Why We Should Always Value The Customer


value the customerWhat does value the customer mean? In any business, customer value should be right up there at the top of your list. It is so important that we spend time to value the customer. This value should be applied no matter what your business model. Whether you are selling cars, smart phones or information products on the Internet the importance of customer value is paramount.

Sometimes, good old-fashioned customer support goes out the window as soon as somebody has parted with some cash these days. This should not be the case. Here we talk about customer value and also include a fantastic transcript that should change the way everybody thinks about it.

What is the definition of customer value?

The difference between what a customer gets from a product, and what he or she has to give in order to get it.”

So – in most cases in the digital marketing world the customer will pay ‘x’ amount of dollars for a product that he or she will hope solve a specific problem that they have. This is great but what happens afterwards?

Not everything is a plain as day as it once used to be. There are support issues, updates to inform off, new products to release, customer satisfaction to take care of and (unfortunately) complaints and refunds to deal with.

This is what concerns me nowadays, this is such a cut-throat business that I see more and more people these days pushing the potential customers into deals that quite frankly are not worth a pinch of salt. And furthermore, they are not around should you wish it take up any concerns you may have with them.

How You Should Value The Customer

Speaking personally I sell products online and I have done for many years. I still actively sell on eBay, sell affiliate products across many websites and I also promote products to my list.

value the customer

“Everyone that buys or is thinking of buying, or has not even purchased anything is a customer”

Across all the platforms learning to value the customer has to be my highest priority.

This is why you should:

  • Uphold a “no questions asked” refund policy (obviously for physical products you should ask for a return).
  • Answer all questions and queries regarding any of your products in a timely manner.
  • If you do not know the answer, don’t pretend you do! Just inform them that you will look into it. Failing that you can offer a full refund.
  • Learn from your mistakes.

The following is from Charles Marshall from www.charlesmarshall.net and he sums it all up perfectly:

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am a customer.

I am the person that makes the economic engine turn. I am the reason you take home a paycheck. I am the reason you are able to feed your family, pay your mortgage, go on vacation, buy a car, and contribute to your church or synagogue. Because of me, gigantic corporations and small businesses alike have risen and flourished. Because of my absence, they have faded from existence.

The roads you drive on, the police and fireman that protect your community, the teachers that teach your children all exist because of me. Politicians and postal workers, sanitation workers and soldiers all owe their jobs to me. Without me, no taxes would be paid and any and all societal advances would come to a halt.

The wise come to know, respect, and love me. The foolish disregard my importance and suffer accordingly.

By the way, you’ll notice that I didn’t introduce myself as your customer. That’s because I don’t belong to you. Even if I make a purchase from you, that doesn’t mean that I will do it again in the future. You are always on trial and I am always evaluating, measuring, and testing your product and service.

So pay attention to me. Get to know me. Learn my habits. My likes. My dislikes. My desires. My dreams. My values. Learn my language. Learn to recognize my moods.

Above all, treat me with respect. I will not be ill-treated, and why should I be? There are too many businesses vying for my attention. Every time you turn on the television, open a newspaper, or listen to the radio, you see and hear multitudes of companies competing for my attention. There are too many people who are willing to treat me right in exchange for my business.

And know this, I am not easily fooled. Businesses treat me right or suffer the consequences. Sooner or later I always discover dishonesty, disrespect, or disinterest. Most of the time, I don’t announce my displeasure. I simply take my business elsewhere.

Occasionally, we will have disagreements. I don’t like mistakes but I understand that you sometimes make them. The manner in which you handle my complaint determines any future interaction I have with you. And, in my mind, it also determines the character of your business. I rarely ever give you a second chance to make the same mistake twice.

So, watch for me in your business community. If you’re fortunate enough to see me, do everything in your power to woo me and make me your own, because I hold the key to your financial success. It is no exaggeration to say that when you interact with me, your future hangs in the balance.

Learn me. Know me.

I am a customer.”

charles marshall

I think you will agree a great article.

You see, it’s these things that are important in any online business. You will always get people trying to knock you down too – people have bad days and take it out on whatever comes in their path next. Complaints are all part and parcel of the job – even if there is nothing to complain about, even if you have the perfect product with all the correct guarantees you will still get them.

It’s how you deal with them that separates you from the rest.

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  1. Hi John an excellent article from both you and Charles Marshall, businesses cannot flourish without customers, they are the backbone to success and as said in the article, they can take their custom elsewhere without informing anyone, they might buy from you again but there is no guarantee that they will. You are under scrutiny every time you do something.

    Some very excellent points to remember every time you turn on your computer!
    Andi the Minion recently posted..WarriorForum.com: 20,000 Hardcore Members, Can You Dig It?My Profile

    • Couldn’t agree more Tim,

      The inspiration for this post came after an email I sent out recently to my subscribers. It must have been a bad day for one as the reply I got from an individual was quite rude! People are very strange and depending on what mood they are in can affect you and your business.

      The key thing to remember is dealing with these issues in the correct way.

      You simply have to put the customer first – no matter what the situation.

      I am pleased to say I have parted mutual ways with this certain subscriber and he will no longer tarnish my list!

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Great post John!

    Customers should always be valued, whether you’re a small business or multinational. After all, if you don’t value and look after them, then it is easy for them to go elsewhere.

    You have me intrigued to find out what that guy emailed you to inspire you to write this.

    Keep up the great work
    Matt Smith recently posted..What Is The Future Of Email Marketing?My Profile

    • Hey Matt,

      It was just the usual rubbish like, “why have you sent me this!, who are you….blah blah….”

      The bloke only subscribed about 3 days ago. Got his free offer then wanted nothing else…… unfortunately it happens doesn’t it?

      It just made me think about putting the customer first – it was a challenge to deal with him. But – I tried. In the end it was best to part ways. I think on the back of this I will be studying more into my list and each and every subscriber.

      May take time but it could be beneficial….


  3. Hi John,

    Great post! Sitting here nodding my head at the Charles Marshall section too 🙂

    A typical example of bad customer treatment does really leave a nasty taste in your mouth – society has a massive impact on this too – take for example the scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts goes shopping alone – she is shunned by those working in the store, yet she returns with Richard Gere and the staff can’t be more attentive…. People fail to understand that without a customer there is no job, no money, no business so why should people make a split second judgement like that?

    Something I’ve noticed with high end stores in London too – makes me want to do all my shopping online (YAY for us with internet businesses) and because of the treatment I’ve seen in the negative it makes me very loyal to businesses who go above and beyond – and with online business we don’t have that split second social judgement to make so we can over deliver to our customers, ensuring if they are going to come back we stand a very good chance of their next purchase being with us too.

    Nobody should take precedence over the next – a customer is a customer afterall – and we all need them 🙂

    Clair Trebes recently posted..Test PostMy Profile

    • Hey Clair,

      Thanks for a really useful and worthy comment!

      Yes – I am noticing it more and more, people forget that the customer should be at the heart of everything that we do and must be looked after at all costs. I will just take your word for it on the Pretty Woman statement as I have not seen it, even though if its on my missus insists on it being on. (This is a time to retreat for me…)

      Best regards and thanks for dropping by….


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