success than most other marketers will have for the rest of their lives. At just 17 he was making the kind of money that most marketers put on their false sales pages.

Eventually he was head-hunted by big brands such as Land Rover and Hewlett Packard to become the Social Media Manager.

Again with Glen you get ridiculous over delivery. There is a full video course aimed at beginners to the affiliate marketing world on his blog that you can get full access to 100% free without any opt-in. This has over 2 hours of excellent content you can get your hands on right now. If you are just starting out – head over and check this out when you get a chance.

The product I purchased from Glen’s portfolio was his list-building WP plugin OptinSkin. I cannot remember such a revolutionary piece of software before this and it is still something I am proud to use on the blog here. The great thing about OptinSkin is its simplicity and it just works! The interface is very user-friendly and I have had not one clash or glitch with this plugin unlike I have had with many other WordPress plugins in the past.

This is all down to the hard work of Glen and his team striving for high customer satisfaction.

Products I have purchased from Glen

  • OptinSkin – Add beautiful opt-in forms and social share boxes to your blog in seconds.

Trevor Dumbleton @

trevor dumbletonIf you go into the Warrior forum (not my favourite place) then you may well have seen or heard of a fellow British chap by the name of Trevor Dumbleton. I first saw Trevor when he was interviewed on the Mike From Maine show. (To see my interview on this show click here). Trevor is literally a machine, he cannot be human because it seems like he has a new product out every other week in the forum. When I last checked on his Warriorplus page he had 64 products listed and selling. Now obviously products burn out and do not last but it was Trevor believe it or not who gave me the inspiration to make ‘30 Minutes Infographics‘. I do not know if I have ever told him that so, if you are reading this Trevor – thank you.

Trevor likes to make simple products that pack a punch. He does not fill out his products with unnecessary fluff as a lot of marketers do to try and deceive value.

They are very much WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), for example the product I purchased of Trevor’s was ‘How To Build A Squidoo Lens in Under A Hour‘ – now, there are no points for guessing what the product was about.

And now you can see how ‘30 Minute Infographics‘ was born. I took the same concept and adapted it to something I was familiar with.

I have had a few email chats with Trevor and he is always responsive, another inspirational thing to take from Trevor is if you were ever in doubt about what to create a product about. Just take a look through his portfolio and you will not be short for ideas!

It does not have to be complicated.

Products I have purchased from Trevor:

Marc Sylvester @

marc sylvesterI could not compile this list without including Marc Sylvester from Laughingbird Software. The thing is he does not have much of a presence online. Well, not that I could find anyway. Anyway, he is the brains behind ‘The Logo Creator‘ something I am a massive fan of – so much so in fact this product got a review of its own some time ago here on JBB.

I proudly put my name against promoting this piece of software for Marc and his team and have sold many copies for him as an affiliate for this product.

Being involved in the graphics side of things online I do use many pieces of software and for me the best selling points are speed and simplicity. The Logo Creator ticks both of those boxes. It is amazing how user friendly this is. This was one of the best points about it to be honest.

In fact, I do not just use it for doing logos for clients. I use it for a whole host of my graphics creation. I have used this with sales pages, squeeze pages, products, logos, timelines, infographics, flyers and banners. I have even dabbled with T-Shirt design with this!

Again – over delivery. I have one piece of software that I can use for all manner of things graphically.

His support is very good too – I did have a slight issue with an early version with the installation files. He was very quick to assist and even threw in a complimentary add-on pack for the trouble on the house. Nice touch.

As long as this is active and still being updated I will use this. In fact, I probably open it once a day at least.

Products I have purchased from Marc:

  • The Logo Creator – A fantastic and very user friendly graphics platform. Not only limited to Logo Creation!

Wrap Up

So there we have it – a small list but you are on solid ground with these guys. There were more that I could have added to the list who I did not get round to putting on, Reed Floren has some epic stuff going on of late and some amazing promotion techniques that I have learnt a lot from recently, and how could I miss out Robert Plank who changed the sales page design within WordPress with his fantastic plugin Paper Template.

Anyway, you can’t please everyone I guess. I hope this post will give you an insight into a few of the good guys with product creation. These are just my views, I would love to know of any you think deserve recognition – drop a comment in below. What it does show is that there are some great, genuine products out there that do have great value. Whilst I understand that the creators and products I have outlined here may not be for everyone I have found with each of these people a good level of customer service and sound overall products that deliver.

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As for me, I have a new product coming out in the next month or so. Just putting the finishing touches to the video content then I will tackle the marketing strategy. It is in the graphics niche again with a marketing twist.

As always subscribers of mine will get the first heads up, so if you fancy dropping in from time to time feel free.

Pop your details in below and I will send you the details when it is ready. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the people mentioned in the post.


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  1. Another great post and I couldn’t agree more, products these days need to be GOOD and they should deliver more than the value people pay for them. Something that was written in two of my favourite books from the early 20th Century. Over delivering not only makes the product worth it but it also builds respect and builds a relationship.

    I do believe there is one product creator who is missing from that list. Yourself, I have road tested a few of yours and they are all top quality and worth the money you charge. I am looking forward to your next one and the day we work on one together 😉
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    • Hi Andi,

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the kind words! Glad we are in agreement with the over-delivery, it is getting harder and harder to stand out nowadays!

      I plan to go bigger and better with each new product I release…

      As yes, I look forward to sorting something out too one day. No problem….


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