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17 New Waves of Traffic Strategies

It is safe to say that a lot of the older more traditional “free” traffic strategies may be starting to become a thing of the past. Traffic techniques like blog commenting, forum posting and submitting to article directories are hardly likely to get you a great deal of visitors. Sure,…

41 Easy SEO Guide For Blog Posts [InfoGraphic]

easy seo guide

We all know the importance of SEO, but often people think it a subject best left to the professionals charging $200 a month for. Any guide you see offering “Get Your Site to Number 1 in 3 Days” or “Page One of Google For Any Keyword” is probably garbage.

However – there are some quick wins that bloggers can do that will help your blog posts in terms of SEO. At least giving them the chance of ranking higher on the search engines.

14 How To Use Twitter Effectively

how to use twitter effectively

Learning how to use Twitter effectively is an important skill when it comes to your social media presence online. Unfortunately, people think that by blasting out tweets all day long with their affiliate links on them is going to be a successful campaign. Think again. Twitter as we all know is the haven for little micro snippets of your day, its allows you to share your thoughts and links with the rest of your following in 140 characters or less.

Let’s not forget, among the blogging, business and social media industry it is primarily a marketing tool. Used by bloggers and business minds alike to try and engage with their followers.

Except they don’t.

Social Media
14 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Take 2013 By Storm

social media marketing

Social media marketing has become like the bread and butter of internet marketers. It’s become a part of business’s online marketing mix and its success rate is so high that you won’t find a single internet marketing campaign that doesn’t use social media, these days.

In fact there are some businesses, whose marketing campaign only revolves around creating a social media footprint for themselves, and nothing else. The fact of the matter is that social media marketing is a low risk, high returns process, and therefore businesses have woken up to its immense potential.

30 What You Should Do After You Hit “Publish”


So, you have written your post and you are dead excited about what you have had to say. Finally you have got off your chest what you have been crying out for ages – feels great. But then what?

What do you do after you hit that tiny blue publish button?

Still, even in this social media frenzy where 50% of Americans between the ages of 18-34 check their Facebook page before having their breakfast – people hit publish then do nothing!

9 What is Your Single Best Traffic Source?

best traffic source

A couple of weeks ago I started a thread on a very popular Internet Marketing forum titled “What is Your Single Best Traffic Source?”

There were no restrictions, it could be paid or free. Just what was working for them. Of course I realize this question itself has its flaws because what may work for one niche may not work as well for another. And so on….

38 CommentLuv Blog Sites

commentluv blog sites

So, we all know that back links are an integral part in the rank and the success of your blog or website. One great traffic technique that we have talked about before is blog commenting. Blog commenting allows you to comment on another blog and then leave a back link back to your site. This is great but the only trouble is often the back link is the same each time.

Google can actually penalise sites that over do this, so you have be a bit careful. This is where the CommentLuv plugin comes in.

Social Media
7 Short Guide – Using Twitter To Gain Exposure


If ordinary people are using Twitter for plain communication and fun, businesses both online and offline have a rather ulterior motive. That is to promote their brand and use Twitter for traffic generation to their websites. There are several reasons why this popular social networking site is used for product or website promotion now. Among the most important ones include the following:

15 3 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

easy ways to make money online

Are there really any easy ways to make money online? No doubt every Internet Marketing blog or make money online website will tell you that the best way to make money online is to build a list. I agree – but building a list can take some time so often people (like me) need to bankroll this project in itself.

Well, I actually have several lists, several Adsense sites and an Internet Advertising camapign and they all cost money to promote. I always like to keep my online cash balance nice and healthy because there are always things that I consider that I need in order to improve my overall profits and take my business to the next level.

10 Adwords: I Mastered It – Then Got Suspended!

adwords traffic

So, a few weeks ago I decided to try an Adwords experiment. Over the many years of my hot and cold relationship with this method of marketing I have spent a lot of money and not really had any successful results. Now – I am not an Adwords genius but what I will reveal to you today you can probably pay for so now you don’t need too.

4 Any Good Text To Video Software?

A quick post here – but it is in response to a couple of emails I received the other week. I was asked the question is there any good text to video software out there? Well, I can say yes. You may find yourself as your site grows that you become inundated with articles, eBooks and well, basically tons of content that you don’t know what to do with. So, using some good text to video software can be a great idea to use some of your existing content and perhaps share it in a way you hadn’t thought of.

10 5 Quick & Easy Free Traffic Methods


It’s great when you finally get the go ahead to launch your new blog. But then something happens. No one visits it….

So the question is, are there any quick free traffic methods to get the visitors in? This is a question that is asked over and over again by many website/blog owners. The urban myth of “If you build it, they will come” is most definitely not the case in the online world.

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