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Finding sites that pay you to write for them can be tricky. With the arrival of Fiver etc getting paid real value for your work is becoming more and more difficult. Top freelance writers do fine, but what about the other groups of people? The people maybe just starting out – or the part-timers. Every blogger or writer is always looking for extra ways to increase their income. Whether it be from advertising on their blog, affiliate promotions or maybe freelance work.

The chances are if you already have your own blog you may have already guest posted for other blogs in your niche?

Well, how about getting paid to write those posts?

Here are four great sites that will willingly pay you to write for them.

Before we continue with this – I would like to point out that this post was originally set to ten. But I have deliberately shortened it because there are a lot of sites that “pay” you to write for them but it is in the form of Adsense revenue – not great. So, I have only included four – but they are all very good, worthwhile sites.  If you get accepted….


This site is all about list articles, but not the type you may think. They like a bit of comedy in their posts. Things like “6 Books Everyone Including Your English Teacher Got Wrong” or “5 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen” are the types of titles you should be going for (the second one is a personal favourite of mine!). They are also big on Infographics and video if you can offer that too. Their only prerequisite is that you are passionate, creative and respect the other writers – it takes zero effort to join. This site is great – I will definitely be heading over here more often.



This is a branch of an Online Marketing company; they basically provide a service to their clients by providing written content that you provide. Really simple to get setup and the sky is the limit with how much you can earn. You can write as much or as little as you want. Articles are paid out at $3.30 for a short 200-250 word article. I don’t know about you but I can knock an article of this length up in a matter of minutes. This site may be suitable for the part timer but they are even on record saying they have full time writers registered. English writers are required to take a grammar test prior to being accepted.

Write Your Revolution

No garbage in here – this is for the elite. Pays $50 per article but has to be at least 600-2000 words. All payments are paid via PayPal once accepted but this is the difficult bit. You need to link to a couple of previous posts on the site (not hard if you are a regular reader) and Sarah, the owner only accepts 2 posts per month. And, you can bet you are not the only one submitting posts to her. On the plus side, if she likes your post but it is not quite up to scratch she will advise you on what to tweak in order to get it posted. Another big plus is your post can allow a link to your site in the bio. So, that is not bad hey? A guest post that pays you $50 and you also get your accredited link.

write your revolution

The Renegade Writer

This blog accepts guest posts and pays $50 too for the privilege of publishing your work. Again, content and length is the key here. Most of their articles go above and beyond the 800 word mark so make sure you add some meaty content.  They also encourage you to participate in their social media profiles once you post is published – I like this a lot as this is how social media should be done. I hate it when guest posters just post-and-run for their links! Get to know their audience before you post here – don’t insult them with some crap you bought off Fiver, they will know. This is a top notch site.

So there, if you can write and write and write until the cows come home or maybe you have a hard drive full of content that you didn’t know whether to publish or not then these sites may be of use to you.

People are often put off with the thought of freelancing – but it doesn’t need to be like this. You can start off small and grow your income steadily.

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Have you had any experience with any of the sites I have mentioned? What are your success stories with freelancing? Please drop a comment in below.

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    • Hi Kapil, other than cracked.com the others are very mainstream. They like the usual topics, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Traffic etc. but the content has to be top notch.

      I am sure you will be fine.. Let me know if you have any success.

  1. Great post this John, I have not heard of these four sites before. The last one The Renegade Writer, is that limited to a certain amount of posts each month like Write Your Revolution?

    2 posts a month at $50 isn’t bad but if you could write more that would be excellent, still saying that if they only accept 2 that is still 4 posts between both sites which is $200 extra a month.

    Not bad at all, when I move to Spain I believe I shall look at these sites in more depth. That extra $200 can help a lot these days and as you say, it doesn’t take much to knock up a post so for a few evenings work that can be a good weekly shop paid for. Who would say no to that?
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Interact With Your Site Visitors Live With Zopim ChatMy Profile

    • Hey Andi – I don’t know about The Renegade Writer limits, worth checking out though. Yes, it soon adds up if you can get a few of these accepted.

      I thought Cracked.com would be more up your street, and moving to Spain hey? I had no idea, we should grab a beer before you go.

      Thanks for your comment….


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comment – yes they look great. I really like cracked.com – but on a serious note the ones you mention are of very high quality.

      I may submit in the future – keep me posted if you give it a go.


  2. Hi John,

    Excellent post with real value here 🙂 If you enjoy writing and can do it with relative ease the you could make a real easy additional income in a very few small hours worth of work.

    I am 100% going to head over and check these out now, I’ll be interested to see how well this can work as an additional little sideline

    Clair Trebes recently posted..Are You Driving Down The EMPTY Social Media HighwayMy Profile

  3. Hi John,

    Nice source you have shared here. Be a paid writer is a nice job especially for bloggers. The easiest to start one is by asking opinion to our closest relative. Show your writing to family and friends and get their opinion. If you can handle criticism from those around you, you are well on your way. Put their advice to work for you and go over your work with it in mind. This will help you make your writing enjoyable to a broader range of readers.

    Paid writer is not just good for income but also good for increasing your writing ability.
    Okto recently posted..Effective Ways to Achieve Professional Online ReputationMy Profile

    • Hi Okto – welcome along.

      We should all take criticism on board, it helps us learn and develop.

      Great tips, glad you liked the article.


  4. Hello John,
    It’s really awesome post. I really enjoyed reading it . I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for. . Thanks for the information you provided. It would be great if got more post like this. I appreciate it.

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