New Waves of Traffic Strategies


new waves of traffic

It is safe to say that a lot of the older more traditional “free” traffic strategies may be starting to become a thing of the past. Traffic techniques like blog commenting, forum posting and submitting to article directories are hardly likely to get you a great deal of visitors. Sure, they do still serve a purpose but not really as a means of getting large volume traffic. I still comment on blogs within my niche and I still use forums but not to be intended as a method of getting traffic.

If you are a product owner, or are thinking about making your first product then nowadays it is easier somewhat to go where the traffic already is! A lot easier in fact. As I have found out in the past…

This post is going to give you some insights into three places that have been brought to my attention recently via a top marketer whose list I am subscribed to. Thanks Rob.



First up is uDemy – this is a great online marketplace where people can sell their digital products, most commonly in the form of a course. So, if you are penning a short course of videos for example on “How To Install WordPress” then why not package them up and sell it on here. This place has huge volumes of traffic each day and it has been reported that even colleges and companies are buying these courses to teach their students or employees. Way cheaper than getting a company in to do it – and the beauty for you is once it is uploaded it can be sold over and over again.

Do you think you could do this?

I bet you could – this is something that I am considering with my colleagues over at my new venture which is due to launch in a few days.

And if you are short of ideas, then you just have to think outside the box a little. Take all the things you already do with your site/blog for example? You could make a short course on:

  • How to install an autoresponder opt-in form?
  • How to install a new theme on WordPress?
  • How to install Adsense on your website?
  • How to create an ebook cover?

These are all things that have just sprung to mind and that you could make short courses on and sell or giveaway and the traffic is already there waiting for you.

Deal Fuel

deal fuel

This is more for designers and developers and much in the same vein as a lot of the voucher and coupon sites there are around at the moment. But again, a great place to sell if you have some digital products to part for cash. People sell courses, ebooks, themes, graphics, widgets – all sorts through this site and again you could get a slice of the action here.

But again I see things on here that are not out of the question for anybody to produce. For example, textures and graphics you could hire a freelancer to make you 20 textures – or even, with a good quality camera you could snap 20 of these yourself and bundle them up as an offer. Remember – you do the work once and sell it over and over again.

The traffic is already there for you. And, as all the buyers will have to sign up there is every chance that the website will do the promotion for you via email marketing.


mighty deals

Last but not least – in fact my favourite of the three in terms of content related to what I like is MightyDeals. Much the same as Deal Fuel but for me a better library of offers. Also on this site – there are some great freebies.

Why would people put stuff on there for free?

Well, it’s just the same as any other website giving you something for free – the hope is that you will go back and buy something from their premium range if you like the free offer so much. Also, its about brand awareness.

I recommend you check out the free section of this site. If you are into graphics and design elements then you will like what is on offer!

So – I hope this post has given you some insight into some more alternative thinking when it comes to product creation and places to sell it where the traffic is already present!

As always, check the terms and conditions but these three sites are a part of an ever growing marketplace that will be around for a long time to come.

Any thoughts on using these? I know I will be taking a closer look.

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    • Me too – and being a keen graphics man I do see value in the other two but from making revenue uDemy has great potential.

      Especially maybe with a certain site we are working on…. 🙂


  1. Daisy Liverman on

    Its really good to implement new ideas to your blog,when we come across these types of ideas it really motivates to get something new in our views,thanks for your ideas.

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