Unwritten Rules of Blogging


There should be rules of blogging. Recently I have been getting a little frustrated with the blogging world. So, I have decided to draft up some rules which should be followed. This is the John Banks Blog Unwritten Rules of Blogging.

These are my rules that in my opinion would improve the blogging industry, and everyone’s blogs! So, take note. Because you do not want to caught out not following these….

Unwritten Rules of Blogging #1

Share And Share Alike

If people make the effort to share some of your content, how about returning the favour from time to time? Now I know that this is not always possible. For example if I shared something from SEOMoz site I would not expect them to automatically come along and share some of my content. But, most of us mix in certain blogging circles and you should help each other out. You are not going to become the next Pat Flynn over night, so give each other a helping hand now and again. Unless you live in the Philippines or work as a group then earning a crust from this alone in the western world can be tough.

Unwritten Blogging Rule #2

Care About Your Guest Post

If you want to write a guest post for a website then try not to make it all about the backlink. I see so many guest posts these days that are literally just about the backlink. In fact, I have had a few guest posts on this site which I am thinking of removing because it is quite clear that all the person or rather company cares about is the link back to their site. Guest posts should be treated as your own work, just as you do on your own blog. What I mean is make the effort after the post has been published. Make sure you follow up with any comments about your post – people may have questions and the best person to answer it is guess who?….You!

The site owner can do their best to answer but may not always know. Make sure you at least check in for a few days after your guest post has gone live.

Rules of Blogging Number #3

Don’t Post More Than Once Per Day

Give your readers time to digest your content. Blogs that post two or maybe even three times per day must be really difficult for the readers to keep up with. I would say once per day should be the maximum. I can’t imagine what the newsletters are like for blogs that post this frequently. You should give your readers a chance, the older posts do not get as much viewing – this is fact. So, if you are posting too frequently then your readers are potentially missing out on your content. I am sure it is great for the search engines but if it is all garbage then what is the point? You may get an increase in visitors organically but they will soon be heading for the exit door.

And, Finally – Number #4

Make Useful Comments

If you are going to make a comment try to say something more than “nice post” just to try and get your link in there. Have something useful to say, try to add to the post for example. I have said it before and I will say it again blog commenting can be a very useful traffic method and can create useful relationships online. But this is unlikely to be the case if all you have to say is “thanks” or “great post”. Try to engage with your favourite blogs.

rules of blogging

There we go. Four unwritten rules of blogging. This should be a signed document for anyone who wants to get into blogging. This is not going to happen obviously but please – lets all stick to them.

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Are there any more blogging rules that you think should be added? Drop a comment in below.

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  1. Yep I couldn’t agree more, gust blogging has unfortunately become more about links and SEO than exposure and branding. I personally would rather have people go…’oh that’s a new post by Andi Leeman, I’ve read a few of his posts before and they are pretty good’ that kind of notice is going to do the writer, his work and his own blog a lot of good.

    I try and follow Zac Johnson’s belief with guest posting and that you should write a guest post that is better than those you publish on your own site. Not always possible but at least I try and write a good guest post, after all it is my reputation on the line.

    Again I agree with posting amounts, why do more than 1 a day? I know for some it is to suck a lot of traffic and generate revenue from selling ad spaces but if you want your posts to be read and shared on the web then chances are most of them will not be read and will not get shared as they repeatedly get buried under the next published post. 1 a day surely must be the maximum.

    When it comes to comments, ‘if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all’ Leaving useless ‘nice post, thanks’ type of comments will not win you any friends or new readers…

    anyway John….

    ‘Nice post, thanks’ 🙂
    Andi Leeman recently posted..Will Guest Posts Destroy Your Site?My Profile

    • Lol – Andi (Nice post)

      Glad you found the post insightful, you may have got a feeling for my frustrations the other day – that is why the post was quickly drafted up!

      And Yes – Zac has a great point, which I have heard mentioned before. Guest posts should be your absolute best stuff. Not always easy, but something bloggers should really try to achieve.

      Great to have you over as usual.


  2. Really enjoyed reading this post John, if there was a blogging blueprint or rulebook, I’m quite sure you’d be able to include these 4 inside it.

    I find no1 so very important, it REALLY bugs me when i share a lot of people’s posts daily and I get nothing in return, its a minute taking job but if more people reciprocated we would reach a much larger audience quickly.

    Two way street, and for me unfortunately (for them) I’ve stopped commenting and sharing on those people’s blogs who don’t help me out like i help them!

