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This post is literally just as the title says. And nothing else. How to make good quality free eBook covers. When you make that grand product and get it ready for launch the last thing you need to get is a good cover designed for it. This can cost hundreds of dollars and take a lot of time to get done. Here at the blog I like to try and give people options, especially free ones! So – without further ado here is a free way to make amazing free eBook covers! Lets make one now….

Head over to 

You do not need to register for an account – these are the paid options, we are only interested in the free version.

Click on the ‘Start Here’ Icon

Next up choose the type of cover you want. The free version will allow you five choices.

I am going to choose the ‘Paperback Stack’

Next up you need to select a background colour. The free version will allow you to choose a background from the system defaults or a custom colour. There are plenty to choose from – more than in this pic.

Here you can move it and then select it in place – very simple. I have gone with the smokey background.

Ok – so now your background is in place its time to add some text.

Click the ‘Insert Text’ icon.

Here is where you can enter some text for your free eBook cover.

You can have lots of fun here – play around with the various options for your text. There are loads of fonts to choose from and many text effects. Just click on the corresponding menus. I have gone with ‘Growing’ font and a ‘Neonred’ Effect – once you are happy with your text click ‘Submit’

You can now drag it into place.

I also highlighted some other features you can use here.

Next we can insert some images. Click on the ‘Insert Images’ icon.

Here you can choose from loads of images. There are way more than I have shown in the picture. There are Graphics, Abstracts, Shapes and Stock images. The only thing you cannot do making free eBook covers here is upload your own images. Shame – but there are plenty to choose from.

So, select one or a few even and simply ‘drag’ them into position on your free eBook cover.

You can also change the size by ‘dragging’ the slider in the bottom left corner of each image.

I have added a few and also added some more text and come up with this.

When you are happy with your free eBook cover design, click ‘Finalize’

That is basically it – you just need to download it now to your computer so you can use it. I recommend making it have a transparent background. You can also adjust the size here by adjusting the slider again. So, make sure you click the ‘Transparent Background’ button and then click ‘Download 3D’. You cannot download in 2D in the free version.

And here is what we have! – Pretty nice hey? And all 100% free! Once you get the hang of this interface you will be knocking up free eBook covers in around 5 minutes. Easy.

So, next time you want to make some free eBook covers try this option.

For more great free ideas that will help your business, your blog or anything you do online be sure to check out my Ultimate Resource List where I show hundreds of methods and websites like this where you can get amazing tasks and results achieved all 100% free. Now that can’t be bad….



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    • Hi Michelle,

      Glad you got something from the post. And hopefully it may save you some money! Which is always a bonus 😉

      Thanks for dropping by…


    • Hello Sherryl – thanks for your kind words.

      I am really glad people find this useful, its such a great resource.

      Thanks for the shares!


    • Hi Gilbert,

      Thanks for your comments, it really is a great site for starting out making some nice ebook covers.

      Best regards, thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for sharing. I have an e-book cover builder that I use on my computer. But I have to say – WOW!

    This one you have shared here is way better. The graphics are better, and it is much simpler to use. Really excellent. I’m going to post this on my LinkedIn and FB. OK?

  2. Hi John great information, will surely use it soon. Another great cover maker free
    It will let you use your own pictures and text. Anther great free word processsor , is openbook or source. Google it. I like it better than word! Will this program work with Kindle books? I am just getting started with ebooks and was wondering if you know any free courses on making Kindle books,especially children’s picture books. I am lost on these.

    Thanks Gary Moore

    • Hi Gary – cant really say about kindle covers as I have not published anything on kindle yet.

      I will look into it for you…


  3. Good works John. I am about to start selling ebooks but wondering how I can make a stunning cover. I think I will try this. I like doing-it-myself. I am watching you keenly and I am sure I will call on you soon. Thanx.

  4. Hello John
    Thank you for your help. I have made several eBook covers using your guide.
    I am constructing a website and intend to sell my eBooks from there. Once I am through I will get your book on “Free and easy traffic” and how to embed PDF into the site for sale. Thanks.

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