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So, here I am sat at my desk after finishing a shift a work. Did I not mention that before? Yes, I work a day job and I am a part time blogger. Sometimes though it is very difficult to connect with people on my level as I see myself playing two roles.

In my day job I have to think and make judgments in the role and the technology that goes with it, there are rules and deadlines to meet. Whereas on my blog I can write and do what I like and work whenever time suits me. I have the freedom to try new things and I can mix with people from a far wider field in the forms of the many social media platforms out there.

So, why is it lonely….?

Well, for me it can be because it feels like nobody understands. When I say nobody I mean the people who I am in contact with daily, the people around me in the real world. It is very hard to talk to my immediate family about blogging as they do not do it, hardly anyone in my circles even knows what it is. I understand this – as everyone has their own lives, their own projects and their own hobbies so to speak. Coincide this with the constant tinnitus I have to endure 24/7 as part of my Menieres disease and it really can be difficult to get through the day sometimes.

This moves me on to my next question.

Why do I do it?

There are two reasons for this.

Number one, I like to escape. This may sound weird but this is actually my way of switching off from the day to day BS that we all have to endure. I like the learning of new things online, I like to try out new methods, learn new tricks. I like the unknown, what is going to happen with a post, a site, a new product launch?  I love to sit at my PC at night after the kids have gone to bed and experiment online with various tools and ways to earn extra income for my family.

This leads me onto number two, my family. Another reason is to hopefully provide a better life for my family. My better half Natalie and my two angels – Olivia and Scarlett.

my family

But this is where most part time bloggers are fooled. Trying to earn extra money online for you or your loved ones is great. That alone should show that you have good standards and you want to provide for them. Thumbs up. But – do not think for one minute that being a blogger is going to make you rich overnight – maybe even at all.

Pick five of your favourite bloggers right now. I bet you with the exceptions of maybe a few that their incomes do not come as a direct result of their blogs. Blogs are great and sure they can bring in revenue. My blog does, it has affiliate links where appropriate, it also has some Adsense code dropped in – and every day my blog will bring in revenue. But can I pay the mortgage with it? Are we going on an amazing holiday with it? Are my kids’ University funds topped up? – the answer to all three is no. And I bet that would be the same for 99% of blogs out there…..

You see, most “bloggers” will almost certainly do other stuff. They will also offer services like web design, SEO consulting or writing. They may be heavy freelance writers, or they may have other websites that bring in the bulk of their revenue.

More often than not, this work will be done as lone warriors armed with their laptops sat in cafes, or the library. If you are fortunate enough to have the space, maybe an office at home.

Everybody is different and everybody has different skills. My main focus with online income has shifted the past month. It was never the intention for my blog to be the main income source – this was always meant to be a central hub for my activities. And, it will remain that way.

I have tried many “make money online” systems in the past. Some I’ve had success with, some are not even worth the physical effort it takes to double-click the mouse to unzip the file it came in. Quite frankly I am appalled at the amount of garbage there is out there online. You will learn the hard way in this business unless you can take the advice of people who have two things:

                1.  Trust

                2. Worthy Experience

I have started to offer out my services now and I am going to be concentrating on this and on content creation. My last product 30 Minute Infographics made over $1000 in sales in a little over a week – a personal record for me, which I was very proud of.

revenue snapshot

So, onto the next then….?

My trouble is time. As I only do all this part time I often find myself drifting off during the day, thinking about the next thing online, or a cool idea for a site, or a neat video idea….

There is quite often nobody to talk to about it. I am though a member of a truly awesome group online though where I can fortunately share ideas and talk to other like-minded people – I really hope the core people of this group realise how great they are and how much they have all helped me over the last few months. If there is such a thing as an online family, then I have found mine. Find yours.

I have to take a step back and just focus on one thing at a time. If I keep putting real value work into the time that I do have then there may be one day when I can look back on this post and reflect from my hammock on the beach!

Ok, so maybe not a hammock but, if Olivia and Scarlett get a little helping hand in life and get to go on some fun adventures throughout all of this then it will all be worth it. Even if no one else knows about it…..

Thank you for being a reader of my blog. You are welcome here any time.

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  1. This is an excellent and open post John, is great to see that 30 Minute infograph did so well and lets hope it carries on, time to bump it up the list again? 🙂

    Your family is beautiful and I completely understand the reasons that you work so hard, to make their lives and yours that much easier, it can happen with blogging, eventually, as it has for some, but until it happens it is a real hard slog at times… and that is without having a day job so god knows how you do it bud!
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Keep Clam And Proof Read.My Profile

    • Thanks Andi – its people like you among the other good guys that make the whole experience worth it. Thank you for the kind words. I did think of a bump but I have heard they dont often work, may do though. Its only $40 so would expect to cover the cost of that!

