Tools For Creating Infographics


tools for creating infographics

This post will introduce you to 5 great tools for creating infographics. I am a big fan of infographics, but only recently have started to use them on the blog. Visual communication is one of the most effective ways to often get a point across – and an infographic is no different. There are many different types of infographic, from social media statistics, lists, tutorials – basically you name it there may well be an infographic for it. Infographics are usually the product of a company, used to detail some figures and statistics but now you can easily create your own with these great options below.

Until recently, tools for creating infographics have been few and far between. But – some great pieces of software have cropped up, some free, some premium – either way you can start creating your own infographics in no time.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions, feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Have a Go at Making Your Own Infographics

This is a fantastic web-based tool for creating infographics and it is simply stunning. It is still in its beta so it is completely free to use (for how long I do not know). You can sign in straight away with your Twitter or Facebook ID and get going. The software currently has 6 very good-looking templates for you to use. Then it is simply about editing each section to suit your design needs. You can import data from Excel in graphs and upload and use your own images. The user interface is really easy to use, this is definitely something I will be using more of in the future. Once finished you can embed your masterpiece into your site.



Another super free web-based tool for creating infographics. Piktochart requires you to sign up first, and there are premium templates available but again the 6 free ones are very good and you will get some great results using just these. When you choose your template you are then taken to an interface to that similar to a photo editing platform. Except it is kept real simple, very much drag and drop. You can upload your own images again and also import raw CSV data (Excel data) and display as charts and graphs. There are plenty of graphics, shapes and other theme tools to keep you occupied on each template. Once done, download the image as a .PNG file and keep to use as you wish.


This tool is very similar to Piktochart, it is web-based and you create your infographic in a very user friendly editor. This great thing about is it has tons of graphical objects for you to use. Again, very easy to use like the others – all drag and drop as you would expect. This tool also has 15 templates to use to create your infographic with. There are of a very mixed genre so you will find something you want from the outset. Another plus with this tool is that you can download a save your infographic once done. A sure fire winner for me.


This is a slightly different tool, and whilst it is not directly for creating infographics there is no reason once you put your creative cap on that you couldn’t use it for this. It is more for designers when prototyping the feel and look of software however there is a web-based version which allows to create desktop lookalikes and then save them as PDF. The design has a sketch feel to it and the overall look is great. It feels very much like you are just drawing a picture. I had a very brief play around with this and the possibilities are huge with it – and that is just in the demo web version. The paid version will be even greater as this allows you to import your own graphics and data.



This is a great little app that you can use to create very cool looking “word clouds” from any text that you provide. More of a graphical tool than an infographic tool but you could include some interesting facts which would work great. You do not have to spend time writing in your text if you do not want to though – you can simply just add a URL and the software will crawl it and create a “word cloud” from the information it has gathered. There are no limitations with this, it is totally free and the images you make are yours to use however you wish. These are the sort of things I imagine printed onto a large canvas and hung in the office or something! The one below is from my blog’s URL.


So there we have it. Five tools for creating infographics. Some will no doubt be preferred than others but I feel I have provided you will a range here that should get you some nice results. Once more, all have free options.

Enjoy playing around with them, and if you have any alternatives that you would like to mention I would love to hear your comments.

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    • Hey Micheal,

      I am sure there are many more but these were the pick of the bunch for me. Why would you want any other choices? You can do lots with these with your Infographic designs….

      Regards, thanks for dropping by.

  1. I didn’t know these were around… I have tried to make my own using Paint[dot]net software… [edited the dot out, but that is it’s name and not a web address] You can do an ok job but I have to do so much of it from scratch.

    These sites with their templates and pre set objects is going to make creating infographs a lot easier. I am going to have to give them a go. They look pretty awesome to be honest. It is the lack of talent time and proper software that stops me making more but these look like they could really help.

    Thanks for sharing these resources with us and giving us the heads up.
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Creating A Blog Post In Word & Adding It To WordPress.My Profile

    • Hey Andi – Yes, these really are awesome (i am not affiliated with them in any way) but from what I have found on the net these 5 seem to be a cut above the rest, and of course they are free!

      I fully intend on making some use out of these in the future.

      Thanks for your comment,

    • Hey Matt, I love them all but for simplicity if I had to choose I would go with Piktochart. There really is not much difference in the first three.

      Wordle is cool and so easy – but not really for big infographics….

      Glad you liked the post.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for dropping by – yes is a good one, they are all great and all have their uses in my opinion.

      Thanks again,

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