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8 Create eCovers in Minutes [INFOGRAPHIC]

I recently got asked how I create eCovers for my products online. Whether you are making a free product to be used as a giveaway or if you are making a product you intend to sell, having a good quality looking eCover can add to the feel and look of…

41 Easy SEO Guide For Blog Posts [InfoGraphic]

easy seo guide

We all know the importance of SEO, but often people think it a subject best left to the professionals charging $200 a month for. Any guide you see offering “Get Your Site to Number 1 in 3 Days” or “Page One of Google For Any Keyword” is probably garbage.

However – there are some quick wins that bloggers can do that will help your blog posts in terms of SEO. At least giving them the chance of ranking higher on the search engines.

31 Tools For Creating Infographics

tools for creating infographics

This post will introduce you to 5 great tools for creating infographics. I am a big fan of infographics, but only recently have started to use them on the blog. Visual communication is one of the most effective ways to often get a point across – and an infographic is no different. There are many different types of infographic, from social media statistics, lists, tutorials – basically you name it there may well be an infographic for it. Infographics are usually the product of a company, used to detail some figures and statistics but now you can easily create your own with these great options below.