Importance Of Time Management & 4 Tools To Help You With It


time managementDo you know the importance of time management? Well, a lot of people I know – ‘the old me’ included go hammer and tongs into various projects and end up all over the place because of a distinct lack of time management and organisational discipline.

This is not good practice.

What this does is two things.

Number one: You end up starting a project but because it’s not planned and no S.M.A.R.T goals have been set usually after a week or two the project starts to diminish and things start to slip. This will usually end up in the “Must re-visit later” file. Sound familiar?

Number Two: All your other tasks throughout the day also slip because there is no plan. That important email follow up, the social media interaction or the blog commenting session for example all get forgotten about. Again, this would have happened to most of us.

The importance of time management is essential in order to get projects done on time and to organise your work in both the short term and the long term.

The Importance Of Time Management

Thankfully there are tools out there to help. Here are four that I could not cope without anymore – they make such a difference to my working day and help me get organised.


Importance of Time Management - Evernote

Evernote is a fantastic tool that saves me bundles of time when I start researching various topics. It’s like having your own online scrapbook in your hand all the time. If you see a website you like, an image, or just some text it allows you to snip it and place it into your desired notebook.

The free software also comes in all the top mobile Smartphone versions, so it allows me to snip and collect my data on the go.

There are also some neat plugins that go hand in hand with the application, one of which is called Skitch.

Although Skitch is not really a time management tool – it allows me to make neat graphics over images or anything that I crop off the Internet or from anything else on my computer for that matter.

Like this for example….

Skitch DemoPretty neat hey? This can then be shared across all the devices you have this application on. So, if I see an image I like whilst surfing on my Smartphone I can snip it into Skitch, do some doodles over it and then send it to my Evernote pad for when I can back to my computer.


 Importance of time management - seegoal

This free web-based tool is more for project management. And it’s great, it allows you to run your project and your teams right from the click of a mouse. I used this when I was writing an eBook. Again, I always find it best if you break the tasks down into small, measurable chunks.

You can see all your goals and projects in one place, choosing either to complete it or delegate it.

SeeGoal is a very neat and simple platform, that is what I liked about it. I find other project management tools can be a little complex whereas SeeGoal absolutely anyone can use straight from the get go.

I challenge anyone to find a better free project management tool out there. Remember this is web-based so there is no need for multiple licenses or anything. All your teams or maybe just yourself (like I did) can access this from anywhere.


 importance of time management - hootsuite

Hootsuite is a wonderful time management tool, this allows me to set all my social media profiles up so they are visible all from the one dashboard. It also allows me to interact with each one straight from the dashboard. No more having to sign in to each one first to participate it my social media activities.

But this is not all – its true power comes in with the scheduling tool. This allows me to schedule all my posts and tweets and other shares well in advance. I like to usually set up a three day schedule plan, I set it up to all my profiles, pages and groups and then with the click of a button it’s all scheduled in the publishing calendar ready to go.

This is really helpful. Let’s take Twitter for example. When I want to share something on this I usually send it out at least three times to allocate for the different time zones. Now – even the most hardened social media marketers are not going to get up in the middle of the night to send a tweet. They will automate it – there is a time and a place for this, and Hootsuite allows me to do this brilliantly. I currently run all my social media accounts and automate where suitable from this application.

Last Pass

importance of time management - last pass

I must admit I did ponder whether to include this one as it is hardly going to set the world alight on the importance of time management. But, if you are anything like me then you will find it useful.

Last Pass is a piece of online management software for all your usernames and passwords. How many times do you get to a page and forget your username or password?

I know I used to do it all the time. Not anymore, this software allows you to safely and securely save your usernames and passwords on their servers – it is all fully encrypted so perfectly safe. This then allows you to sign in to all your accounts with just one click! Don’t worry, its comes with full customization to suit the individual letting you decide which account you want to use with it. Works great for me……

Well worth checking out if you have multiple accounts with different usernames and passwords.

So there we go, the importance of time management so not be overlooked. Here are four excellent tools for you to use that will help with your overall time management, planning and general organisation.

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What do you use? Is there anything in my list that you think deserves a mention? Let me know in the comments box below.

