Don’t Give Up – Let’s Stick Together


MountainThis is probably the last post I will write for a while before the birth of our second child. Instead of blog posts, niche sites and my many other online ventures I will be spending my time changing nappies (diapers for all you US readers) and making bottles – I can’t wait.

This is a “don’t give up” post, you see I was flicking through my Google Reader the other day on my phone when I came across a blog post by some hot-shot.  As I started to read it got my blood boiling, it was a post about was niches to target and which ones to avoid.

“The Internet Marketing Niche is Saturated”

Anyway the basic conclusion was that we should all avoid the Internet Marketing Niche as it is already saturated – oh ok, we may as well all give up now then shall we? You see I am not one of these hot-shot gurus, but what I am is a realist. It may well be saturated, but so is the plumbing trade and the electrical game – so, remember this if your nearest and dearest wants to set up their own plumbing business to tell them “no – don’t bother it’s already saturated!”

What a load of bullshit. (Apologies!)

The thing is, I follow a lot of blogs, and I only follow ones that I like. I regularly interact with these people over one of the many social media platforms out there today. But, I have also come across some very bad blogs.  But – am I going to tell them to give up? Absolutely not.  Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean others will not. In fact when I see their Twitter followers or Facebook fans I often think they must be doing something right!

The point to this again is “Don’t give up”, if it seems like you too much of a mountain to climb (poor link to the pic I know!) take some time out. When you read some of the crap that is out there in the blogosphere it may often be tempting to give up and jack it all in. Don’t.

To make things worse about an hour later I was on a popular forum and I came across a post which had the headline something like “I get bored with all this passive income”….

It was basically about some rich kid, who clearly had a helping hand financially through life bragging about how bored he gets because he has made so much money through IM he has too much time on his hands he doesn’t know what to do…..

“BREATHE – COUNT TO TEN, READ SOMETHING ELSE……..” I remember thinking.

Anyway, as I enter a new chapter in my life I may be away from the blog for a few weeks. I will be dropping in now and again with comments and I will respond to all emails still, just give me a little time as I will be mostly resembling an extra from the Night of the Living Dead for the next few weeks. This is as good a time as any to mention the Member’s area is now live. Check it out (there are some freebies in there!)

So, don’t give up – keep going, get involved – this can be a great business, hobby and social empire once you get right into it. It’s great. I am a firm believer that if you put the work in you will get the rewards. This is not a get rich quick business – but a long steady stroll. And there may never be a finish line, for me as it should be for you it’s solely about the journey and the adventures we get into along the way.

As always, thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Congrats on the new addition!
    I’m sick to tears of all this NICHE garbage!
    To those who “Niche” I say “JUST BLOG DAMMIT! JUST BLOG!”

    Just between you and me I think half the braggarts who say they’re making big bucks on their blogs are f-f-f-foolin’ us all!
    Dave Lucas (@davelucas) recently posted..Tomatoes Я Christian?My Profile

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes – i think you are right. Some of these “Paypal” screenshots I’ve seen all over the web…..

      See you around….


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