The Importance of Brand Marketing


brand marketingYour brand says a lot about you and a good brand is well known. Think of how popular Coca-Cola is or the Apple iPhone. These brands are household names and it’s because of the marketing of these products that they go to where they are today.

Without brand marketing no one will find your product or get to know what you’re all about. So what exactly is branding and how can it work for you?


You can think of branding as your identity. People recognize you because of your brand. Everyone knows what Levis are or see the Starbucks logo and think of great coffee. Your brand is your face in the world of marketing and people will identify with your brand over time if you market it in the right way. Your brand is what separates you from the competition that you face out in the marketplace. People want to identify with good brands and much of this is determined by your product but also how you market it. There are thousands of great products out there that aren’t well-known because the brand isn’t out there enough. Your colors, logo, and how you brand is presented also plays a large role in your brand recognition.

Loyalty and Recognition

Brand marketing is very important. You want customers to identify with your brand and consider it to be good value for their money or to solve their problems. You need to market your brand to reach these customers who are looking for products like yours in the marketplace. If your brand is good you’ll gain loyal customers and your brand will stick with them for a long time.

For customers to recognize you however you need to advertise to them and get them interested in your product. Often your company image revolves around a slogan or a saying that get people to recognize you. Think of a slogan such as “Good to the Last Drop.” We recognize this as Maxwell House Coffee. Words and slogans are a very powerful part of your customer loyalty and how you get people to recognize you in the marketplace.


Your brand is important in generating trust with your customers. If they trust your brand they will buy form you and not someone else who has a competing brand. They may buy your products and services even if there is a sale on a competing product because they trust your brand due to your quality products and the marketing you did to reach them and gain that trust. People like the familiar and your brand fits in with the familiarity that customers seek. They recognize and trust you.


People will associate your brand with quality. For example, people associate Levis as a quality pair of jeans where a lesser known brand might be just as good. People will go with Levis because in their mind they see Levis as better. This really has nothing to do with the jeans themselves, it’s all in the marketing of the product. There are many great jeans out there, but due to impressive brand marketing Levis is seen as better.

Powerful Message

Your brand is a powerful way of reaching your customers and without a strong message your customers won’t find you. Brand marketing is how you reach them.

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      Yes the Facelift was long overdue – some I done myself, some I got a great local web design chap involved. Sometimes, you just have to part with some cash!

  1. Well Hello John, I like the fact that you mention the Maxwell house slogan as that is a lesson in itself. Once you have decided on your branding its important to stay consistent and ensure that your branding remains in your customers thoughts, unfortunately they have been overtaken by many other brands.

    Branding of course can be formed from signature audio, logos, colors (Asda with green) and the slogans you have mentioned, if you use all of these consistently then you can create a really strong branding mechanism.

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    • Hi igor,

      Great to see you on the blog. I never really thought about branding all that much until recently. Its a shame because I think I would have liked to have branded the blog differently if I had a second go!

      Something I will think of in the future – hope things are going well with you.


  2. Hey,
    Superb Read! I appreciate the way you put your opinion forth.:) It was good knowing all you had to say. Quality is the undeniable demand and it comes definitely with the brand name. Branding is an important subject. Specially in the world of modernization, where brands are not only a matter for high class, but also the middle class people who care supposedly our main customers.:)
    Thanks for the share!:)
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