SEO Trends: Get Lessons from 2012 and Prepare for 2013


SEO TrendsAlthough great waves of changes were experienced in the SEO world in 2012 with huge ups and downs throughout the year, somehow it has managed to stand its position throughout. It was the year of Panda and Penguin updates where a lot of websites have been affected. While some sites have lost their ranking in the search results, some sites have proven to be still good in the eyes of Google. It was a tough year for all SEO experts with the frequent tendency of getting shake ups from Google but as a whole, it has been a rough road for both Google and Search Engine Optimization.

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithmic update created a vast change in Google’s search engine results page. Panda and Penguin have tried very hard to create meaningful results in the user search queries. But their journey has not ended in 2012 and will surely continue in 2013. This is because their work with Google has proven to bring qualified search results. So SEO specialists need to very particular about their sites and their rankings.


It was not a long time though when SEO was almost the equivalent to simple back linking – concentrating more on the concept that says – ‘The more, the merrier’. Quantity is in fact more prioritized while quality is just on the next line. However, this concept of link building got perished when Google introduced its new Penguin update in April 2012.  A lot of websites were affected while a few of them only cared for quality content.

With Panda, it can highlighted that after the release of the update from Google in the month of February, a lot of websites were affected and only a few of the website owners cared about quality content. Panda mainly checked out sites with duplicate and irrelevant content. While Google almost gives a regular shaking by introducing its Panda updates, SEO specialists almost lined up with the usual questions that “How will SEO work?” Therefore, both Panda and Penguin created a brand new environment for SEO where all the traditional methods are almost stripped off and new methods have been highlighted.

Thus, the following points have been highlighted:

  • Quality is given more importance than quantity
  • Opened opportunities for quality writers
  • Website contents have to be more focused

So, 2012 has gone but SEO has not. Although the trend was set in the previous year, it will be followed in this year too. SEO trends have been set up and need to be followed. The focus was on quality last year but more trends are about to seen this year.

SEO Trends For 2013

Quality continues to be the main goal: As readers love to go through exclusive content online, the competition for quality content will always be on the rise. Both search engines and readers do love to go through unique content. It contains valuable links so long as the article contains unique, fresh content. Therefore, article marketing is more preferable and will be more competitive in 2013. A 700 word article will more preferable than a 250 word article. This type of article marketing will be more preferred and will strengthen the bond between customers and businesses.

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Social Media Interaction: Giving importance to SEO, SMO has also gained much importance among people and this is going to be another increasing trend for this year too. This has been the best platform to create links in the social networking sites. These sites have truly been the best platform to interact with your friends, visitors or customers. Facebook and Twitter have already made its way in 2012 and adding up the spirit, Google+ and Pinterest are on their way too this year. Pinning and clicking+1 will surely make your site visible among your large circle of friends.

Mobile View: Recent data and statistics are showing that there is a steady rise in mobile web browsing. It is expected to be another increasing trend this year. So, before you get left behind by your competitors, it is best that you start planning for a mobile marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing: Google Adwords and PPC will still be on the rise in 2013. As PPC offers good return on investment, so internet marketers will most likely be increasing their budgets.

Link Building: It is likely to be seen that LinkBuilding will not loose its value in 2013. Low quality links from link exchange sites will be eliminated. So, SEO campaigns are likely to give more emphasis on building high quality links.

Press Release Links Won’t count: As it was tweeted by Matt Cutts early in January 2013, Google is not going to count press release links now and hence your site won’t be judged depending on those links. So, it is better to show less importance on Press Release Links this year.

Concluding then, there is much similarity between this year’s trends and that of the last year. So, if you have been hit by the algorithmic update last year, try to fix that issue and start this year following these new trends and pursue a valuable SEO tragedy. SEO trends for 2013 put even more emphasis on quality rather than on quantity.

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Aditi Datta is a SEO Analyst who works in a professional seo company. She has developed her areas of expertise in the diverse fields of SEO. She has also helped in improving the ranking of many business sites through her expert SEO Strategies.

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  1. Interesting post, I read last night that one guy would pay for writers to write quality posts that were posted as guest posts on other sites that pointed links to the guest post he himself had written on other sites which pointed to his site creating a kind of natural link web. This sounds a very interesting method and probably one to try. What do you say?

    I was going to look into press releases but you have saved me a lot of time and effort so thank you for that.

    Great post I am going to share.
    Andi the Minion recently posted..Email Marketing Tips, Advice and List Management.My Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      That sounds like a great idea – just have to make the time to write some guest posts. Have not done any this year yet…

      Your site taking any….?


  2. Hi John,

    I’m really valuing the posts people are sharing on SEO – especially as i’ve got to work on this a LOT for my family business on the relaunch of 2 websites for our ecommerce sites for our bricks and mortar business.

    As someone who wants to deliver on value and content, I’m glad to see that this is still going to be a major player for 2013 as this is something that being someone who does a lot of writing is something i enjoy 🙂

    I really like Andi’s notion of natural linking in his comment, I think this could be something for the future no doubt.

    Please feel free to share with me anything else on SEO you think I could benefit from 🙂

    Clair Trebes recently posted..Pinterest To Get A MakeoverMy Profile

    • Hi Clair,

      Yes, SEO is something that I probably spend about 5% of my time on currently – but I fully intend to higher this number this year.

      Now, with each and every post I write (cannot speak for guest posters) I try to optimize it as best I can and go for at least some low competition keywords. Then its all about the offline SEO stuff, Matt is pretty clued up on this and writes great stuff about it regularly.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. I think the biggest factor for people to focus on will be mobile integration. If a site is not “mobile friendly” yet, then you need to make sure that it is ASAP. As you say, mobile use is increasing all around the world, more people are surfing the web from their phones rather than sitting down at a laptop/desktop. If a site isn’t optimized for mobile traffic, then it WILL be missing out on potential revenue.

    Great post John!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Next Generation Web Design Trends 2013My Profile

    • Hey Matt,

      I agree – I was going to get your input on the Mobile integration thing actually. I tried a free WP plugin and it totally messed my site up – it took me about 3 days to fully recover. I do not want to go through that again…

      I will be in touch.


    • Hi Dr Boutros,

      In my opinion all links will count to some degree. A link is a link after all.

      It is just they are not paying as much attention to them as they once did. Speaking personally, I have had no joy from any PR releases in terms of traffic, who knows what it done to my PR? This guest post did cause a bit of a stir with that comment, I wish the Guest poster would come back to back this up.

      For me, any business model that is built entirely around SEO traffic is a bad one because Google changes the goalposts too often.

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. Yeah I agree with all these. There are many more things apart from this. Quality link building and fresh content will help a lot in 2013. Social signals and link baiting will help you more than link building.
    Smartkathy recently posted..Christine ApplebyMy Profile

  5. Yes absolutely. With all recent updates of Google, quality content and links are more important. I am sure that traditional link building is not going to help any more. Make more unique and useful contents and try to get your users engaged.

  6. Experience is the best teacher. Mistakes of 2012 might have been very expensive for some bloggers. However, we are in 2013 and we face new set of challenges. Lets learn quickly from others mistakes and not repeat the 2012 mistakes.
    Rajkumar recently posted..Things to do in AdelaideMy Profile

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