How To Use Twitter Effectively


how to use twitter effectively

Learning how to use Twitter effectively is an important skill when it comes to your social media presence online. Unfortunately, people think that by blasting out tweets all day long with their affiliate links on them is going to be a successful campaign. Think again. Twitter as we all know is the haven for little micro snippets of your day, its allows you to share your thoughts and links with the rest of your following in 140 characters or less.

Let’s not forget, among the blogging, business and social media industry it is primarily a marketing tool. Used by bloggers and business minds alike to try and engage with their followers.

Except they don’t.

Usually people just post out links from their own website all day everyday and expect people to click through to see what they have to say.

Learn How To Use Twitter Effectively

Effective use of Twitter in my opinion comes down to two words. Interaction and Sharing. Just by adopting this mindset I guarantee you will not only obtain more followers – but you will also get more out of your tweets in the future.

So let’s talk about this.


Find out what people want and try to answer them, run some searches with the hash tags and get involved in a few discussions. I see a lot of people miss-using or not even using them, these are huge.

Here is a snippet of the Top Marketing Hash Tags from 2012 – this may be a good place to start.

top twitter hashtags

Also it can be an effective way to deal with any concerns or issues you may have. Think about this for a second – if you tweet to somebody or a company all of their followers can see your tweet, so if you have a concern or complaint I bet they are quick to reply to you as they do not want the bad exposure. In fact, if they deal with a problem in an effective, quick way it can actually help their image. I have used this method before and it works, I had a small complaint with my web host and was not getting anywhere with the normal ticket system so I used Twitter to express my concerns. The problem was solved within a few hours.


Using Twitter effectively also comes with sharing other peoples content in the form of retweets. I like to use JustRetweet and Triber for this as well as good old manual sharing. Other people will appreciate you sharing their content and whilst not compulsory a gratuitous share your way usually comes along at some point after.

Make sure you also get your Twitter name out there – add it to your signature file, add it in your header, your business card and basically anywhere you can if applicable.

So the next time you open your Twitter account – maybe think about more effective use and start actually sharing and getting involved with other people. Your own work is great – but other peoples work deserves a mention too. This is what social media is all about.

Benefits of Using Twitter For Generating Traffic

You get instant real visitors. Using Twitter can be the most direct way of inviting or encouraging people to visit your website. Compared to SEO and link building, you will no longer have to wait for weeks or even months for your website to climb up the SERPs and see traffic results. If your Twitter account currently has 500, 1,000, or perhaps, 5,000 followers. A portion of those individuals can be converted as traffic or actual website visitors.

The traffic your website will receive can be unlimited. There’s no limit on the amount of driven traffic when it comes to Twitter. Most of the time, the only determinant will be the number of your followers. But again, you can also have as many followers as you want.

Twitter is free to use. Instead of paying traffic in the PPC and CPC programs, you can have website traffic from Twitter that is free of charge. You will only need to invest a couple minutes of your time trying to promote your account and in building-up the number of your followers.

Further Reading:

3 Top Effective Twitter Tips Infographic

using twitter infographic

The key is to interact with your followers, follow the people who follow you. Be nice and help people along the way. This will get you a good solid foundation and strong Twitter presence.

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Do you use Twitter? I would love to know how you use Twitter for your business? If you want to follow me, I would love to exchange ideas with you.

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    • Cheers Matt – I must admit I can be a little guilty of not using them as much as I should perhaps. I ran a few test tweets and measured the leverage on Hootsuite and the ones with hashtags got far more clicks than the ones that did not have tags.

      Something worth thinking about.


  1. Hi John,
    I have to agree with Matt as well (great post by the way). The use of hashtags shouldn’t be underestimated as it really allows your message to travel a lot further than the averagr tweet. I still have my reservations over Triberr but JustRetweet is growing on me.. It takes time but once you start RT other peoples messages, your time eventually

    • Hi Kapil,

      Yes hashtags are very important. I find Justretweet ok, like you say it takes a little time but it does get you some good exposure now and again.


    • Hey Michael – great to see you here.

      Yes, using Twitter to sort out issues with firms has been a great method for me in the past.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  2. hey guys,

    I think that most users don’t know what #hashtags are, and how to use them properly… so if something sounds new to us, and don’t see the immediate benefit, or sounds to hard to implement, we tend to forget about it altogether.

    nice info graphic John — is there a specific tool you could recommend for creating such?
    John recently posted..How to Presell for Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog – glad you found the post useful.

      Yes the hashtag is very important, people do underestimate it i think.

      As for the infographic – I had it made for me buddy.


    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Everyone has to start somewhere – and all websites and Twitter profiles have to work to get their followers.

      Try engaging with the followers you do have, remember to make use of the hashtags to find what your customers are looking for.

      Do not just post out links for offers all day long – this will soon get you some followers. Hope this helps.


    • Hi Lalithaa,

      The Hashtag is another “clickable” word within the tweet – much like a link. So if you include a hashtag it can be searched for by anyone so your tweet will be in those search results.

      For example if you tweeted: “For my new eBook for #newbies” check out…..www.blahblah” – if anyone searched the word “newbies” your tweet would appear. Plus it is great for following trends. This is it in a nutshell….

      Hope this helps a bit.


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