My Month Off And a Much Clearer Path Ahead


month off

First of all – an apology. I am sorry I have not wrote a single word on this blog for over a month now. The reason for this is it was down to many factors outside of JBB. I have been busy, just not on here. But the future is exciting. Very exciting, so I would like to share with you my plans on this post.

Life after Video Promo Cash got a bit dull for a while for me. I loved the thrill of launching a product I truly believed in, in fact I still very much practiced the methods in this product right up until around a month or so ago. It is great – and does work. My biggest deal and definitely most favourite video I made was for CASA BRASIL, which is a popular restaurant chain here in the south UK. They have the promo video playing on the big screens in their restaurants. I will have to pop in next time I am near one!

Anyway – after the sales for that product died out – I did not really know what to do next. I still had money coming in from the blog and through the odd affiliate campaign I was running but really as a sustainable business I needed more. Some tough decisions were made.

Things I do not want to do anymore:

  • Fiver Gigs – I know they work for some, but I cannot really justify the time over gain.
  • Sell my services – As of this post all my services for logos, videos, graphics etc are stopping.
  • Write loads – I want to write but not at the frequency I was writing at. I think 2 or 3 times per month and that is it. As long as the content is very high, this should be sufficient enough.

I realise that all these things may actually lose me revenue in the short term, and maybe even some subscribers. The blogging method is very time consuming and I am struggling to keep up with the top bloggers who churn out epic content 2 or 3 times a week! I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old daughter and any parents out there reading this will fully understand how hard it is raising kids let alone trying to run an online business too.

my girls

So What Am I Going To Do?

Well, you may have noticed that I have changed the header to read the words “Product Creation, Content Creation” – so this is where I am going. I have some experience now with product creation, both my products made several thousand dollars in their respected marketplaces. And, I did not really have that many affiliates. However – it is the process that is the important thing to learn. The rest comes with experience, and of course contacts and JV’s.

I am planning on releasing some more products to the marketplace, in fact I am nearly finished with one. I am currently generating a steady $400 – 600 dollars a month with an online method that I think I could teach anyone to do – so this is what I am going to do next.

I am not going to rush it and I want it to be done properly – that I why I have decided to join up again with Rob Cornish. This is a UK marketer who I respect and admire, I have joined up to his membership site and if anyone knows a thing or two about these processes it is him.

If you want to check out Rob’s excellent training program then you can check it out here. (This is an affiliate link and I will receive a commission if you decide to join)

The next part on the header is “Content Creation”. Those of you who know me or have visited the blog before may also know that I am heavily involved in the fantastic new community site aimed at small/medium business owners. This is a really exciting project for me and I am privileged to work alongside the people on the team. I am one of the content creators for the site. And, by content I do not just mean writing articles.

I have been using my knowledge of Infographics and testing myself to the limit over there. I have also mixed it up and done a few SlideShare presentations for the site. I have been getting great results.

social proof 2

social proof 1

Now I am a realist and I know that numbers are not everything but this is good social proof at least.

The key thing with both of these posts is that they were both visual – so I decided to take my visuals and marketing designs elsewhere. As I mentioned I headed over to SlideShare, and the results were very good again.

slideshare 1

slideshare 2

Here is the inspirational quotes presentation – very simple, but great results.

Both this and the Facebook presentation ended up on the featured page and drove traffic to our site and our social media profiles – so they were very worthwhile exercises.

It’s this type of content that I love creating – so, I am going to switch the content of my blog into more related topics on this subject. There is way more than just articles and with the marketing and blogging niche becoming more and more saturated with mediocre, rather dull and boring blogs I have decided to switch my target audience. I am not saying the marketing and blogging niche is dull – far from it, but I am deciding to narrow down and focus on a smaller more specific niche. I will be discussing content and with that, tools, methods, how-to’s etc on creating content. Great content. I will also be sharing my experiences with product creation – something I am also very keen on.

Again, I realise to some of my readers this may mean an unsubscribe, but I can live with that.

So you can expect some changes here on the blog, both graphically as a brand and content wise.

As an online marketer I always have things on my radar and I will still be keeping an active reading role in the blogging space, but my focus will now be on just the points I mentioned here: my work over at BizzeBee, products and content (which includes this blog).

So stay tuned. I do not know when these changes will come into effect – I expect they will all be gradual. I have changed the opt-in forms on the site now. And – for the minute it is just a subscription to the blog posts – and any other little gems I come across along the way. Please feel free to join now – however I understand if you want to wait until the good stuff arrives! All current subscribers will also be added to the new email list for this content.

Thank you to everyone who visits and all my regular readers – I would love you to stick around for the new JohnBanksBlog in the not too distant future.

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    • Thanks Andi – yes, products is what I like doing – maybe I can teach others how to do it? But – I do not want to only do it in the MMO niche….

  1. It is only natural that you would want to grow John and conquer new territories. Since you are taking your followers with you, go ahead and find your other talents! Just write a post every now and then for those of us who enjoy reading your blog (Me! Me!).

    On another note, is it really a year since I joined your tribe? I remember it was around the time that your younger daughter was about to be born. Both your Angels are adorable!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..Isn’t it time You stopped believing in Ghosts?My Profile

    • Hey Vatsala – thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, maybe it has been a year, the blog has not grown as I wanted it to but I am pleased to release a couple of stable products to the marketplace.

      Heres to another year then! Great work you are doing too by the way….


  2. John, I am very happy for you!
    It seems to me that it takes great courage to change direction. Kudos to you for doing this. I have been struggling through changes myself, so I know they don’t come easy. Sometimes I wish I just had someone to natter at who could give simple feedback.

    I can see that you have good friends around you, that you have gone forward with to create this new style, website and a different blog. News from you is always good news. You always come across with such honesty and integrity, that it really helps me as I muddle through my choices. Thanks John, I will look forward to reading your new blog and have signed up at your new site. As you and your friends are involved, I know it will give us all good solid information with honest comment to boot. Congratulations!

    • Hi Daisy, that is great news.

      Thank you for being a follower of the blog and also our new site. Really appreciate that..

      I will do my best to provide the best quality information and tutorials for the readers!


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