YouTube For Traffic, And Why You Should Use It


youtube for trafficDo you know how to use YouTube for traffic? We all know about the video giant.  Well, YouTube can be a great traffic source. You can provide valuable information to your projected visitors and for some it is the new preferred media of choice. Whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay so its good advice to try it out.

YouTube allows you to upload up to a 10 min video (i think?), you can add tags, categorise it and add a nice description – much as you do on your blog! If you use YouTube for traffic well it will bring in visitors to your site via the link you can add in the description box.

What Videos Should I Produce In Order To Use YouTube For Traffic Purposes?

There are many ideas and methods you can use to promote your blog in video format – here are a few regular choices and one that may not be so common.

Product Reviews – Many marketers do videos on reviews of products. This is a great example of using YouTube for traffic to your blog. This can be a fairly easy way to start – in fact you can probably get a video made just talking about a product to your webcam. There is an online editor within the YouTube dashboard that allows you to edit the video and add text, music and captions etc. Lots of people search for video reviews before they decide to buy so you will generate some good hits from this method.

Interviews – This can be another great video topic. If you are fortunate to hook up with another respected individual in your field then interviewing them can be a great video option and can also be another great way of using YouTube for traffic to your site.

Presentations – Often people like to upload their PowerPoint presentations to YouTube – again another great idea. You will need some extra software for this though – Camtasia works really well if you want to consider this option. This can be quite time-consuming to begin with but once you get to grips with it you will be knocking them out in reasonable time.

Self-Help Guides & HowTo’s – These work really well and is a very positive way of using YouTube for traffic. If you can produce a really useful guide that will solve someone’s problem this will get lots of views on YouTube and ultimately bring more traffic into your site. This can be done as actual human footage or maybe some more desktop video work, i.e showing the viewers a solution to a problem.

Text-Based Videos – Not very mainstream but if used correctly it can be an effective way of using YouTube for traffic. Very easy to do, no doubt you have written loads of articles for your site – or plan to, or even have a bundle of old PLR articles stashed away not doing anything? Well, if you do why not try turning these into videos? I use this method all the time and it’s very easy to do and takes very little time.  This type of video may not set the world alight unless you have something very profound to say but because they are so easy to do and are very quick you can make many very quickly indeed.

Using Text To Video for YouTube Traffic

All the ideas above are great and will get you traffic to your site via YouTube, but with the exception of the last one I mentioned they all take time. And time is your most valuable asset. So, let’s concentrate on the last one a bit more – Text-based videos.

Imagine if you could turn ANY article into a VIDEO (with music and background colours) within seconds, I mean it – what would you think? Well, I can tell you it can be done. Here is the proof.

Using this method, it can be very easy to get many videos on YouTube in no time at all. Who knows what this can do for your blog in terms of YouTube traffic? One thing I do know, not doing anything will not bring any more traffic in. The product that what used in the above video is called ConvertR – you can download it here, it really is so simple to use – even my 2-year-old daughter could use it. There is a fee, but when you see it you will be blown away! In truth, it should be sold for ten times the amount. Obviously, I am not suggesting you make all your videos this way – you should try to mix it up a bit.

To wrap up then, using YouTube for traffic is a great way of gaining additional free visitors and you should use it as a way of promoting your blog. If you are lucky enough to make a video that goes viral then the visitors will start flooding in. But even if you make a ton of videos that only bring in a handful of visitors each time then this too should be considered a positive outlook – it’s all part of the jigsaw.

Have you used YouTube for Traffic? I would love to hear from you about some of your experiences.

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  1. Well Hello John, often when we look at the success of others we become daunted and put our cameras back in the bag.
    However as your rightly point out, even if you consider yourself to have a face for radio there are options to making videos that you can be comfortable with, the thing is that the more you do it the more you will relax until you let the hangups about your appearance melt away.
    Start small and become big by persistence and repetition.

    igor Griffiths

    • Hello igor – Great to see you here!

      I agree, I done my first promo video for a site I used to run in the health niche – it was only a short intro video, I probably had to shoot it 10 times or so. Looking back, it was absolutely fine the first time! Excellent point about the start small……

      Thanks for dropping by!


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