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We all know the importance of SEO, but often people think it a subject best left to the professionals charging $500 a month for. Any guide you see offering “Get Your Site to Number 1 in 3 Days” or “Page One of Google For Any Keyword” is probably garbage.

However – there are some quick wins that bloggers can do that will help your blog posts in terms of SEO. At least giving them the chance of ranking higher on the search engines.

I have blogs posts that rank on page one, an many others that rank just behind. Things like in-coming back links are not mentioned here. But – this Easy SEO Guide Infographic is aimed to give you a guide to easy on-page SEO that anyone can follow. Don’t abuse it, and write for humans not search engines and you should be fine.

I would like to add the following mentions, as their great information helped inspire me to create it, although they may not know it – so thanks:

easy seo guide

Thanks for checking it out – if you follow these simple rules above then your posts will stand a much higher chance of ranking higher in the search engines than if you follow no SEO rules at all.

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  1. Great infographic John!

    Looks very well made. That PiktoChart clearly does the business. Will definitely have to try them out at some point.

    On-Page SEO is vitally important for websites. Even if people followed only a couple of your tips, it would help dramatically. The easier it is for search engines to assess what a page is about, the more traffic they can send a sites way.

    Great job ๐Ÿ™‚
    Matt Smith recently posted..How To Write Cornerstone Content In Under An Hour (That Gets Noticed)My Profile

  2. Thanks Matt – it really didn’t take that long, I think it looks pretty neat.

    Yes, the points covered are the bare minimums really when writing to target a keyword or phrase. Obviously I have not covered off-page SEO – that is a whole new post or Infographic!

    John Banks recently posted..Unwritten Rules of BloggingMy Profile

  3. Hey John,

    Love the infographic very cool. Love how you have laid this all out for people. This is a great guide. What are you thoughts on underlining, quotes, itallics, interlinking and bold?

    Do you think they still have a place in SEO. I have to say, since I stopped worrying so much on SEO and just doing the basics like you outlined above, my site ranks really quickly and easy for competitive keywords.

    Beth ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..Blog Visitors Over for DinnerMy Profile

    • Hi Beth – thanks for comment.

      I do not think that underlining and bold keywords make that much difference anymore but then the big G robot machine changes its mind all the time so it is hard to tell whether it makes a difference or not.

      I do bold and italic certain keywords and phrases not for SEO reasons. A lot (and I mean a lot) of people don’t actually read blog posts – they just skim read. So, I highlight to give these readers at least some understanding of what is going on…..

      Thanks for dropping by.
      John recently posted..A Thin Line between Self-Promotion and BraggingMy Profile

  4. Great looking infographic John.
    I have to disagree with your template though, sorry.
    The keyword u optimise a post for should appear ONCE in the title and/or description and at most, maybe once in the article body.
    Sure, find a longtail variant of your keyword and add that to the body of your article as well, but to use your chosen keyword as often as the template suggests is NOT good practice, not since the updates anyway.
    Sorry to disagree, but following this rule u set out will result in articles that look forced… And a slap is not far off.
    Just something to think about.
    Remember that Googles main priority is to provide natural and relevant results – an article that uses the same keyword in the title, subheading, image alt tab AND then again displays that keyword another 2 or 3 times in the article body does NOT look natural, I mean – WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?
    Loved the infographic itself though, very creative – way better than my last attempt with Piktochart .)
    Alex recently posted..7 Signs Youโ€™re Blogging a Dead Horse.My Profile

    • Hi Alex, welcome…

      Thanks for your comments, you have made some interesting points. So, you think only one keyword per article? I find this hard to take – lets say you write an review article over 1000+ words – I would say it would look UNNATURAL if it only contained the keyword once?

      (both the body outlines not to over do it…..)

      Any more comments you have are welcome.
      John recently posted..Unwritten Rules of BloggingMy Profile

      • I think the key takeaway here is ‘natural looking’
        If a 1000+ word article requires the keyword to be used multiple times then that’s fine. The issue I have is with this structure as it stands because some people may take it literally and force the use of their keyword to make sure it meets these ‘requirements’
        Another thing to keep in mind/point out is that over the course of the article , although one may only use the keyword once or twice there are undoubtedly going to be plenty of longtail keywords used as well.
        Just say the keyword is ‘social marketing with Pinterest’ – any mention of social media and Pinterest in the article body will be considered longtail – which in turn helps solidify the primary keyword AND brings residual traffic from the longtail variants.
        Alex recently posted..7 Signs Youโ€™re Blogging a Dead Horse.My Profile

        • Yes Alex, I think that is bang on. But keyword density still has some value right?

