Do a Joint Venture Partnership to Get More Traffic


joint ventureWhy should you struggle in this industry on your own? Believe it or not, there are many people out there who are willing to help you. A joint venture partnership with someone in the same niche as you can be a great way to increase your traffic, increase your profile and ultimately increase your profits.

If you have a product that you want to give away as a free gift, why not give it up for someone else to add to their product. You were going to give it away right? Let’s say you have an eBook on SEO strategies for example. You could search the internet for SEO blogs (you will find lots!) and try contacting one of the webmasters to see if they want to have your eBook to help persuade people to subscribe to their list – even just for a month or so to start with.

 A Joint Venture Partnership is a Crazy Idea!

Why would I want to give my eBook away to people on other people’s lists? Well, two main reasons.

First, it gets your eBook and more importantly you out there. If you have written a smart eBook it will contain a couple of affiliate links and almost definitely a link to your website. If the people read this and like it, they will probably click back to you for more. I have used this joint venture partnership method on a couple of projects of mine and it works. Don’t forget, you are not giving away editing rights or anything, you still hold the full copyright. The other person can give it away, sell it, put it in their member’s area, whatever but they cannot change it in anyway.

Secondly, it builds a relationship – ahhhh, isn’t that nice. In all seriousness though, forming a good joint venture partnership is a very good and smart move. We’ve all heard the expression “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” well, I believe this is a valid statement. Who knows what you might gain from doing this every now and again?

What Happens With a Joint Venture Partnership?

Let’s say you are just starting out, you have written your very first eBook – you are really pleased with it, it’s going to set the world alight so you upload it to Kindle and add it to your subscriber list and wait……….and wait some more…….and some more, and not a lot happens, why? Because who are you? You have no exposure – not always the case, but more often than not this is what happens. So, let’s give it away as part of a joint venture partnership to someone else, imagine if you give it to somebody who already has thousands of subscribers and just to be nice, they add it to their free incentive giveaway for a month.

What happens is two things (again) – you get more traffic and maybe a few sales, and they get more subscribers (someone actually wanted your eBook, not theirs!) so it’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Now because you have a relationship with this other marketer and together you have both seen some success, it is possible that they will be contacting you about some other joint venture partnerships. I like to think out the box for this, there are some huge training packages out there that sell like crazy, let’s say your new friend wants to write one, but is not that skilled in a certain area – but you are. He offers you 10% of the profits, full credit and links to your site in return if you will write an e-guide for this part of the course. There you go; your profile and no doubt your own subscriber list has just increased, by a long way.

So next time you think it’s a bad idea to give your product to someone else – think again, you could be missing out. Each collaboration or joint venture partnership will lead you to more and more opportunities.

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