    This post however is simple and effective and is about to be seen by my entire network! 🙂

    Clair Trebes recently posted..Facebook Reach **Free Tip**My Profile

    • I am glad we are on the same page with this Clair. Its great to have your input. Its amazing, everyone is busy but we should all still find time to get active in promoting other blogs and sharing.

      Without this not a lot would happen, it is a vital part of the blogging community.

      Thanks for the shares!


  3. Well said John!

    Hope more people follow these rules, especially when first starting out. Blogging is a community, you have to contribute if you want to get anything out of it. Nothing in life is free.

    We are all better off helping each other out, be it sharing each other’s content, commenting, sharing contacts, etc. After all, we can’t do everything on our own.
    Matt Smith recently posted..Rome Wasn’t Build In A Day: 4 SEO Tips For Newbie BloggersMy Profile

    • Yes Matt – that is just it. Everyone is better off – only some people do not think like that. Which is a shame.


  4. Your post on Unwritten Rules of Blogging is really superb. Point # 2 Care About Your Guest is really helpful for me for blogging but all points are good. Agree with your point John ” Guest posts should be treated as your own work”
    Keep posting thumbs up.

    • Thanks for your kind words George.

      And yes! I am glad you agree with me on this. It is such an annoying thing when I post people’s work and never see or hear from them again.


  5. Hey John, I like your rules. Another rule you can add is, “No blatant self promotion.” As your post suggests, blogging is a two-way street; it’s about giving to receive. You’re right about more than one blog a day. I create lists on Twitter categorising the people I want to follow. It amazes me how many people will flood you with tweets. I just disconnect.

    • Hi Andrew – great to see you over here. Yes, its amazing how much people can churn out in a day, just wonder if its all 100% unique?


  6. Hello, I am new to blogging, and I must say that I have learned a few things these past few days. I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I am glad I did. I find your articles very informative and most of all, honest.
    Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading more!


    • Hi Patty,

      Glad to have you on board – thanks for dropping by and I am glad you find the content useful.

      Feel free to pop by anytime….


  7. 4 simple and yet critical rules! Can I add one for the Guest Blogger? When you are invited to write a guest blog post, treat the host’s blog as if it were your own. Make the effort to write an original post or if that is too much, then take a post and recycle it to suit the host’s blog. Build relationships for a longer term and not to get your name published in a Google Search!

    • Excellent point Vatsala – and well said.

      I am a big fan of Guest posting and I welcome them here on my blog, but I have been getting a bit fed up of recent ones due to the lack of follow up.

      Thanks for your input.

  8. I have seen bloggers like that who are posting articles more than two and still they are getting good result in that. So i think this is depend on you how you are maintaining your guest post. Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Thank you for this post. I write for others all the time. When I submit a guest post request, I do go to that web site and read the information there. Sometimes I find useful information. But as a promoter of my own site, I get people to come to the site. It is mostly political, and you think I would get some comments. Rarely does anyone try and argue thier views. Am I just that right in what I believe. I doubt it. So to add to the list, leave some comments, it will make us all feel better.

    • Hi Carrie,

      I agree – people should spend time engaging with other blogs. Especially those that they have written on.

      Thank you for making an excellent point – worthy of an addition to the list!


  10. Hi John
    As a blogger that writes for pleasure I completely agree with your points. I just wanted to add that good manners should be applied to blogging.


  11. Hi John – I like your unwritten rules, allow me to comment on each point.
    Pt 1- Share and help. Couldn’t agree more and the freebies and links you send out show you practice what you preach. So where are your share buttons? I see your connect buttons, are they the same as your share buttons? Let me know how to share your posts and I most certainly will!
    Pt 2-If you don’t take pride in what you write, why bother?. Period!
    Pt 3- I can barely write one a day. Sometimes not even that!
    Pt 4- When I use to leave comments they were “nice post” or “thanks for the post” something like that. Not because of the link juice but because I didn’t feel I had something worthwhile to say and did not want to offend or sound stupid. Now I know that EVERYBODY has something to say. And everybody gets stupid once in a while…So what.
    So tell me how to share this and I most certainly will! It says alot! I will try the buttons below.



    P.S. “Nice post”
    Donald Thomas recently posted..So Now What? Moving Forward To Making Money Online!My Profile

    • Hey Donald

      Thanks again for taking the time to make some additional great points.

      I wouldn’t worry about step 4 too much – only I have just started to try and filter those sort of comments out a bit now. Get too many “trashy” type ones….

      On the sharing – just use the social buttons to the left. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. You can share to any or all of these…..:-)

      Thanks for dropping by….


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