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As some of you may know I put a product out in the Warrior Forum the other month and whilst it never set the world alight it did ok. It made over a $1000 so I was quite pleased. But – arguably what I learnt was way more valuable to me. The actual process of putting a product in the Warrior Forum as a WSO is perhaps a little more complex than people actually think.

I will try to break this down in this post. I hope that after you have read this you may consider launching your own product in there.

There are two things you need to remember.

1 – Traffic     

2 – Shelf-life

Let me explain, you see at any one time in the WSO section of the forum there can be over 10,000 people in there. That is great for your product. So – the minute you list your product it will be in front of all those hungry buyers.

So this is great – you will get immediate traffic to your offer. And with any luck a few sales off the back. And – at this point they will most likely be all your own sales so you are keeping all the profits. (More on this in a bit)

But, and it’s a big but. You are not the only one listing WSO’s at that time. So, just like any other forum your post only has certain shelf life at the top. I would say – on average just one day is all it takes to see your product go from page one to page three! Now – I know it’s not a search engine as such but as the old saying with Google goes, “If You’re Past Page Two – People Won’t Find You” (I just made that up but you know what I mean.) The same goes in here – people only tend to look at what is in front of them.

However another thing that happens is not only buyers are looking at your products. Our friendly affiliates are looking too. This is the most important part.

In order to get affiliates on board you need to have an account with Warrior+ and have your product listed in there.

With all of this there are fees involved of course. It costs $40 to get your product listed as a WSO in the Warrior Forum and $19 for a Warrior+ license. Or, with Warrior+ as I done with my product you can do 2.9% on every sale plus $0.10.

Also, if you want to “bump” your product back up to page one in the Warrior Forum you can do by paying another $40. Although I have not had very good experience with this.

So, let me try an break down exactly how to do all this. I am assuming you have Warrior Forum and Warrior+ Plus accounts.

Head over to Warrior+ and go to WSO pro.


This is where you will set up all your affiliate details for the product and also get yourself a “buy button” made. People who are familiar with buy buttons will be fine with this – or maybe some of you have listed on JVZoo before, which has a similar process.

Choose how you want to pay – like I said I prefer the commission model. It is free to setup and has a few more features – such as instant payment. Which we all like!


Next up is a short video with details on linking the two services together. This is arguably the most important aspect of the whole thing. You need to get this set up correctly. This video explains how to get your “Buy Button” in place just like the one I used on my product.

It is best viewed at full-screen. If you can, view it in that way at the highest quality setting. (Click on the little cog and view in HD)

Next up we will take a closer look at the affiliate section. In this short video I will show you the power of affiliates.  Its no secret but having affiliates is the single most best traffic method online. If you are fortunate enough to get some experienced affiliates on board they can drive a ton of traffic to your sales page and make you extra sales. Be sure to be generous on your commissions or they will not be interested. No matter how good you think it is.

Remember the long term – each paying customer is a future customer to you. So – pay the affiliates the most you can.

Here is a snapshot inside my dashboard and my affiliates.

As you can see I have a nice amount now and the beauty is if I ever release another product (which I plan to very soon) all these affiliates will be notified and if I want I can auto-approve them to start selling my product straight away.

Sounds good hey?

So lets conclude.

The Warrior Forum has great potential to make some good money in a very short space of time. But – it is kind of like the war torn lands of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, everyone is fighting and screwing each other over at times (well, its not quite that bad but there are some people in there who I would rather not comment on, so I won’t). There is a lot of garbage – usually from the so-called “gurus” but these fly out of the traps. Why? Because they no longer have to prove anything. When I go in there launching a product the reaction is “Who is this guy?” or rather “Who the F**k is this guy?”

Seriously though – be warned on the garbage. If you see the headline “Make $34,857 By Pressing The Dollar Button On Your Keyboard So That It Repeatedly Spits Out $5 Bills At You”  then please, please, please ignore it.

I know what you are thinking: “That is not even a multiple of 5″

Anyway,  with time though and maybe a couple more high quality products under my belt I may will be able to make some good money from this forum. Arguably the most difficult bit is actually coming up with ideas for a WSO. Unfortunately, stuff that may sell in one niche may sell ZERO copies in there and vice-versa. This is very much a make money online forum – although I have seen a few plugins and software being sold in there.

I will be using this more as a testing platform from now. Maybe launch a product in there and then close it down after a few weeks and relaunch it somewhere else at a higher price. You can usually get a guide for how it is going to do from this forum.

So if you are thinking of launching a WSO in the Warrior forum I hope this post has helped a bit. One last thing – go in with your guard up!

Have you had any experience with WSOs? – I would love to hear from you in the comment box. 

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    • Thanks Matt – the WF can be a bit of a minefield. You have to tread carefully in there. But – no doubt it does have its positives…

      Thanks for your comment!

  1. Hi John, I have bookmarked this post so I can refer back to your videos, this is something I want to do one day, I see it a s a potentially good way to make sales and business. Your infograph product was great, it was new, original and it taught people how to do something useful.

    The problem is most people do sell crap, which is a shame, a good product that is useful and new would surely keep selling. Any affiliate wanting to promote products to their email lists would be better to focus on promoting good ones and not just re hashed products. I never understood why people just churn out re hashed old stuff as it can only do your reputation harm.

    I think there is plenty of scope for high quality products in the warrior forum and I know that you create them and intend to create more so for you the WSO will be a little gold mine, I am sure of it. I will be following your lead one day… when I can think up some good ideas 🙂

    Cheers Andi
    Andi Leeman recently posted..The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. WattlesMy Profile

    • Hi Andi,

      Yes – you would think so wouldn’t you? The trouble is there is so much crap! That is what puts the level headed people off I think. Its all about coming up with the good ideas, and having the proof to show it works.

      If you can come up with some value and put it together in a profitable way you will be on to a winner.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • I think it is hard to come up with something original there is so much available. The infographic package is good as its easier to use than Adobe/Photoshop. You could make extra money by producing infographics for buyers on WF and BHF.

        • Hi Helen, welcome along.

          Thanks for your comment – although it does feel hard sometimes to think of great product ideas I think there are still gaps in the market. You just have to find them or even produce something similar to what has already been done only improved!

          Look out for a new Infographics package coming soon.


  2. I’ve been toying with putting a WSO out there John, so for me this post is excellent – bookmarked and will 100% be coming back to this.

    Personally I’ve only ever been a lurker in WF – I’ve got the full account needed (decided when I joined up I should just set it all up in the first place for future) – that said though I think I am still a way off the putting a WSO out there to be honest, Your post has been so helpful though – I’ve got a little project to finish off first, then it will be time to get my head in WF mode and do this.

    Excellent videos, and like Andi, I’ve bookmarked this and will be coming back to this post very soon for guidance!

    Great job!
    Clair Trebes recently posted..The Importance Of Getting From A To BMy Profile

    • Thanks Clair for the kind words.

      It can be a bit of a minefield but also it can be a great way to make some money online. And – more importantly, add buyers to your list and learn a very valuable skill.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi Bryan,

      Yes it can be a very good way to grow your list. Putting a FREE WSO with great content will get you a ton of new subscribers. That is guaranteed.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey John,

    The truth is, I don’t go in the Warriors Forum and I never had any idea about Warriors Forum or even WSO. But, after reading your post, it triggered my curiosity which makes me want to learn more about Warriors Forum and WSO. Thanks for sharing this.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

  4. Good work John,

    Yes, the two above mentioned things are very important for every particular website. Good article to learn about WSO by own. Once again thanks John

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