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If ordinary people are using Twitter for plain communication and fun, businesses both online and offline have a rather ulterior motive. That is to promote their brand and use Twitter for traffic generation to their websites. There are several reasons why this popular social networking site is used for product or website promotion now. Among the most important ones include the following:

Google and other search engines are now heavily considering “social signals” when it comes to rankings

If you are an SEO or search engine optimization expert, you must have read or known about the recent algorithm changes of Google related to search rankings. Compared before, Google is now putting more value on the “social signals” such as Twitter tweets or Facebook likes and shares when it considers the ranking of websites on its search engine. In simple words, the more socially popular your website is, the higher will be its value and rank on Google. Therefore, using Twitter now for branding and promotion is even more valuable than before.

Twitter can generate direct website traffic

Another reason why Twitter is popularly used in marketing and promotion is its ability to generate or drive huge amounts of direct traffic to a website. For example; if a twitter user having 50,000 followers tweet to promote a product or website link, majority of those 50,000 followers will click on that link and will also be interested in learning about that website or product. Imagine the power of using Twitter if your account is similar to that of Oprah.

Short guide on the use of Twitter for traffic

After learning the marketing potential of Twitter above, you should not immediately jump into creating a Twitter account and bombarding it with promotional tweets. There are a few, simple, yet effective guidelines in maximizing these benefits of Twitter.

Maintain that fun, conversational, and friendly tone when tweeting

Much of your followers don’t know that you are using Twitter for traffic. And in the first place, Twitter is primarily created as a fun social networking site. Therefore, if your tweets are sounding more on the marketing, advertising, or formal side, you will not only lose traffic but eventually lose those followers as well.

Twitter System

Don’t promote too often

Another secret in making use of Twitter for promotions is the observance of the proper or the best timing in tweeting. Tweeting products, links, or any other kind of advertisement every hour of the day would again just turn-off that interest of your followers. It is best to tweet occasionally, on a regular interval, or when there’s a trending topic.

Make effective use of your Twitter profile

Creating several website URLs or links on your Twitter profile is not a good idea. The best is to assign or associate only a single website to a single Twitter account. That URL should be your main website. People using Twitter or your followers who are interested in getting to know more about your website or brand will generally click and visit your account’s designated website.

Be social and participate in the discussions

If you would observe the activity of large businesses or companies using Twitter for traffic, you will notice that they are not only tweeting pure promotions and advertisements, but they regularly participate in almost all trending topics or subjects of interests as well.

That’s it – Step 6 of my marketing guide covers Twitter in much more detail with some different marketing strategies and concepts for you to experiment with.


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  1. Yup Twitter is the most branded network that most business persons use. So these tips will be very useful to get more followers and people who are related to our niches.

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