          The main point you make is write for people first – Google’s algorithms second. Which I completely understand – but we must also not forget that Google is a machine/robot call it what you like and it has rules….

          We have to spoon feed it a little to get the results.

          You make some excellent points. Thanks for adding value to the post.
          John Banks recently posted..What is a Squidoo Lens? And, Can You Make Money From Them?My Profile

  5. I love it when things are laid out nice and simply, so this is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also interested to know what Beth mentioned about bold/italics of the keyword. I do this, but dont generally like how it looks in the blog post, so if its not really making much difference, I would be inclined to stop!

    Also, when we optimise a post, is it possible to be using a new keyword for that post? Ie: its a keyword specifically to that post only….or should that keyword be used in many posts in order to make it relevant as a keyword?
    Catherine Holt recently posted..Hawaiian Theme PartyMy Profile

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for your comments. Great questions…

      As I said to Beth I only use bold and italics for people who skim read. This is a new thing that I am trying. I do not think it makes any difference with keyword optimization.

      And yes, it is my understanding that you can use keywords for each post. For example in your case, a post on “strawberry cupcakes” would not contain the same keyword as a post on “how to make green beer” – although that would be some party…..

      Thank for dropping by.
      John recently posted..What is a Squidoo Lens? And, Can You Make Money From Them?My Profile

  6. Super brilliant Infographic, John. I’ve already shared it with my network on LinkedIn and hope they will click the link and learn what it took many of us ages to figure out because we were blogging before we had your post! And we still get it wrong sometimes!

    I’ve used your advice on my most recent blog post and am now going to see how it charts SEO!

    Wishing you a great week ahead


  7. Hi John,

    2 things:

    Excellent post – I wish i had this when i was getting myself into a right state with SEO (although I had Matt on hand to help me out in my hours of need ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I think a LOT of people who are scared of SEO and how to optimize pages / posts will really get a lot of benefit out of this post!


    Secondly – how awesome is piktochart – i’ll be using this when i make my first infographic now! Easy layout and i’m super impressed with how professional the design looks!

    Clair Trebes recently posted..Facebook Marketing Top TipsMy Profile

    • Hey Clair – yes this chart for intended for just that. To be used as a guide – as long as people remember to write for humans and not over do it!!

      Thanks for dropping by – glad you also finding some use out of the Infographic tools discussed last week.

      I tend to go with you, PikToChart just edges it for me..
      John recently posted..How To Go ViralMy Profile

  8. Very cool infographic John. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely pass this along to my network because i know a lot of people could benefit from this.

    ~ Johnny Bravo

    • Thanks Philip – its great to see you over here. I was wondering if you got the trackback…

      A lot of the inspiration from it came from one of your posts mate so thanks!

  9. It sounded easy enough John but then I saw your conversation with Alex so this is why I’m always so leery. What use to work will change with the next update and then we’ll all get slapped for the posts we were doing correctly before the last update. Yikes! Who can keep up with this stuff.

    Love the infographic though, really cool. I think I’ll leave this up to the SEO lovers.


    • Yes – I expected we will all get slapped at some point again…..

      This is why I do not pay too much attention to it.

      Thanks for your comments….

  10. Awesome work John – Is this your first attempt at an infographic? If so, you might want to se up a gig at fiverr or something ๐Ÿ™‚ In terms of the actual content and SEO stuff, well I’m with Adrienne and I’ll leave it to you experts but if you wanted a graphical opinion, I’d say good work!!
    Jason Mowen recently posted..How To Schedule Your Google+ PostsMy Profile

    • Yes Jason, thanks for the kind words….I have played around with them before but not made them.

      The content is slightly debatable, but everyone loves a good debate!

      Thanks for dropping by.

  11. I just looked at your WSO about how you make these here: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/781890-make-55-30-minutes-selling-infographics-complete-guide-newbie-safe.html

    Awesome! I really need to pick that up just to have it in my arsenal I like the idea of selling them. I would like to sell them on different platforums and from my site as well.

    I like the look and feel you give. Its just homey enuf to inviting and professional enuf to be professional and acually read a nice mix it looks like a “REAL” Person did this I like it.
    Claire Koch recently posted..Post 10, 30 Day Cash In A Flash Challenge, Video MarketingMy Profile

  12. I really want to say thanks for sharing this important information about blog posts. We all know the importance of blogs . I think you discuss some important points in building back link for the site. So thanks again for sharing this post with us.

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