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A few of my subscribers asked me the other week how I make my images for my blog posts. Well, here is a quick tutorial video on exactly how to do it. I most of my editing in PowerPoint. There are many other programs you can use that are freely available online such as Gimp or Paint.Net.

The website I use for this tutorial is – a fantastic resource.

Anyway – over to me. (Best viewed full-screen)

So, there it is. A simple and effective way to make some nice title images for your blog.

What techniques do you use? Please share them in the comments below.

30 minute infographics

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  1. Hi John,
    I never know the tips you gave. Going to look for it!

    Images can help to show our Internet savviness and knowledge of popular internet culture. Making a point in our blog post? Are there any memes that have recently gone viral? Using them to help support our point is smart bet.
    Okto recently posted..How to Use Pinterest for Your BusinessMy Profile

  2. This is a great post, I hadn’t realised how powerful PowerPoint could be until I started to read your blog. I have used it for making slides but didn’t know that you could do graphics in it. I usually use but I might throw a few images together in PP to have a play.

    The online clip art resource is great for doing these kinds of images and you never need to worry about people contacting you over misuse and copyright issues of their images… I have at times been a bit naughty with that. 🙂

    It is posts like these that really make the difference, very helpful and not just about me me me as many of them are these days. A lot of people can walk away now and do something that they never could do before.
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Facebook Groups, Google Plus Communities and Real NetworkingMy Profile

    • Thanks Andi – I am glad you appreciated it. These how-to posts really are the ones I tend to take notice of on other peoples sites too.


  3. Hi John,
    It’s funny, because just this morning (My time zone), I Googled to see if there was a way to convert PowerPoint images into JPEG. This way, I could create my own blog post photos, instead of having to download and upload photos.

    Then I received your email on the topic about 15 mins. ago. BTW, I’m waiting for my pay to hit my account tonight and then…I’ll do as I said and purchase the infographic product. I might be able to squeeze in another product purchase as well. If not tonight, then as soon as I can. I’m loving your posts and give-aways. Thanks so much!
    Terr recently posted..Add A Twist Of Life To Your Content!My Profile

    • Hey Terr,

      Its great to have you hear – if you like this neat little trick then you will love the Infographics! Thank you so much for your comments, it is very much appreciated.


    • Hey Farrell – Apologies for not posting for a while! It was very busy after the Infographic product launch! Anyway, glad you liked this post! And thanks for stopping by….

  4. Hi John,

    I’m a Late Latif this time round! Delighted to discover Clipart particularly since the images are free and do not require credits – an important point for anyone who has had a hacked website since hackers and spammers do like to get in through images if they cannot get in through a login route.

    My technique is similar except I save the power point as a Jpeg file and try to create my own images. This is far better, less time consuming and exciting!

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