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12 My Interview on The Mike From Maine Show

Hi – I just wanted to show you a video of me interviewed on the Mike From Maine show last month. It has only recently been aired and quite a bit has changed since the show! But, this may give some of you who don’t know me all that well…

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9 Dogs, Free Groceries & Bees

Again, apologies for the rather strange title but this is another update post. I will give you an insight into what has been going on the last few weeks including a much anticipated update to the Labrador experiment, how this led me to make £471 in a completely different niche…

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15 The Logo Creator Review

The Logo Creator

Recently I purchased The Logo Creator. A piece of software that is quite simply “The Greatest Thing Known To Man” – this is not a joke, I know the invention of the wheel, electricity or maybe even the discovery of DNA will fight for this title. Sure these are up there but when it comes to online marketing graphics then you should look no further than The Logo Creator.

So, this post is going to be about this and nothing else. If you have no interest in doing your own logos, headers, sales page graphics and much more then sorry but this post is not for you. If however you have ever dabbled in graphics like me and are always looking for simpler versions than the over complicated Photoshop etc then this will most definitely be for you.

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14 How To Launch Your Own WSO

launch a WSO

As some of you may know I put a product out in the Warrior Forum the other month and whilst it never set the world alight it did ok. Made over a $1000 so I was quite pleased. But – arguably what I learnt was way more valuable to me. The actual process of putting a product in the Warrior Forum as a WSO is perhaps a little more complex than people actually think.

I will try to break this down in this post. I hope that after you have read this you may consider launching your own product in there.

24 The Facebook Experiment – Can You Make Money From a Niche You Know Nothing About?

facebook experiment

I am always on the lookout for more ways to add to my online income streams. Whilst most of you will know I have not been very active in my Facebook efforts, I thought it was time to head into this giant and see what all the fuss is about.

But I wanted to do it from a non MMO niche – in fact I wanted to do it in a niche that I was not familiar with at all. So what niche did I choose? Well, more on that in a minute.

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35 My Lonely Life as a Part Time Blogger

part time blogger

So, here I am sat at my desk after finishing a shift a work. Did I not mention that before? Yes, I work a day job and I am a part time blogger. Sometimes though it is very difficult to connect with people on my level as I see myself playing two roles.

In my day job I have to think and make judgments in the role and the technology that goes with it, there are rules and deadlines to meet. Whereas on my blog I can write and do what I like and work whenever time suits me.

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16 The Science of Productivity

science of productivity

I was recently pointed out to a video online called the Science of Productivity, it’s all about time management and will power. Basically – our ability to get things done. I thought it would be especially relevant of me to write about this as I have been away from the blog for an extended period shall we say, well longer than usual.

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11 A Thin Line between Self-Promotion and Bragging


A huge problem for business owners is the fact that they do not know the difference between self-promotion for personal branding purposes and bragging. It is totally acceptable to promote yourself and what you did but when you brag, people automatically dislike it. As a result you will end up with a really bad personal brand that is filled with uncertainty. You will have problems with advancing in your career as you will be seen as someone that is unreliable.

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