5 Free Tools You Can Use For Product Creation

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A common excuse I hear when it comes to product creation is “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the software or tools to do it”. Sure, there are some premium tools that I use that I would not live without but what if I told you that you could create an entire product on a budget of zero? How would that sound? Read More

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The Best Product Creators Online?

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As this is now a product creation blog I thought I would write a post on just that topic. Well, in fact I am going to give in my opinion 5 of the best product creators out there online right now. These are my views and I have drawn a lot of inspiration from each and every one of these guys and have personally purchased products from. We will get to my list in a minute, first let’s discuss product creation. Product creation is something I am very keen on now and something I plan to continue with in the near and distant future. The trouble is how do you stand out from the crowd nowadays? Or, do you even have to? Read More

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Create eCovers in Minutes [INFOGRAPHIC]

create ecovers

I recently got asked how I create eCovers for my products online. Whether you are making a free product to be used a giveaway or if you are making a product you intend to sell having a good quality looking eCover can add to the feel and look of the product no end. The software I am about to show you also makes it very simple to earn an additional income selling your creations on Fiver. Read More

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My Lost Weekend, Feminax & A Bit of Product Creation


I recently attended a product creation weekend up in London set up by successful UK marketer Martin Avis and what was the main thing I learnt? Well, as in any business it seems – it’s not what you know it’s who you know. I am sure you have heard that saying before. More on this later. Read More

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How To Create Facebook Fan Pages And Make Money From Them

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This post will explain how to create a Facebook page that will make you money. Ok – I will keep this short and sweet. The video below will help some of you and some of you will know how to do it. But underneath is a link to my latest free course I had every intention of selling it as it does go into detail how I made $799.20 from ONE simple Facebook page. Read More

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My Month Off And a Much Clearer Path Ahead

month off

First of all – an apology. I am sorry I have not wrote a single word on this blog for over a month now. The reason for this is it was down to many factors outside of JBB. I have been busy, just not on here. But the future is exciting. Very exciting, so I would like to share with you my plans on this post. Read More

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