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  1. John,

    Great post, i think you’ve highlighted some really great tools here to aid people who need help with their time management.

    Evernote is something I’ve often wondered about, but now having read that has made my mind up, so i will start using it where possible for my work 🙂

    I wish I had known about SeeGoal when I started my eBook 🙂 Although I’ve ideas in the pipeline for my next couple of products so am really looking forward to integrating this into my work.

    People don’t realise how great dashboards can be …. Hootsuite is an actual LIFE saver for me with managing a few Twitter accounts, I’ve also tried a few different ones out there and by far this is my preferred tool – I only tend to use it for Twitter – but its great for working across the board.

    Last pass – I got it, but I am REALLY on the fence with it. I’ve actually disabled it currently as it was driving me insane …. haha perhaps its just me?

    Great post, will share it out now!
    Clair Trebes recently posted..Pinterest To Get A MakeoverMy Profile

    • Hi Clair,

      Thanks for dropping by the blog.

      Yes, SeeGoal is a great tool – in fact maybe your whole business could benefit from it? Its worth checking out….

      Completely with your on Hootsuite too…


  2. Great post John, I haven’t used HootSuite for a while now, I really should go and take a look, it must have changed a bit since I last used it. We did a lot of Facebook pages with it when we ran a CPA experiment.

    As for time management when it comes to eBooks or other such things… I am old fashioned and use notepads lol. For a guy who is social media and tinterweb based I really do need to join the new century.

    I also think it is because I am tight, some systems cost and that just pains my wallet. I am definitely going to check out SeeGoal, I have heard nothing but good stuff about Evernote so that will be looked at too especially now that I no longer use my Nokia brick and have a lovely smartphone. 🙂
    Andi Leeman recently posted..We Told You Outsourcing Can Work! 🙂My Profile

    • Hi Andi,

      Thanks for your comment. CPA with Facebook? I have heard about this, but never really experimented with it! Don’t have the time these days……

      As for the notebooks – I still carry one with me. But Evernote is slowly taking over…..its a great free tool.

      Thanks for dropping by…


  3. Great list of tools John!

    I use HootSuite & Evernote quite a bit, but I haven’t heard of the others you have mentioned. Hootsuite is great for managing my Twitter streams and scheduling Tweets to go out at different times of the day. Evernote I use mainly on my phone and jot down post ideas when I get inspired.

    I hadn’t hear of Skitch, but that sounds great! Will be great to link with Evernote on the go.

    Great post John. Will be sharing this 🙂
    Matt Smith recently posted..Evergreen Content 101: Writing Articles That LastMy Profile

    • Yes Matt – The Skitch/Evernote combo is great…..

      Also, useful for sales pages and squeeze pages if that is your thing. Handy for doing little doodles etc.

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. Hi John

    Looks like you got some great tools there. I use Simpleology but find it tedious sometimes to navigate through the site. (This goes here That goes there blah blah blah…. but thats me). I am sure there are lots of folks who find it easy. This old man is still old school, pen and pad of paper! My passwords drive me nuts so LastPass looks like its right up my alley and so does Hootsuite although Social Media I really havnt played too much with(And I need to!). Will check them all out! Since I work 50 or so hours at my day job I find time management to be a challenge sometimes. So thanks for the post Bubba!


    • You are welcome Donald,

      I have not heard of Simpleology but I will check it out. Thank you for sharing this with us.

      I would not rush straight in with them all at once, just start with one at a time. Last Pass is a great tool and 100% free.

      Great to see you here…


    • Hi John. Just stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for including SeeGoal in your list of time management tools. It feel honored.

      I actually use ALL the tools you mentioned in this post.

      • Hey Aurelius!

        Thanks for stopping by – you are welcome for the mention. SeeGoal is a great tool for time management, I think both online and offline businesses will benefit from it.


  5. This old man is still old school, pen and pad of paper! My passwords drive me nuts so LastPass looks like its right up my alley and so does Hootsuite although Social Media I really havnt played too much with(And I need to!). Will check them all out! Since I work 50 or so hours at my day job I find time management to be a challenge sometimes. So thanks for the post Bubba!

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