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Building a brand takes more than just advertising online. Brand promotion needs to be done in multiple formats and on multiple platforms. Even the big names such as eBay are advertised on TV, and even appear in popular movies. It cannot be denied however, that the Internet is now a far more powerful brand-building tool than it used to be. So here are a few tips on how to improve your brands online presence.

Get on-board with affiliate advertising

Your adverts do not even have to be that good. You can concentrate more on impressions than clicks if you like. You can have your business name pop up for free on hundreds of websites if you like. All you need to do is create an affiliate advert that gets your name out there, but that does not invite many clicks (because they are what you pay for).

Have writers write about your brand

Hire writers to write about your products, your company and your website. Buy the articles off them and post them on article sites, your websites, your blogs, and as guest posts on other blogs. Put one or two of the articles on social media too.  The articles do not have to be overly promotional, because some sites won’t accept them if they are. Suffice it to say that your primary goal is to get your name out there with relevant web content.

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Have writers write reviews of your products

You may sell the same products as all your other competitors. You may sell the same brands and the same product sizes, but even if you do, you should have writers write about how great your products are. You should have them write reviews about the products you stock, and put the emphasis on the fact that it is the stock that you carry that seems to be the best. Upload a few reviews yourself, but also have your writers upload reviews under their account names (plus you can make up some fake ones too and post it under them too).

Decide on your brand values…then spread them

Decide what selling point your brand has over any other, and use that point as often as possible. Cheap prices, fast delivery, quality goods, swift service, etc. Whichever you use, just be sure to disseminate it everywhere. Put a tag line at the bottom of every email, social media message and business communication you can find. Put the brand value within the profile bio of every social media site you join, and make sure to mention it on forums and comment sections.

Start numerous social media campaigns

Again, you will need to focus on one brand value, and then make sure it is part of every social media post that you create. Add your logo and selling point/brand value tag line to the bottom of every photo image and communication. Make sure you always add your logo and brand value to every comment you make or post you create (including YouTube videos). For videos you can start with your tag line, and then have the video start. Plus you can keep your brand logo in the corner of the screen as the video plays. Be wary of duplicate rules if you are copy/pasting the same value everywhere. It may be a good idea to write your value and brand into an image file, so that duplication punishment rules need not apply.

Comment and take part in the online community

Do not be afraid to join forums and take part in online chats. Look for an opportunity to mention your brand and your company if you can. You can even start off by telling people where you work, and later on you can tell stories about your company (always making sure to mention your brand). Ideally, if someone types your brand name into Google, you want a page full of results that were created by you (blog posts, forum comments, social media, your website, etc).

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  1. Hi Sonia, very interesting post, I have heard of the advertising for branding method before but never really had the balls to give it a try in case I got lots of clicks. The idea is that your brand becomes burned onto the minds of people, so you become easily recogniseable.

    Branding is the big thing for 2013, it is all about the name and reputation. If you have a good trusted name and reputation it not only opens doors but it also means you can buy them. 🙂
    Andi Leeman recently posted..The State of The Nation. Time for A Tax Rebate?My Profile

    • Thanks for your comments Andi – I used to run some test Ads on some small networks, and it is quite simple to get loads of impressions with very little ads. Banners do not get many clicks really anyway – so you will always be ok with that I think.

      I tried Project Wonderful and BuySellAds and both networks gave loads of impressions with low click rates.
      John Banks recently posted..How To Build Your Brand Through Online MarketingMy Profile

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