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multimedia blogging

WordPress themes typically include powerful multimedia features. One of the things that you want to keep in mind if you’re a blogger is that you don’t have to go overboard with using these features. In fact, if you concentrate on using them in ways that truly add to the value of your content, you may see some tremendous benefits. Here are some effective strategies.

Follow with a Video

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself writing a blog post that would really be enhanced with video. Reviews of products provide a good example of such a scenario. If you have a WordPress theme that allows you to include video content, including a video at the end of such a post is a great way to make it more interesting.

Where placing video in a blog post is concerned, you generally have two options. First, you can upload the video to your server and allow people to watch it on the post by streaming it from your own server. This can consume quite a bit of bandwidth, so it’s an option that some bloggers prefer to avoid. Of course, it also requires you to format the video in a way that is appropriate for the web, which is a rather technical endeavor.

Some WordPress themes have features built into them that allow you to integrate video from popular streaming sites. This is a great way to include video content on your site. In fact, what you actually end up doing is including your video content on two sites: the video streaming site and your own. This can be a powerful tool for not only enhancing your blog posts but for driving visitors from the streaming site to your own domain. Of all the different strategies available for including video, this is one of the most effective.

Transcripts and Audio

Audio blogging is still rather popular. Particularly for blogs that include content that doesn’t need a lot of visual enhancement but that translates very well to having a reader read that content to the audience, it can be a great way to make your blog more interesting.

Consider including transcripts of any audio blogs that you put up. In this way, you can give your readers the option of downloading the audio file and listening to the blog post on their MP3 player or of reading the blog post, if they prefer to do it that way.

multimedia blogging

There is another big advantage here for bloggers who want to publicize themselves. One of the best ways for a blogger to get publicity is to become a reference for another article. It’s difficult to reference audio files. If you have a transcript of your audio files included on the same blog post as you used to publish the audio file, you’ll make it possible for people to link to your page if they want to reference your content in their own content.

Again, many WordPress themes have features that allow you to include audio files very easily. Whether it’s through a streaming player or a downloadable MP3, audio files can be very handy ways to make your blog more interesting.

Remember that multimedia content will fill up your server space much more quickly than will text content. This is one of the reasons you may want to consider hosting off-site. If you have plenty of server space, however, including multimedia content with your blog to make it more interesting can be a great way to keep visitors coming back and to make certain that you’re offering them something that not every blogger out there takes the time to make available. This can help you to stand out and to get more visitors to your site.

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  1. Posts need shaking up a bit with audio, videos and images, I like a bit of variety in them to make them look like they are worth reading. Sounds daft but if a post is just words it looks like it was thrown together. It probably wasn’t but when a post has a video and/or images then it feels like it was planned and that it could contain a lot of substance.
    Andi Leeman recently posted..How To Make a Small Fortune With Tiny $7 ProductsMy Profile

  2. Nice article John!

    Not only do posts that feature images, videos and audio appear more attractive to readers, they also make them more attractive to search engines.

    Search engines are always looking to identify what your article is about, which is why they look at title, keywords, meta, etc. They also look at any media that you include within your posts, as these are “hopefully” relevant in some way. This is why including keywords in your image alt tags, or video title are important.

    The added benefit of using media in your posts is that people can find you in more than one way. Most people go straight to Google search, but what about Google images or YouTube? If your optimize your media within your posts, you have other traffic streams for people to find your content by.

    It’s win win! 🙂
    Matt Smith recently posted..Local SEO: Going Beyond the Directories with Link BuildingMy Profile

    • Excellent points Matt.

      People tend to forget about Google Image searches, this is another traffic stream as you say. And as for Youtube, the second biggest search engine now so yes, why not add some video if relevant.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I’m a new blogger and to enrich my knowledge about multimedia blogging I’ve found this post is very educative for me. Content is king nowadays to keep up with Google recommendations and multimedia blogging is one of the finest ways to maintain website content quite nicely. Thanks. 🙂
    Jabier Ferez recently posted..Living an “I Can” LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Jabier – glad you liked the post.

      Thanks for stopping by. Excellent point about content, it really should be the number one objective for all blogs.

  4. Really Nice article John!
    Search engines are always looking to identify what your article is about, which is why they look at title, keywords, meta, etc. They also look at any media that you include within your posts, as these are “hopefully” relevant in some way. This is why including keywords in your image alt tags, or video title are important. Thank you so much. I will use this information for my students to update some of their skills.

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