      I only do it because I want more freedom, a little cliche giving up my free time to try and get more free time….?! (I dont know if that even makes sense….)

  2. Great post John

    I know for my I have given up my day job and have gone self employed but I am doing web design and SEO.

    I read so many WSO and Methods that will make you thousands a day I have never actually seen one work. Blogging takes time and effort I remember when I used to do my gaming blog I spent most of my day doing it and it was not able to pay the bills.

    Keep doing what you are doing I am really loving all the videos and graphics that you are doing

    The Social Yeti recently posted..Who actually are your customers?My Profile

    • Thanks Sam, your comment is really appreciated.

      Yes, people really have to be careful of the garbage there is out there. Like I said my focus is shifting now and this seems to be working ok…

      Thanks again for dropping by.

  3. Very Well Written article John!, Seriously your down-to-earth style of writing makes a connect between the blog and its readers.

    And Yes!, part-time bloggers like me feel lonely most of the time, as we a mentally and socially detached from other people as we’re busy maintaining blog in the little time left after our offline work.

  4. Hi John,

    As a part-time blogger my self I can totally relate to your story. It’s funny how often we find our selves day dreaming about a new blog post idea and we try to explain to our friends or family but it’s like a foreign language for them.

    And sacrificing our after hours aka our free time for freedom, it may not make sense in the beginning but my opinion is that blogging is a marathon and not a sprint run.

    Congratulations on your product sales, 1k is a great number to hit and it’s just the beginning.
    Have a great day John and thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Philip recently posted..10 Quick Actions You Can Do Right Now to Get More Referral TrafficMy Profile

    • Hi Philip, I am really glad that you got a chance to read this as I thought you would be able to relate to this.

      It is hard but we must continue – and I completely agree with you it is most definitely a marathon not a sprint.

      Thanks for dropping by the blog, and your kind words on the post.
      John Banks recently posted..My Lonely Life as a Part Time BloggerMy Profile

  5. Thanks for sharing your story John. I agree that it can be quite a lonely journey and it doesn’t matter how much we try and explain blogging to friends and family they just don’t seem to “get it”. I still have people think that I do ‘nothing’ all day because I am a full time mum and part time blogger. Yet I have far less free time and ‘me time’ than friends that work ‘full time’.

    I also agree that an online group is SO important to keep spirits up and to find people that do understand. I go in waves with my blogging, from high motivation to wanting to give up….but it is the online community that keeps me going. I think I would have given up long before now without it!

    You have a great blog and an awesome way of writing. The products that you have are amazing too, so you should definitely keep at it. When you are able to give up your day job to be a full time blogger, maybe then your family and friends will get it!!!

    • Hey Catherine,

      Yes it is hard, that is why I love the groups so much. You need to be with like-minded people I think in order to succeed. I totally understand when you say people don’t understand you. Glad we are on the same page there.

      Love the last line you wrote – maybe……

      Thanks for taking the time out to stop by.
      John Banks recently posted..My Lonely Life as a Part Time BloggerMy Profile

  6. Ah John, This is SUCH a great post 🙂 Actually quite inspiring, and not to mention REAL – I really think more posts like these need to be spread across the web, it will then give people who want to make money online a REAL insight into what we spend hours and hours pondering over.

    It is worth it, even if we don’t feel like it, life isn’t ALWAYS about money, or about RIGHT NOW – learning skills and being open to possibility will be what finally makes everything “click” and will give your 2 gorgeous (may I add) girls the helping hand they need for future.

    Excellent to see your product doing so well too, it really is a GREAT product, and you’ve inspired me to go about getting a WSO for my ebook, and start working on a new thing that will be an exclusive WSO only!

    Sharing this post now, because it has value 🙂
    Clair Trebes recently posted..Lights, Camera, Action!My Profile

    • Really appreciated the kind words Clair. You are right, people should see what is actually involved in this business.

      It can be a slog sometimes – but hopefully it will be worth it. For me its about learning the processes first. You have to walk before you can run – especially in blogging and IM.

      Take care – see you around soon. Thanks for stopping by.
      John Banks recently posted..The Science of ProductivityMy Profile

  7. Hi John,

    First, thanks for putting yourself out there so honestly. I know that I struggle with being this openly vulnerable, because I assume everyone has things all “together”, that everyone has this internet thing figured out. Therefore, I don’t want to look foolish.

