What is Your Single Best Traffic Source?


best traffic sourceA couple of weeks ago I started a thread on a very popular Internet Marketing forum titled “What is Your Single Best Traffic Source?”

There were no restrictions, it could be paid or free. Just what was working for them. Of course I realize this question itself has its flaws because what may work for one niche may not work as well for another. And so on….

My aim was to get some information for this very post. I am always interested in how other people go about their traffic strategies. For me traffic is the Holy Grail – without traffic your blog/website may as well not exist. Even low traffic is better than no traffic but as we all know the big players with the big conversions get huge amounts of daily visitors – often in the hundreds of thousands per month.

The results were very interesting.

My Prediction

I thought that being an Internet Marketing forum most of the people’s views would be that their best traffic source was going to be from paid methods. I was expecting a lot of PPC methods such as Adwords or similar platforms. Another one I was expecting was Solo Ads. Because of Google’s ever changing algorithms I did not expect SEO to feature very high at all. I was very wrong.

The Results

At the time of writing this the thread had 91 replies and 1176 views. Here is a graph showing the results.

Single Best Traffic Graph

As you can see Google is number 1! – I find this amazing, as it really is hard to remain high on Google these days as they change the rules so often blogs/websites are up and down like yoyos.

In my opinion – and please correct me if I am wrong. Low competing keywords are fine to get high ranking with. I know this because some of my keywords rank high on Google. In fact, I do this all the time and I would encourage it. For any high keyword ranking I would expect people to be paying a lot of money to maintain this or just never sleeping to keep on top of it! In fact one individual wrote:

“I want to make it so that Google is the smallest proportion of my traffic, that´s a job in progress. A job I will be asking for help on very shortly :-)”

So, it must be quantity. That’s fine, if you have the time to write great content daily or even every other day your site will get the recognition it deserves over time. This does work, (even though I do not write daily!) I still get daily visitors to my older posts purely because of their SEO qualities and ranking in Google.

This ties me in to number 5 on the graph “Blogging” – didn’t really understand this one as a best traffic source. This must be a direct link to Google (SEO) as blogging alone cannot bring in traffic, its how you share the posts and where the post ranks and how much organic traffic it gets.

Number 2 on the graph is Solo Ads. This was one of my predictions. These are great but they do cost money. I use them regularly – a great source of solo ads is Safe-Swaps.

Facebook comes in tied second, this is no surprise. People using CPA offers rave about Facebook. I use it very little with this blog. I do have a page – but I do very little with it right now.  Although I am betting that the traffic source people are referring to here is Facebook Ads, a very different thing altogether. This is Facebook’s own Adwords, and it can be very costly if you do not know what you are doing.

So – if you consider high rank SEO then you could argue that the top 3 are paid services. Of course you could interpret it how you like.

The highest “free” traffic methods appear to be YouTube and Forums, both of these are great in my opinion. The YouTube method or video marketing can take time but Forum Marketing is a very simple method often overlooked by bloggers and site owners.

Conclusion & Wrap Up

This was a very worthwhile thread and the data and information I got was amazing. I wish to thank everyone who commented. It would appear that paid traffic seems to be the traffic source that gets the best results, but being from an Internet Marketing forum I am guessing that best result = most money made. If we are talking just sheer visitors then it could be any – as I mentioned at the top of the post just because one traffic source is great for a niche does not mean it will generate the same traffic for another.

An example of this could be Pinterest; which was someone’s best traffic source – I would expect this to do very well in a Wedding Niche as Pinterest is a very visual platform and its users are mostly interested in the visual aspects of sites. This probably would not work in the Forex trading niche…..?

But, I bet that ANY of the traffic sources mentioned could be the single best traffic method. Its just what works for you.

One thing for sure – there are tons of ways.

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Choose your weapons wisely friends.

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    • Hi Max,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I hear a lot of people using Facebook for traffic – I still am a bit behind with this social media giant. I use it for personal reasons, but not for major traffic. I must tap into it I think. I have only just created a page for this blog…..

      Thanks for your input.


  1. I too feel that use of social media and forums can get best free traffic rather than opting out for paid traffic. Of-course one can utilize Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to get good amount of traffic.

    • Yes Rajkumar – I have always been a fan of free traffic techniques. Although recently I have been playing around with media buys. These could be huge, if you can find the right website you can get a ton of traffic very cheap!

      Further experiments continue….!


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