    Second, your daughters are too cute and precious! I actually love all of the names of the women in your family, lol.

    You know, I was just thinking to myself yesterday that this online journey I’m on is lonely, because there’s no one in my day to day life that “gets” what I do. Beyond that, I’m probably the only person I know who has all of the projects in mind that I do. It took me some time to feel confident about not only explaining what I do for a living, but to also state that yes, I’m just as much as an entrepreneur as the guy who owns the little taco shop down the street, or the convenience store owners across the way.

    That leads me to my next thoughts. I often feel that being a successful entrepreneur often is perceived as being rich, or well off. Bottom line, I’m not rich. Not even a little bit, lol. But in my own way, I am successful.

    I get to use my talents and creativity to earn a living. Not only this, but I make connection with bloggers like you from all over the world. Today, I just finalized a deal with an internet writing client of mine…who lives in Australia! Mind you, I’m in the U.S. So I thought to myself today, “Wow, my business is now offficially international!”, lol.

    As I walked through the halls of my local hospital this morning to take tests, I was surrounded by people I know for sure hate their jobs. I smiled to myself as I walked home to my apartment/home office. I get to get paid for being creative, on my terms. No, no one understands but then, no one benefits like I/we do.
    Terr recently posted..Add A Twist Of Life To Your Content!My Profile

    • Hi Terr,

      Thank you for your great comment – I would say the only fools are the ones that “pretend” that they are successful, or have made it…when they haven’t.

      Its also great that you are getting clients for your business. You are in a great place, doing great things – having a job that you love is like never having to work at all.

      Having connections with other like-minded people is essential in this business to as we all need to learn.

      Really great comment, thank you once again.


  8. John, I loved your post! My first time here, very nice blog. I sometimes blog to escape as well. And yes, my immediate family/friends don’t understand or even read my blog. I’ve connected with many other bloggers who feel like a 2nd family to me at times. Making money online takes time. It’s great what you have done John with your infographics, congrats! That is really awesome.
    Lisa recently posted..Twitter Cards To Add Some Zing To Your Posts On TwitterMy Profile

    • Thank you very much Lisa – always great to have new readers.

      Really appreciate your kind words. Glad you can relate to a certain degree.

      Always welcome. John

  9. First things first, I loved your family pictures and the little girls are so cute. I predict double barrel gun time for you when they grow up. 🙂

    I agree with you, building trust on the internet is essential. For a website, the blog is one area where the Know, Like & Trust factors can be built and quite often support systems can be generated even if people have not met each other in person.

    Showing one’s personal side leads to building on the KLT factors. Interestingly, I recently sent out a short newsletter through my new mailing system where I covered the factor of appreciation for sticking with me post my website hacking and the response showed that not all subscribers are freebie seekers…. some do open emails, read them and respond when required.

    Keep blogging, John. The world needs ethical bloggers like you!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted..Are You Practicing the Power of Appreciation?My Profile

    • Hi Vatsala,

      Always great to have you here on the blog. Thank you very much for your great comment.

      As far as emails go – its the nature of the medium I am afraid. We all get too many, so people are naturally reluctant to open them. But its great if you have responsive readers. I am sure you do because of your great material.

      Thanks again,


  10. Hey John, thanks for sharing your story. It’s inspiring to a lot of part time bloggers like me. As soon as you started earning more than your part time job, quit it and starting working as a full time blogger, you’ll be more productive and most importantly your own boss. 😉

    Few example of the people who has TRUST and WORTHY experience are Pat Flynn and Spencer Haws etc, right?

    • Hi Ehsan, thanks for stopping by and welcome….

      Yes – lol! That is the plan, a little way off target yet though buddy. Pat is obviously a legend among the blogging community, but also remember his is only human. It would be amazing if anyone could replicate that sort of success…

      Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Hi John,
    I’ve been offline for a bit, doing the on-the-ground business stuff for my hubby.
    Your family is just lovely!
    I really love your earthy attitude and posts. I can definitely relate to what you are saying. My hubby doesn’t get it, but he is very patient.

    I really liked your Infographics, but haven’t had time to dig into the program yet. It’s interesting that you are moving to the service end of things. The reason I am mentioning this is because graphics is something I have always had difficulty with. I can’t afford nor would I have the time to learn, a massive program like Photoshop. So a couple of years ago I purchased a program called Serif. Actually 5 very specific programs (total was about $150 bucks) that can interact for all sorts of media work. One for still photos, one for making videos, one for blogging, etc. They are complex for me even as simplified as they are. I still am trying to understand how to use them and usually have to fall back on powerpoint. Which is why your Infographics made sense to me. You seem to have a seriously good grasp of graphics for websites.

    I am wondering if you are a member of linkedIn? I searched for your name but couldn’t find it. For some reason, that is where I have been able to build extra followers more easily than the FB or Twit or g+. I am asking your permission to copy the link to this blog post of yours into a post for my LinkedIn profile. Would you mind?

    I will email an idea I have to you shortly, if you don’t mind?

    Your blog is always informative and honest. Reading your posts is like meeting a friend you know you can trust. Thanks John for sticking to it and growing! That’s inspiration!

    • Wow Daisy – thank you so much for your kind words!

      You are so kind. Its good that you have a patient partner. My other half is the same – she just lets me get on with it, which I am thankful for.

      Yes – some graphics programs are very complex – I, like you do not have the time for the likes of Photoshop. This is why I like to keep things simple here…
      All the graphics stuff that I do really is quite simple – I have no doubt you will find the Infographic package straight forward once you get into it.

      As far as linkedin – yes I have a profile, does my button not work at the top of the blog? If not, I will get the link and send it to you – will be good to connect on there.

      Thank you for adding some great value to the post.

      Best Regards Daisy.

  12. What a fantastic post John!

    I can totally relate to what you have said here. It can be quite isolating at times blogging, which is why having a great support network is SO important. I think that is one of the main reasons why our Facebook group has grown to be popular. Bloggers want a place to chat and talk out their problems to people who can relate. I’d call them my online family as well 🙂

    Congrats on your product, seems to have done pretty well. I bet you have another great idea for something that your working on now, which I’m very much looking forward to seeing.

    Great post John and great blog. Keep up the excellent work that you’re doing.
    Matt Smith recently posted..10 Ways To Improve Your Blog & Online EarningsMy Profile

    • Cheers Matt.

      Yes the Facebook group has been essential with my progress these last few months. Although I do not post as often as others, the tips etc I received and not to mention affiliates has been great!

      Yes, I am already working on my next product – which of course you great people will get a sneak preview too! 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words….

  13. Hey John,

    I am visualizing your situation and I know it’s hard. If your immediate family doesn’t understand you, then your blogging family fully understands what you are going through right now. I commend you for having such dedication on your passion. It’s not easy to have a daily job and have a blog site to update it as part time. I mean blogging is time consuming yet you still find time to post an informative and inspirational post like this. Thanks John for sharing this.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

    • Yes Farrell – it can be tough sometimes. Thank you for your comment – your thoughts are always a welcome addition to the posts on the blog.

    • Just got to keep going Joe – I am no way near where I want to be but we have to start. This is a marathon not a sprint.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Hi john
    I’m Eddy from the south UK (Worthing).
    I totally relate to your story as a father, full time worker and believe or not, someone that suffers dizziness from inner ear problems.

    I listened to you interview on the mike from main show and just wanted to swing by to say hi.
    All the best for the future and remember you now have a neighbour that totally understands how you feel.

    In the world of IM, the UK feels like a tiny little island a million miles from everything that is happening, making it impossible to reach out to others and form those so important relationships that all the big guns talk about.

    Keep up the good work.
    Eddy D
    Eddy D recently posted..WordPress SEO – Forever Affiliate – ViperChillMy Profile

  15. Hi John
    I listened to your podcast on the Mike from main show.
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi from a fellow UK (Worthing) onliner.

    I know exactly how you feel, stuck here on this tiny island. A million miles away from all the action and exciting things that happen where people build relationships, Conferences, meetups etc etc.

    I like you am a family man with a 9-5 working on my internet income by night and into the early hours.
    And believe it or not I have a dizzyness problem to which stems from my inner ear.

    You may have already received a comment from me. I am not sure if they are held for moderation or may be it did not go through.

    Anyways just wanted to say hi from a neighbor.
    keep up the good work as I am looking forward to following your progress and learning from your successes and your failures.

    Eddy D recently posted..WordPress SEO – Forever Affiliate – ViperChillMy Profile

    • Wow! That is a coincidence Eddy.

      Welcome along to the blog and sorry to hear about your balance problems. I would not wish it on anyone….

      How are things? I have been over to your blog, looking good. Do you have any other things in the pipeline?

      Thanks for dropping by, welcome anytime…


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